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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Monday Monday

Breakfast table with coffee and muffin. Journal articles for proofreading with red pen.This week is going to be good. I’ve decided (didn’t you know I had that power).

I have been working with a few lovely people the last week or so to make the website more user friendly. A bit more organization that you can see and a lot more behind-the-scenes work. And I love it. It’s going to be a work in progress, but the project is half the fun.

I also jumped at the chance to do some beta-reading for another lovely blogger who having a book published. I love proofreading and editing. There were several occasions where I considered moving to Boston or NYC to try my hand at entering the publishing world. I just couldn’t get the courage to leave without a solid job lined up. Costs of living in both those cities scare me to death.

So I jumped in head first last night and am really enjoying myself. It will actually be hard for me to do my regular work today as I just want to read her piece. I mean, read sexy erotica or complete entry work on my latest database project. Not really a hard choice. So as all of get to writing and publishing your novels or dissertations, feel free to send it to me for a quick read. I don’t charge, though I will ask for a signed copy of the book (I will pay for the book and send it to you to be autographed).

So aside from the blog work and proofreading I’m trying to get back into my exercise routine, pack some boxes to take to the new house this weekend, work, clean the house (notice how I didn’t say keep it clean, because for that to work it would have to be clean to begin with), and keep the children alive. And I’ve started to get back to my own longer erotica piece. I fleshed it out last year and just never worked on it. I need to get back to writing more so that someday I won’t be begging to proofread others’ work (not that that isn’t fun), but asking others to read mine.

So it will be a good week. Lots to do, but also some great opportunities and challenges. Maybe even a few beatings and several orgasms to fill in the gaps.


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