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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Orgasm Training

No, no, I don’t have to be trained to have an orgasm. Trust me, I’m good there. I’m talking about the other way. Training myself not to.

Things with the husband and I are good. But ‘fixing’ his libedo just isn’t a priority for him right now. There is just too much going on. He clarifies that his drop in sex drive is a symptom of a larger problem. And fixing one symptom doesn’t really help. I get that, it’s hard, but I get it.

So I need to try and keep myself together as he works through his hurdles. I had been masturbating in the afternoon to help keep me from putting too much pressure on him in the evening. It has helped. It is a nice reward after my workout. But I don’t really think it’s sustainable.

I don’t want to lower my sex drive; I’m really happy with where my slut level is right now. But, if he is going on a sex hiatus, then I need to adapt. And being able to go more than 24 hours without an orgasm is going to be necessary. I have found that orgasms have a large affect on my mood for a long period afterward, and I need to find a way to live without that. At least for a while.

So I didn’t have an orgasm yesterday. And so far I feel ok. I’m going to keep myself busy today. Grocery run and workouts will help. We are visiting his mother over the weekend (our first break from work at the new house), so that will be nice. And the Doxy will have to stay here, so I will be less tempted to play. It will be a challenge for the first few days, but I think in the long run it will help me get through this rough patch.

However, I am sure my clit will take your well wishes.

3 Responses to “Orgasm Training”

  • John

    Have you guys ever tried enforced chastity (for you)? It adds a whole new level to your submission.

    • Rye

      Something to consider. He’s really not into control right now though, so I don’t think he would go for it. Eventually I would like to try it. I think it may help both of us.

  • John

    I think most of the females I know who are into chastity do it more for themselves than because they’re “forced” to.

    The really amazing part is when you’re “having sex” locked up. The tease and frustration for the one locked up is intense (but a really good intense) and all you can do is focus your attention on pleasing your partner with your mouth, hands and toys. And then when you finally get unlocked, your orgasm is that much more intense.

    I’ve been doing make chastity for years and live for the love/hate relationship with the lock. Wouldn’t have it any other way, really.


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