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Hard vs. Harder

Punishments aren’t fun. Though they do have their rewards. But I will admit that I struggle to decide while marks I like the most. So this week’s Sinful Sunday for me is a poll of sorts. Enjoy.

A: Hand. Large surface coverage. Limited lasting power depending on duration.

Rye ass with hand prints.


B: Flicker whip. Very small, defined marks. Long lasting power and highest probability of breaking the skin.Rye's ass with flicker whip marks.


C: Hair brush. Medium-sized surface area. Medium lasting power usually involving bruising. The overall definition doesn’t last all that long though.

Rye's ass with hair brush marks.

I am sure Sir will not consider this definitive as there are only three options, but I am still curious. Which is best for punishment and/or which is best for funishment? Sinful Sunday Kiss Logo


11 Responses to “Hard vs. Harder”

  • SilverDom

    All three?

  • Modesty Ablaze

    I must admit that when I am administering a spanking I like seeing my hand-prints blushing on my submissive’s bottoms . . . always seems a little more “personal” to me. So your top image resonates with me more.
    But I know some of my subs, (one in particular), want to wear my markings for longer . . . which usually calls for my whip or hard-flogger!!!
    But these make for a lovely set when viewed together!!!
    Xxx – K

  • ancilla ksst

    I love all the marks! I vote that all the implements are great for playtime/funishment.

    My personal favorite is the whip.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I love marks, and yours are beautiful!

    Rebel xox

  • Cammies on the Floor

    Wow, I like the marks and defining what they are! A hairbrush hasn’t left that kind of mark for me, intriguing

  • Elliott

    Not what I was thinking when I saw the title. I would vote for the first.

  • Jo

    I LOVE the hairbrush mark. Sad that the exact shape doesn’t stay on, but I can imagine that it leaves some really gorgeous bruises – and I can imagine the exact hairbrush you’re using. I vote for that one!

  • Molly

    I like the marks that last the best, although they are often the most painful to get I will endure to get the beautiful sexy marks


  • tavia

    I like all three. Which one gives the most pain pleasure?

  • Bee

    I love them all but I squirmed at the hairbrush one. I hate the hairbrush!!

  • Hyacinth

    I don’t think I’ve had the different marks laid out for me before. So interesting!


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