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California Cuisine – Where Rye Eats Everything

Rye naked on the floor in California
A California Nap.
Second Breakfast (oral revisited) – ‘I will have victory’

The second morning I decided to try oral again. After Jill left for work I pounced on him. I changed position slightly from the day before so he could play with me while I worked (I make it sound like I’m a dwarf headed to the mine or something). I thought it might be distracting, but could also help me read how he was enjoying himself. The latter worked well. I was able to use his hand movements to let me know to go faster or slower. It did take awhile (he wasn’t lying), but when I found a good rhythm he enjoyed I felt myself relax into something I love to do. When he came it was amazing. I was so happy I was able to give that to him, happy that he enjoyed it, and proud of myself for sticking with it.

Usually Sir will get very sensitive after an orgasm and will tell me to stop. But as Jack didn’t move or give me any instruction to change what I was doing I continued. He moaned several more times as I kept the same speed and pressure. When I did stop and lay down next to him he had a euphoric face that I couldn’t stop smiling at. He explained that he had had four multiple orgasms due to my continued work. That had never happened to him before, the most he had ever had was two. And in a completely un-submissive way I was proud. I love the idea that I gave him something that no one else had to be able to remember our few days together.

First mission burrito – ‘A thing of beauty’

After a lovely morning of numerous orgasms and my conquering the mountain of oral sex, we decided lunch was key. As I had never been to California before he was a little overwhelmed with all the food options he wanted to show me. Soon we decided on a ‘real’ burrito. Apparently Ohio just doesn’t understand the majesty of what a burrito is. When I texted Sir to check-in and tell him where we were going for lunch, his response was, “A real mission-style burrito is a thing of beauty”.

So, considering the hype of this treasured delicacy, I was prepared to be let down. You should be proud of me, gentle reader. I ordered a marginally healthy option and didn’t finish it. I mean, putting all that rice, chicken, beans, and cheese on a spinach wrap makes it healthy, right? But it tasted amazing. It was perfectly balanced. Spicy enough to be flavorful without overpowering everything. I will concede that Ohio is way behind the eight-ball when it comes to this foodstuff.

Jack’s mom called while we were out to ‘check and see how we were doing’. It was cute. Apparently, as any good grandparent should, she had spoiled her granddaughter and had called to fill dad in on all the swag. He sighed as she ran down the list of Build-A-Bear purchases with his daughter screaming in the background. I’m glad I’m not the only parent to have those conversations. I kept trying not to laugh. Even though his mom knew the reason for her babysitting, I didn’t feel it was right to be that ‘she’s here right now’ about it.

We wandered through a toy store on the way back to the car. I really wanted to hold hands while we walked, but that seemed a step too far. Both he and Jill have local family, so discretion is key. Instead we looked at Legos and enjoyed just being ourselves.

Scene change – ‘Your living room carpet is very comfortable’

When we got back from lunch I stripped naked, because who needs clothes, and lay down on the carpet in the living room. Since moving to our new house, which is all hardwood floor, I have missed the comfort of a nice carpet. Jack seemed quite entertained by my quirkiness (thank heavens) and went to grab the camera and the condoms. We went through quite a few of them and he got a pretty hot video (if I do say so myself) of me squirting all over everything. I don’t know if he’s going to to post it or not, but I may try to edit it down and put some of it up.

Later, after another multitude of orgasms and yet another round of laundry, we cuddled up again. Talking about people that we both follow on twitter and blogs we read. We are both writers, so looking at how we both write was interesting.

Then he reminded me, “I still haven’t taken your ass.”

“I guess we better remedy that,” was my response.

Tune in tomorrow for the epic conclusion of ‘Rye does Northern California’ (doesn’t sound quite as nice as Debbie does Dallas, I’ll admit).

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  • Jack (and Jill)

    Awesome recap of our second morning together! And the photo you chose is perfect. Absolutely stunning. Such great memories!

    Here’s my recap of Day Two!


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