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To the Future!

4yo: Dad, I don’t want to go to daycare! I want to go to the future.

Sir: Okay, how much?

4yo: *holds hands shoulder width apart* This much.

Sir: Okay, close your eyes. *waits two seconds* Okay, open your eyes.

4yo: *looks confused*

Sir: We went into the future by two seconds.

4yo: But I want to go to the future.

Sir: We are always going into the future.

4yo: But this isn’t the future!?!

Sir: No, this is the present, but today’s present is yesterday’s future. We are always moving forward.


4yo: Dad, I love fruit loops.

One Response to “To the Future!”

  • Tamar


    Oh, that really made me happy! That’s such a good age, 4! I miss it sometimes with my ‘taller-than-me’ 12 year old, seems like his babyhood and childhood went by so fast. Kids are pretty wonderful, aren’t they? 🙂


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