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Warning: Bad Slave Rant

You know what the worst thing to call me is: lazy. I’m fine if you want to call me a slut, a whore, I probably wouldn’t argue too much if you wanted to call me a bad mother on most days. But don’t call me lazy.

And I’m terrible at getting passed being called lazy. Once it happens I shut down.

Sir didn’t mean it. Not really. But that phrase: “If you find time today, if nothing else, could you…”. It didn’t matter what he said after that, I was already pissed. If I find time? Like I just sit here on my ass with my two jobs and a household run. I know he didn’t mean it. He wasn’t calling me a bad slave or anything. But in that moment it just hurt so much.

Ok Rye, time to suck it up. Mini rant over and time to go get shit done. If I have time to mope then I have time to do whatever he asked me to do. Maybe I am lazy.

2 Responses to “Warning: Bad Slave Rant”

  • Anon

    Hmm, just a suggestion but the fact that he said “if you find time” implies (at least to me) that he knows that you have lots to do and thus aren’t lazy at all… Only my two cents.

    • Rye

      No, you’re right. He didn’t say it maliciously or anything. He honestly just meant if I had a chance. It wasn’t even an order. PMS has not been my friend this week.


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