Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Spoiled in the Sun

“Take off your pants.”

I think I mumbled a ‘Yes, Sir’ as I fumbled with my sweatpants drawstring and crawled into bed.

“You left your underwear on.”

“Oh, sorry Sir.” My underwear came off with more of a struggle than I want to admit. My knee high socks stayed on. I flopped (yes, that is the correct verb) on the bed and sighed at the comfort of our flannel sheets. One of the things I love about winter is flannel in all it’s forms. I sighed again as he covered me up with my lovely aftercare blanket. I caressed it like the the security blanket it was. Smelling the previous night’s scene immediately made my muscles relax. Sir crawled up on the bed and began massaging my legs. After shoveling snow for an hour this morning and two hours this afternoon I was sore and exhausted. His kisses and gentle rubbing up my legs were bliss after my time out in the cold.

“I will pick up the kids. I will sort out something for dinner. I will move the laundry. If, and only if, you go to your happy place right now (I have a rough life). Close your eyes. You are laying outside in the sun. You are nice and warm on your oversize sofa with your blanket. You stretch out as the sun’s rays hit every inch of your gorgeous naked body.”

I was so busy listening to his calming mantra that I wasn’t paying attention to his movements. His tongue flicked my clit and I practically sat straight up. Quickly returning to my happy place I sank into the sheets. His rhythm was slow and steady as I stretched up into each lick. My body arched into his hands as they caressed my nipples and stroked my stomach. My first orgasm was quick, though I tried to hold off. Luckily, my orgasms were the point of the exercise, so only a small amount of begging was required.  After that first rush, I settled into his sensual pace. He found a motion and a nipple pinch pressure that I would have happily suffered for hours. The perfect mixture of torture and calm. I came several more times before he left me completely spent. I curled up as he tucked me in with the duvet. I cuddled with my security blanket like a teddy bear and faded out of consciousness.

Waking up thirty minutes later after a glorious power nap made my day. Nothing is so beautiful as waking up in the middle of the afternoon wearing nothing buy knee high socks and cuddling with the dog and your aftercare blanket. The focus of his attentions making the cold and sore of my morning labors entirely worth it.

4 Responses to “Spoiled in the Sun”

  • DtBHC

    Sounds like a lovely reward for some hard work, 😀

  • Her Subject

    Imaging? Mantras? Happy place? That was one form of hypno-play. Looks like you two are natural at the hypnotist/subject roles.

    • Rye

      Interesting, I never thought of that. But he does use mantras a lot to center me and focus me as a sub. I’ve always responded really well to it actually.

  • Her Subject

    Responded well, you say? You are an excellent subject. Hypno-play is kind of creepy, but really hot. Check some of the possibilities for play:


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