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Feel the Burn

This week’s topic for Wicked Wednesday really threw me as I don’t have any sexy connections to the sun or sunburn. I have always had fair skin. My hair was much closer to red when I was young and my matching pale skin tone didn’t darken with age like my hair did. Therefore, I burn at the drop of a hat. Even before I had tattoos I would have have to lather on sunscreen just to sit outside for twenty minutes.

One summer, I think Sir and I were engaged, we stayed at a beach house with my extended family for a week. It was nothing of what I would call a romantic vacation. There were always people around. Sir and I were horny bunnies, right out of college. I am pretty sure we tried to fuck in the back of my parent’s SUV at one point; we were that desperate.

Since we couldn’t find much time to be alone I (rather stupidly) spent one afternoon laying on a raft with a book. I had layered on sunscreen over my tattoos (less back then) and made sure to get my cleavage and face. However, several hours in a raft on the reflecting lake will surely show you the places you missed.

I, sadly, had completely missed my legs from the knees down. My feet had rested in the water and remained white. My shins, however, turned a remarkable shade of maroon. To this day, even with his trusty cane, Sir has not been able to replicate such a color. And trust me, it’s a personal goal of his that he attempts at every opportunity.

By the next morning I could barely walk. I felt freezing cold and very nauseous. My nurse aunt diagnosed me with probable sun poisoning. I had to stay inside, drink lots of water, and if my temperature spiked too high we were going to the ER.

So, while ever took their cocktails and salty snacks down to the water, I huddled under a blanket and struggled to keep a banana down. Alochol was out of the question as I tried to focus on anything other than the pain. Sir stayed with me, like the gentleman he is. I think he played a computer game and tried not to enjoy his drink too much while I napped.

I was just sad that we finally got time alone and I was in too poor of a state to do anything about it. The sun poisoning put me out of any type of sexy commission for nearly two weeks as I got quite sick and my legs peeled and bled. Hardly much of a turn on, even by our current kind standards.

My relationship with the sun have never fully recovered.

See if anyone else fairs better in their relationships with sunburn by clicking below.

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4 Responses to “Feel the Burn”

  • Marie Rebelle

    I have never had sun poisoning (thankfully) but twice I hurt so much that I could barely move. I never sunbathe anymore… and am very careful not to burn when I am out in the sun.

    Rebel xox

  • ancilla ksst

    We got so sunburned on a college (for him) trip to Florida that I still associate the smell of Solarcaine with sexy times. We had a lot of sex anyway, carefully.

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Oh goodness that does all sound very painful . . . particularly the part about alcohol being “out of the question”!!!

    Xxx – K

    • Rye

      Exactly….torture 🙂


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