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Small Accomplishments

IMG_0613When I was eight months pregnant and so ready to have this endlessly dancing child out of me, Sir bought be a present. It was a five year ‘one line a day’ journal. I really try to write every day and this was a big help. I still have a larger journal and this blog to let me write more than a few lines, but it’s good to review the day each night.

And tonight will be my last night writing in this book. When I started it in 2011 it seemed so far away to 2015. But rereading the last few years as I filled in the final slots felt like a huge accomplishment. Boiling down a long day or a stressful event to just a few lines makes things seem small. And saying goodbye to this book will difficult. Both my children were born in this journal. I lost a co-worker, our first dog, and my grandfather in these years. I’m not going to burn the journal (obviously), but it will be hard to put it down and start something new.

IMG_0611Sir bought me a new book earlier this year. So I would be ready to go when this one finished. We found one that didn’t quite have so much of a fifties look to it. But the set up is pretty much the same.

This new book will have several new pieces of our lives. We will move into our family home next year. Hopefully our BDSM will continue to grow as we find the best way to make D/s fit. I’m sure there will be more loss (hopefully not too much) as that is just part of life. But I’ll be focusing on the positive as much as possible. And hopefully a lot of lines will be filled with sex and service.

We don’t have much planned for tonight. I’m sure we will find something to fill my last lines with though. Hope you all have a lovely New Years’ Eve and a wonderful 2016.

Best wishes for your health and your kinky lives.


One Response to “Small Accomplishments”

  • DtBHC

    Wow, what a wonderful record to have. Must be some amazing memories.


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