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Tuesday Stress Bubble

Lists of tasks and chores to complete.
Lists of everything from groceries to goals for the week.

It’s that time again. The weekly reminder of how much I have to get done. Monday is the start of the week. You wake up groggy and grumpy. Half your morning is suckling on the teat of your coffee cup. The afternoon is a mixture of being productive and trying to ward off horniness. So you’re not exactly running at your best on Monday and who can blame you?

Then Tuesday arrives. Your morning is a little less groggy and while you still need your caffeine IV, it’s doesn’t have to be refilled as often. You pull out your list of reports that are due and various tasks that need done, and as you are now more awake, you feel the stress take over. And now you have one less day to complete them.

Tuesday is usually the day I ask Sir if I can have a drink with dinner. This week has added stress as we will be heading to my parents for the holiday weekend. Mixed with that wonderful end of the month, low bank account stress and renovation fatigue. And even though Tuesday is a day off for me as far as my exercise, the Monday cardio and upper body work out leaves me pretty sore.

Between the current house, the new house, and the new business, I’m not sure I can take much more. You would think I would have learned how to manage all of this. But the Tuesday stress still manages to catch me off guard. And my list of to dos continues to grow at an alarming rate. So the fun tasks, like reupholstering the dining chairs at the new house, keep getting pushed further into the future. Maybe for mother’s day I will ask for time to do new house projects (though we were hoping to be moved in by then).

Alright, time to face the stress and tackle the never ending list. Too bad more of them weren’t sexy tasks from Sir to be completed naked. Though aside from a few video conference calls, working from home does have it’s clothing free perks.

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  • DtBHC

    Got a laugh from the third activity for Tuesday.


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