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Baby Steps

Everyone has limits. But I am a firm believer that limits to be tested and pushed.

One of my limits in past has been knives and blood. I like the idea in general. Part of it is the mess, honestly. But mostly I am just scared of being hurt. Knife play sounds fun, but I’m not up for scarification. Tattoos are enough body modification for me right now.

So I had twenty minutes before I had to pick up the boy to go to the dentist. I offered Sir a blow job, which he considered. But he had a better idea. He wanted something more ‘involved’. So instead he had me take off my shirt and bra and started hitting my breasts with his belt. Soon he had me rolling around on the bed trying to get away from him. The pants came down and the belt found new flesh to redden. The thuds created a dull ache with the occasional snap of pain as the belt end would wrap around my hip. I moaned and writhed around, because we both like it when I don’t come quietly.

Then, out of nowhere I felt this scratching. Sometimes he will drag his nails (which are usually kept quite trim) across my back. But this was one sharp scratch. It hurt and it kept moving across my lower back. He kept it up on and off as he fucked me. Finally I realized it was his belt buckle. He was scraping the pin of the buckle across my skin.

After fucking me good and sore he came all over my tits. I rubbed it in a bit before I had to clean up and continue my day of errands. He took a few pictures of my ass to show me what he was able to scratch on my skin. It was a great way to introduce me to the idea of knife play. The buckle didn’t break the skin, but it’s the same scratching sensation that I imagine a knife would feel like. And it’s a great way to let Sir ease into it without worrying about hurting me. And my ass got to be sore and pretty under my clothes while I ran my errands this afternoon. Maybe we’ll file one of his old belt buckles down to a point to make the marks last a little longer next time.

Rye's lower back and ass with the words, 'slave', 'cunt', and 'slut' scratched into it.

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  • DtBHC

    Sounds like a wonderful ‘afternoon delight’, maybe a portent for the weekend, 🙂

    • Rye

      I certainly hope so. We’ll see. He’s been in a great mood the last few days. And I’m taking the kids to grandma’s this afternoon 🙂

  • Her Subject

    A quick script for safe knife play for you to consider: it’s all about what’s happening in your head. Have Sir tie you up. Show you the big knife he is going to use on you. Slice paper in air or an apple while eating it, mumbling something about what new carve he wants. Then blindfold you. Have a bucket of butter knife in ice nearby. Sir can use the dull side of the blade touching your body while taking about what an artist he is. Maybe switch to a cold butter knife to add the sensation. You wouldn’t know, probably thinking it’s still the sharp knife. Then Sir can force down a sugar cube, tic-tac, or vitamin pill down your throat. But you wouldn’t know what it is, and Sir would be telling you it’s a new drug he bought off the street to numb you, so you wouldn’t feel the pain. While you are blindfolded, you just have to keep wondering what is happening. Sir may smear a water drop or two with his fingertips on your body, and maybe complain about how much you bleed. You wouldn’t know if it’s water or blood. For added effect, you can prepare red food coloring (usually in the grocery story baking section). It’s water soluble, so it’s easier to clean up. Sir can put a drop on his fingertip and just show you a glimpse of it by lifting up your blindfold for a second. Maybe a red food coloring stained hand. Maybe a towel. Maybe a drop or two on his tongue, or knife, and let you watching him licking the blade. While you are blindfolded, Sir can play skin sensation by moving a cold knife around your skin, or aural sensation by slicing something (like an apple) near your ear and eating it. Making comment like how sharp the knife is, or he needs a moment to think about a new carving design, or you are in a surprise.
    So everything is happening in your head. No actual cutting is required.
    I’ll leave it up to your imagination to make it better. I haven’t figured out how to end it abruptly if a toddler walks in.

    • Rye

      I will show this to Sir. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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