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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Tattoo Update

So I went to see my tattoo guru on Tuesday. All the cameos are now done on my sleeve. Now just the lace bands at the top and bottom and the interconnecting lace. Hope it’s done before the summer so I can show it off.20160120_092902

This is the thistle on the back of my arm. Sorry for the picture being so blurry. It’s hard to take a photo of the back of your own arm. But this piece represents my mom and her showing me Scotland. She also has a thistle tattooed on her foot.


This one should be pretty obvious. I think when I was designing a ‘heart on my sleeve’ sleeve I knew I had to remember my puppies. At this time I have lost two of my own dogs. And as I know I will always need them in my life, I’m sure I will, sadly, lose more. But rather than start a paw print chain down my leg (which I also considered, by the way), I thought I would put them here so that I can always see how important they have been to me and who I am. My boxer baby may be a daddy’s girl, but she is still my puppy.

So my appointments for February and early April are on the books. Hopefully I won’t need too many more appointments after that. And then I may need to take a small break from adding to my body art for a while. At least until the renovation is paid for. Or until I decide I really do need my nipples pierced.



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