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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

A New Habit

So, I have a secret, or a new habit, and since it’s TMI Tuesday I feel like I can attempt to share this without judgement and possibly get some advice. You know, is this normal? How much help should get?

I’ve noticed something over the last few years as I’ve found kink and my sex drive has changed. Not only am I always thinking about sex in some way, but I find myself doing the same thing to people. When I meet people or even see them on the street, I imagine them having sex. Mostly with each other; sometimes with me. I love couples. When I see couples together I always have to take a moment to try and figure out how they are in bed. Is she shy on the outside but a minx when she’s naked? Is he controlling at work, but enjoys a good pegging when he gets home? It’s like a game. A terribly horny game.

The boys summer program doesn’t start until the end of May, so they are home with me for the next three weeks. Therefore, my time to work has been greatly reduced. However, I have been able to put some Netflix on in the background and attempt to unpack some boxes (of which there are many). And because I’m being interrupted every six minutes or so I choose to watch less involved programs, i.e. home improvement and cooking shows. And each couple that is looking for their dream home has joined in my game. I try and figure them out by the end of the episode. Some couples are constantly touching, some give each other a wide birth. The gay couples are my favorite. Not sure why I get turned on by male couples, but I do. And I’ve seen couples where each member is evenly matched. I’ve also seen a very dominant/submissive partnership, even if they aren’t kinky. I just have fun watching their interactions and coming up with sexual story lines for them.

Is that normal? To create mini trysts for people that you see on television or walking down your street. Doesn’t everyone have a habit like that to help them pass the time?  It’s like one step further from picturing everyone naked. I just also think about what positions they might like or what their body would look like in some pretty rope. Maybe a small fantasy here or there about me joining in. It certainly makes unpacking a lot more pleasant.


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