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Memory Lapses

When I was laying awake last night I had this great idea for a post. I worked out everything I wanted to write and I even had some great lines. A few funny bits and an overall good message. No complaining from me.

And I woke up this morning and had completely forgotten all of it. I was so mad. Staring at my computer screen and drawing a blank. Ugh.

So you, poor reader, have to deal with my ramblings instead:

I have really eclectic tastes in books. I’ve been packing up my bookshelves as we start the slow moving process and each shelf is all over the place. My collection of romance novels is pretty amazing. Lots of good highland smut. I have a large pile of food books. Not just cookbooks, but non-fiction works by chefs. Lots of Anthony Bourdain and the like. I think between all my boxes I have a couple hundred history books as well. I love all periods of history and will generally give a read to any non-fiction thrown my way. I was planning on doing a twitter run of #10booksIlove and just do history books, but I cannot narrow it down to just 10. Everything from Plague to Culloden is on the shelf. Maybe this is why writing my own book has been so difficult, I can’t focus on what I want to say.

I love organization, but that doesn’t mean I’m clean. My house is a mess. I can blame most of it on my children, and their inherent fear of picking up after themselves. But I have to own up some of it. My work files are all pristine. I am starting my own business and my records are all color coded. But the ‘catch all’ table next to my desk is covered in toys, packing tape, and unused children’s valentines. I have bins under our guest bed with all our old taxes and old insurance information, but my dresser top is laden down with kid’s books and Sir’s wool socks. I would love to say that in the new house I will do a better job keeping everything neat and tidy, but Sir doesn’t like it when I lie.

Ok, sorry for the rambling this morning. I will have good kinky post soon. Hopefully when I can remember the post I was so excited to write last night. Knowing me, I’m sure it will come back to me as I climb into bed tonight.

2 Responses to “Memory Lapses”

  • Rob

    Hi Rye. Just recently discovered and started reading your blog. To your current blog post, from experience I’ve often found that trying hard to remember something is fruitless; whereas, when relaxed with your mind completely off on different things (like sex, for instance – evil grin) – bingo! – the forgotten thought pops back into your head. A suggestion: the next time you’re in bed at night and come up with a “brilliant idea”, be sure to have a notepad handy to immediately write it down before going back to sleep.

    • Rye

      Welcome Rob and thanks for reading. That is a good idea. I keep telling myself to take a notebook up with me.


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