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Good Mood Friday

In a good mood this morning. But it’s tattoo appointment day, so I’m starting off on a good foot. The baby (yeah, he’s 20 months old, but he’ll always be my baby) felt better last night so we’re sending him back to daycare this morning. Hopefully he is through this round of teething fevers as I won’t be back home until later tonight and I don’t want Sir to have to take another day off work.

With everyone healthy(ish) I making my monthly(ish) trip to the head office at work. At this point it’s mostly just to catch up with the boss. We chat over coffee for a few hours and then I head to my tattoo appointment. Right now we mostly talk about the house renovation, but if there are procedure changes we discuss those as well. It seems to work for both of us, so I’m not complaining. Once we move it will add a bit more time to this trip, so I’ll be making less of them.

Today’s tattoo trip is to add another cameo to the sleeve. I thought I was done, but once we put the lace trim on the bottom it became apparent that there was going to be a big gap that would make the piece look off-balance. So Sir is going to get his own cameo after all. Not that I was really excluding him, but he does have several pieces of his own already. But when my tattoo guru said I need one more, I knew just what to do. Since Sir decided to go to law school and focus on the environment I have called him the Lorax. We knew he would never be one to work with big companies, he was always going to be fighting for the little guy. So he is my speaker for the trees. So his cameo will be the stump from the end of the story and the word ‘unless’. Because I’m a sappy goober who loves Dr. Seuss books and my hairy Dom.

Tomorrow we are headed to the new house again. The mother-in-law is taking the kids so we have two nights alone. Trying not to have too many expectations, but some dirty pictures would be fun. With the lovely spanking from last night, the healing nipples, and the tattoo today, I should be all kinds of sore. All soreness I asked for though, so no complaints here.


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