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Time Lapse Kitchen

So the contractors are finishing up in the kitchen. Some simple hook ups are left for the range and the dishwasher. They should be done by the end of the week. It’s hard to believe that it originally looked like this:

The original kitchen
Our pre-demo kitchen.

I can hardly believe that there wasn’t a single light in the entire kitchen. The light on the counter was the only light in the room.

The original view from the front door.
The entryway closet that we removed.

I think these pictures were taken in October when we got the keys. That’s my mom’s leg with her knee brace and she’s in shorts, so it can’t have been to late into the fall.

Stage two of the kitchen with open floor plan.

This picture was from around February. You can see how big the space is without that closet and the added dining room space.

Kitchen cabinets
Cabinet delivery day.

Cabinets were delivered on time and Sir and ran circles around the room with joy. Well, I ran around the room, he laughed at me.

Kitchen Cabinet Installed

It took until mid-March, but kitchen finally started to take shape as the cabinets were installed.

Kitchen island

The counter top and back-splash made me want to stay. Definitely more than one ugly lamp for lighting now.

Finished kitchen

Finished kitchen

These pictures were taken about a week ago. The faucet has since been installed in the island. I’ll have to put up completely finished pictures when the house is all done. But this is our pretty kitchen. We never could have done this kind of work ourselves. With only my dad’s help and weekends as we all work, it would have taken us a year to complete. And the Amish built custom cabinets were worth it.

But now you guys can see why I want to just have full on sex with my new kitchen. My new fantasy is just to have a massive orgy on my new counter top. And hey, we chose the floor and the solid-surface counters for easy clean up. Because why do a remodel of your kitchen if at the end you can’t have sex in it?

3 Responses to “Time Lapse Kitchen”

  • Nice Anon

    Sex + counter top = good. However, I must be a sad case, because all I was thinking is wow to cook in that kitchen with all those cupboards and space would be fantastic! (showing my age!) It looks fantastic!

  • Tamar

    Wow oh wow oh wow!!! That is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a dream kitchen, congratulations on what looks like a massive project well done!

  • ancilla ksst

    Beautiful! That is a ton of work!


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