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Reverse Genetics

I will admit, until I read that Needle Play was this week’s KOTW topic, it wasn’t really a kink I had considered. To prep for this post I asked Sir what his thought were on the subject. His response was simply, “Where do I sign?”. After this enthusiasm I really stopped to think about needles and what they could bring to our play.

My relationship with needles is actually rather pleasant. I have my father to thank for this. A case for reverse genetics. My father has a severe phobia of needles. When I was in the hospital after before my gallbladder surgery he couldn’t come in the room as the IV would make him sick. When I was in labor  I (who am I kidding, it was nurse, I didn’t know which was was up) would cover up the IV with a sheet while he was the room. He once passed out visiting my grandfather in the hospital as he had to have an IV in his neck. He hit the floor before he was completely in the room. So growing up, whenever I had to get shots, I always tried to ignore it and keep it together for him. The result is that needles really don’t bother me. I would give blood every chance I could if they didn’t have so much trouble finding a good vein (those poor nurses hate me). I am a self-proclaimed tattoo addict, so obviously those needles aren’t a concern, and pin pricks are part of the life of a quilter. On most fronts my father’s aversion has pushed me into comfort when it comes to needles.

But getting an injection or accidentally stabbing yourself with a sewing needle are not the same the intricate and time consuming designs of needle play. My understanding from the research I’ve done since I found out about this topic shows labor intensive set-up and tear down processes with several safety concerns. Sir isn’t going to be decorating my back with a bunch of quilting needles. And having blood drawn can be a lengthy process, but an extended scene could be even longer and a greater strain depending on body position, even if it would be much less actually blood loss. I’m not sure how I will react to that. Being tied up and needles placed on various parts of my body and intimate areas will be heady, but being bound and/or being forced to watch might be too much.

I will admit I was more than a little surprised at Sir’s positive reaction. I think we may have discussed it in passing when we first started D/s, but it hasn’t come up since then. His interest makes me want to try it at least once, to see if he enjoys it as much as he hopes. It’s always a great feeling when you see someone truly enjoying a kink. And, of course, I would like to see how I react to it as well. Maybe not something we do all the time, but it would be a nice treat for nights when we have the house to ourselves.

Though it’s just one more reason to keep our toys locked up tight. If my dad ever found them he would pass out at the sight of all those needles.

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6 Responses to “Reverse Genetics”

  • ancilla ksst

    I experienced needles only once. It was at a demo, and the person there did some in my arm. The way it was done, I found less painful than a shot or accidental stick, because it is shallow. My Master, after insisting that I try it, felt weird and had to leave the area, so that’s obviously not something that we’re going to get into together. It bothered him more than it bothered me. He’s never had a problem with needles before, either in giving blood or in sticking them in his patients. I guess it was just something about seeing them in me.

    • Rye

      Yeah, that is what I think may happen with my Sir too. As much as he’s a fan of the idea, I’m not sure he will really go for it once the needles are in his hand. We’ll see what happens.

  • f dot leonora

    i really enjoy your perspective here, great post…

    • Rye

      Thanks. Reading some of the other contributions I was afraid I was way off the mark. Thanks for reading.

  • Molly

    I am rather pleased that the prompt has inspired all this. Funny when you think you know what a partners answer will be and then they surprise you. I always like that. I also agree with the comment above, from the couple I have experienced it was nothing like an injection or bloodtest, far more subtle than that. I look forward to hearing more if you decide to try it out


  • sub-Bee

    I’m so glad this prompt made you have that conversation. I am wondering now if all those times I accompanied my mother to blood tests when I was a child, needles were something I never feared and always enjoyed the sensation, although it’s actually a very different feeling. It was also something I was nervous about asking Sir, it can be seen as quite a hard level of play but was really surprised when he jumped at the chance!

    If you want to ask any questions, then feel free to get in touch, both of us would be happy to answer any 🙂


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