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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

An Overdue Visit, Part 2

“So where did you get that skirt, exactly? I’m sure I would have begged for a photo of it before now had I know of it’s existence.” Lucas smiled as he unzipped my skirt and tossed it onto the chaise.

“We had to go shopping as my lovely 24 year-old cousin forgot to mention that she planned to take me clubbing. So much for an evening of Netflix, wine coolers, and chatting. Maybe that’s tomorrow night.”

“I think you look hot. And anyway, I’m sure we can find something to help you relax after that crowded club.” He kissed his way up my neck until he found the ticklish spot below my earlobe and I pushed him away. He laughed and walked across the room to his bag. I had let him know that I would be in town for a few days, but we didn’t want to make plans after tonight. Flirting on twitter and sharing nude photos was great, but sexual attraction may not be enough to get us through more than one evening. He had obviously hoped so as his suitcase was pretty big for only a one-night stay. I was hoping for multiple nights of hot sex as well, but one thing at a time.

I texted Lindsay to tell her that I was alright and I would be over in the morning to hit up the farmer’s market with coffee in hand. I knew she would still worry. It’s not like I did this all the time, and I do usually talk to her about stuff. But family and my kink life didn’t really mesh. It’s not like I was really worried about someone stumbling onto my Fetlife profile. And while Lucas and I had met on twitter, not my kinky dating site or Fetlife, it still would require answering questions I wanted to avoid.

I shook my head as I turned my phone to silent. I could fret about things outside the hotel room tomorrow. Tonight was about a fun time with a friend. I turned around to find that Lucas had disappeared. The room wasn’t that big, he could be hiding for fun. As soon as I knelt down to look under the bed Lucas walked back into the room with the ice bucket.

“Don’t worry my lovely sub, we’ll get there soon enough. You can get off your knees for now. I just ran out to get some ice for later, you seemed pretty engrossed in your phone when I left.”

“Sorry, I zoned for a few minutes there.”

“No worries. I think you obviously need to be better distracted here though. I have something to help you focus a bit. Come over here.” As I walked toward him I saw him grab something out of his suitcase. When I reached him he turned me around so I had my back to him. He brought the metal collar over my head and began fastening it around my neck.

“I know we set up most of our ground rules online, but while you are in this collar, those rules are in play. You are my sub for the evening with all the hard limits we discussed. Your safeword is butterscotch. Normally I would have a lot of rules, but I want tonight to be about fun. And since I know you want to be up early, let’s not waste any time. Do you have any questions?”

“No, Sir.”

“Wonderful. Take off your clothes. We are going to wash that club off you.”

“Yes, Sir.” I practically ripped off the rest of my outfit as I moved toward the bathroom. He followed me in, his clothes hitting the floor almost as fast as mine. Once we were both naked I think we finally realized what we were doing. We stood on opposite sides of the tile floor and drank each other in. I had seen him naked before. Though most of my twitter shots were just pieces of him. I’m not sure why, but I pushed myself off from the vanity and walked toward him. I felt comfortable with him; after talking and flirting for over a year I guess I should. I rubbed his chest for a moment, then grabbed his hand and pulled him into the shower. I directed the shower head away from him until the water warmed. Then I directed the stream onto his chest as I pushed him back against the tile. He grinned as I began kissing my way down his chest.

The warm water made his body turn a lovely shade of pink, but his cock stayed a creamy white inside my mouth. I rolled my tongue around him as he grabbed my hair. His moans quickened and he pulled me up.

“Soap me up.” I immediately reached for the soap and began lathering up his chest. After a quick rinse he soaped me up as well. He pressed me against the wall as he rubbed and punched my ass. My nipple rings clinked again the cold tile. He turned the water off and slapped my ass.

“Alright, you’re squeaky clean now and ready to be made dirty in all the best ways. Get dried off and go lay down on the bed. Get yourself good and wet for me and I’ll be in in a minute.”

I giggled and walked out into the hotel room. I never giggle. I may have even jumped up and down on the bed a few times before splaying out. I stretched out my legs as I would on a Saturday morning. One hand on a nipple and the other began massaging my clit. Lucas walked in after a few more minutes and grinned at my progress.

“Your service is so much more joyful in person.”

“I aspire to impress, Sir.” Getting out five words was a little harder than I thought it would be. I slowed my pace in case he wanted to chat more.

“You do impress my little sub. Now, however, I may have more of a challenge for you.” He swung a bag up between my legs on the bed. It was difficult to crane my neck up to see what he was pulling out, but I couldn’t stop rubbing my clit long enough to turn on the bed. Soon the bag was tossed aside and I could see a few piles of black straps. He walked around the side of the bed with several in his hands.

“I hope you have enjoyed playing with your lovely clit. Because now there will be no touching. At all.”

I looked toward him as a large blindfold covered my eyes and he pulled my hands away from my body. I wished I had tried harder to cum.

This piece is a continuation of last week’s Wicked Wednesday offering. If you would like to start from the beginning, click here.

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2 Responses to “An Overdue Visit, Part 2”

  • Marie Rebelle

    Hot, hot, hot and like after the first part, I still want to read on…

    Rebel xox

    • Rye

      Thanks. Can’t wait to see what next week’s prompt is and where it goes. Right now I only have a mild idea.


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