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New Command Center

So the husband has been encouraging me to get a laptop for a few months now. With working from home it has been difficult to work on the family computer in the middle of the dining room. I get easily distracted with other tasks. And, since starting the blog, I have stored all my photos on the hard drive. So as you scan through our photos there are random pictures of my tits and bondage scattered in-between the baby pictures. Not so great when showing pics to the family. There are not slide shows in our house.

So we have been talking for awhile about me getting a computer for me to do my at-home work and to maintain the blog. He started to do research months ago, he’s a good tech guy, so he knew what to look for. After a quick explanation of my options I found several in a less-expensive bracket that would meet all my needs. And yesterday, since he had the day off, we went and I picked one out.

It’s not the most beautiful laptop you have ever seen, but it works well. I like the keyboard and it’s big enough that my blind eyes can see the screen well. I was able to get all my photos moved and off the ‘family’ machine. It’s almost a little sad. I was scrolling through after I had deleted everything and it just looks like we have always been vanilla. There is nothing on that computer that implies a D/s or my submissive life at all. At the same time I like having my blog stuff separate. And now that everything is on a laptop I can work on posts outside my dining room. The other laptops in the house are all related to the husband’s business and can’t have anything even marginally questionable on them, so it will be nice to not have to type everything out with my iPad anymore.

This purchase was also aptly timed as I am headed to my corporate office today. I can have all the dirty pictures I want on my computer that is connected with my job. This just helps me be a little more mobile with work as we get deeper into our house renovation. Being able to work on the move will help a lot. One more reason why working from home has been such a helpful experience over the last year.

So I am sure you can’t tell the difference between my desktop and laptop entries, but hopefully this will help me to write more as I won’t have to wait until I get to the dining room. All those sexy ideas that come to me as I lay in bed at night can now be yours.

Maybe I should apologize in advance.


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