Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Something to Njoy

Lately Sir has really been back on an anal sex kick. It generally comes in waves; not that I’m complaining. If my stomach has a rough day or two, or we’re busy, anal often gets halted. And after a break, for whatever reason, I find that fall ‘out of shape’ quickly.

So, Sir has decided that this is no longer acceptable. It wasn’t all my fault, but it’s obviously something that needed addressed. So the other day I got an early birthday present.

Rye's new Njoy butt plug.It’s not quite as large as my glass plug, but he didn’t want me to start out with the Njoy 2.0 just yet. And what shocked me was how much easier it is to put it and wear. I guess I was sort of under the impression that all butt plugs were created equal. No, no, no. This is not the case, my friend. And, after the easy time I had putting in it, I could wear it for hours with no pain. This included three hours on Sunday during the toddler party. Enough pressure that I’m not going to forget I’m wearing it, but not so much that I can’t focus.

I know Sir is looking to move to more of a 24/7 set-up with the Njoy. I’ll be allowed to take it out for anal sex, obviously, and for bathroom reasons. Other than that, I have a feeling he’ll want it in. I’ll admit the idea of sleeping in it has me be a bit nervous. I’m not sure why. The first time I wear it to work should also be interesting. I’m sure he’ll let me take it out if I get too nervous and/or upset at the office. For awhile. But a time will come (knowing him sooner rather than later) where he just says, ‘suck it up, buttercup’.

For now I will continue my practice and hope that security at work doesn’t turn up the sensitivity one day without warning.



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