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Spring Needs Color

I’ve been trying to get used to my photo editing program and have been working on color and saturation lately. And everything around Ohio has just started to turn green, so I was inspired by all the colors appearing outside.

Red Rope

See who else is jumping into spring with or without color in this week’s Sinful Sunday.

Sinful Sunday Kiss Logo

9 Responses to “Spring Needs Color”

  • HappyComeLucky

    That definitely highlights the lines of that tie.

  • Molly

    That is a fabulous shot but what I really love about it is we can really see the full beautiful of your tattoo


  • Cammies on the Floor

    Super cool!

  • f dot leonora

    this looks otherworldly, i lovw where you have taken us!

  • Velvet Rose

    Do love a bit of ropework.

    Velvet x

  • Marie Rebelle

    Gorgeous image!!!

    Rebel xox

  • Dawn

    Gorgeous! I do love rope 🙂

  • Beck

    The weather near me (I live close to Cleveland) has been very mild this year. I’ve been waiting for those dreadful ice storms, but doesn’t seem like they are going to happen. Impressive editing.

  • sub-Bee

    I love how unusual this edit is!


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