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The Indecipherable Language of My Mind

Part of me wanted to write up a post on how much I hate Columbus Day so I could avoid the draft post in my queue.

So, mini-rant, Columbus Day is a crap holiday. Rather than celebrating him we should focus on someone who didn’t just get lost. However, as my office is closed today and I’m heading to get my sleeve tattoo finished, I have decided that any extreme rant could be seen as hypocritical.

The draft post of the last week’s vacation has had to be moved out of my drafts so that I can edit it better. It’s currently sitting at around 3,500 words and I’m no where near done. I think I’m going to have to split it up into numerous posts so that my thoughts makes sense. The general theme is an amazingly relaxing vacation with lots of orgasms and good food. But I have been slightly blindsided by some of the emotional aftershocks that I have had.

Hopefully I can put some of it down in a way that makes sense and start posting it over the next few days. I also have over 1,000 photos that were taken to go through. I think only about 50 were taken by me of the food and train ride I took. The rest are sex, a lot of sex. So lots of blurring faces and masturbation breaks ahead.

Oh yeah, I’ll post pictures of the tattoos I got in Los Angeles and the sleeve I finish today as well. I love how busy this makes me seem.

One Response to “The Indecipherable Language of My Mind”

  • Jack (and Jill)

    Yesterday I told my daughter, when she got out of school and told me she learned about Christopher Columbus, “He was just some jerk who got lost.” Can’t wait to see the progress that’s been made on your sleeve!


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