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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Necessary Appointments

Rye laying on the floor next to Sir's bed.
Wish I could spend the day in my happy place.

Today should be fun. I am leaving when the husband and kids leave to have an initial appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. This appointment is to check out the torn ligaments and pain in my foot. Hopefully that will be an easy fix. Because then I have to make another appointment to talk about the cysts on my wrists.

I hit thirty and fell apart. Well, I guess the foot was messed up from dance and I just never got it fixed. Stress and the varying changes in our life have just brought these pains to the breaking point. I found out about the cysts over a year ago, but the doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to lift anything for a few days. At that point I was at home all day with two kids, the youngest being 4 months old. I just couldn’t deal with it and not be able to pick him up. Now that he can walk and we are through the holidays I can finally get put back together.

So I’m running around. Hopefully whatever x-rays the doctor wants won’t take my whole morning. Then the weekly grocery run and the 4 year-old has a dentist appointment this afternoon. Unlike the doctor, which he hates, he is beyond excited about having his teeth cleaned. He was crushed when he came home from daycare today instead of heading to the dentist. This is the same kid who doesn’t like chocolate. I can’t explain him. But we’ll get some one on one time together. Maybe he’ll help me do the grocery run.

Even with errands and appointments I should be home in time to get dinner going before Sir gets home. He wasn’t feeling well last night, so he climbed into bed when we lay the 18mo down. I am hoping the extra few hours of sleep will help today. I really don’t want him to get sick. I mean, I am looking forward to a weekend of pampering him, but not with him suck in bed for the wrong reasons.


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