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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

California – Meeting Jack

I feel good. I feel really good. And don’t get me wrong, a significant portion of that good is based on the multitude of orgasms I have had in the last 48 hours. But it’s more than that. It’s the entire experience of it. Think of your last vacation. Not a work thing, but an honest vacation. Did you relax? Did you enjoy yourself? Or did you run around from thing to thing, dragging your kids away from more crap that they didn’t need and sleeping less than you do on a work day to make that early flight? That has always been my vacation. Even when we would go to the lake house with my extended family. It’s always supposed to be about relaxing with a book and a beer, but it never is.

Instead we plan each moment of the day and try to fill it with stuff that causes me stress due to cost and keeps me from enjoying whatever I am attempting to read. But this, this is what a vacation should be. This is what I will measure every future vacation against. And you should too. If you ever have a two day span as good or better than what you read here over the next few days, please, tell me about it. Now that I know vacations like this exist I will constantly be looking for proof of them.

Arrival – ‘What are you wearing?’

I was honestly a little surprised at how nervous I was. The entire plane flight I wasn’t really even thinking about what happened when we would land. I read my book. The turbulence made it too difficult to write, but smut always works. After leaving the plane, however, I started to think. ‘What if we don’t hit it off? What if he isn’t attracted to me? What if I can’t find him?’ We texted as I walked through the terminal and found the baggage claim. It didn’t take long to spot the bright red suitcase. But Jack wasn’t there. I checked my phone again. He had written something about stopping in the cell lot until I got to the baggage claim, I must have missed it during my check-in call with Sir to let him know that I arrived. I quickly wrote him back and walked through the crowd outside to wait.

After a few minutes I thought I spotted his car (he had texted the color and model so I could find him). He drove past me and pulled in about fifty feet down the fire line. I quickly collected my things and started toward him, only to realize that it wasn’t Jack. Another older couple was loading their bags into the back and giving the driver a hug. After cursing all modern automobiles, I messaged him again to let him know that I was now under a different sign and what I was wearing. He has seen pictures of my face, but in all the nervous energy and madness of the airport, I thought anything extra may help. He didn’t respond. The perfectly obvious explanation that he was driving and therefore shouldn’t be texting eluded me as my anxieties grew. Where was he? Did he drive by and turn around? Had he picked up that elderly couple just to avoid me? As I said, lack of logic.

Another few minutes passed and I started to think of back-up plans. Not that I had too many options as I didn’t know anyone in the city or how to get around. I could just head down to my cousin’s early; I was pretty sure my train ticket could be exchanged. The worry section of my brain was working in overdrive as I recognized his face in the car that pulled up just ahead of me. Instantaneously all my worries of abandonment were replaced with body image and personality issues instead. Not to be outdone, my nose started running in earnest (again, thank you head cold) right as he came up to say hi and help me put my bag in his trunk. So now I figured I must have looked like a paranoid coke addict and I’m shocked he let me in his car.

Concerns about our connection and compatibility were fleeting. We had so much in common and so much we could talk about. The ride back to their house was quick, but still enough time to hear hilarious stories about each other’s families. The laughs and mutual annoyances of our respective extended families were the perfect way to break the ice. Political and social issue similarities helped too as walked the hall to their condo. By the time we got to the door, I was priding myself on having only a modern amount of sheer terror that I wasn’t what he had expected.

Introductions  – ‘And here’s the bedroom. You’ll be spending a lot of time in here.’

After we arrived at their house, unloaded the car and had the cursory tour, we made our way back to the bedroom and balcony. Two days seems like a long time, but I think both of us knew how fast it was going to disappear. Sitting on the bed he asked if he could take off my boots for me. I honestly had to ask him what he said again. He knelt in front of me and slowly unzipped my boots and removed my socks before kissing my legs from toe to thigh. It was incredibly erotic. But also, completely surreal. I’m the sub, no one kneels in front of me, that’s my job. It felt good, but also wrong somehow. Like the idea of me enjoying this special treatment was a violation of my collar in someway. I love being pampered, don’t get me wrong. That’s just not how Sir and I have set up our dynamic.

Jack and Jill have their own blog. They have been running theirs about twice as long as I have mine. And, as such, they do a wonderful job posting photos of various things. They did/do various photo memes and other personal hobbies. Therefore, I was not surprised when Jack pulled out a beauty of a camera. I was jealous,  showing a little bit of penis-envy holding my much smaller and less-equipped Nikon. And one of the features of this not-at-all compensating camera is a setting called ‘intervalometer’, where it will auto-focus on a take a photo every 3.5 seconds. So it creates this sort of flip-book effect over time. The clicking was quite distracting at first, but I was quickly pulled to focus on other things. Though I did love that there were large chunks of photos where we just laying there cuddling or sitting and talking. I love the connection that shows, rather that just a casual sex partner. I’m not sure how they will look cropped or with faces blurred, but I hope I can put together some sort of photo essay that shows how great those intimate moments were with the more obvious sexy ones.

Jack and Rye cuddling in bed.


3 Responses to “California – Meeting Jack”

  • ancilla ksst

    Wow, that is a lovely sexy but casual picture. I have been so excited to find out how your weekend adventure went!

  • Jack (and Jill)

    It’s rare that I find myself the subject of a blog post (other than my own, of course). I’m glad you found our time together worthy of commemoration! My own post is up as well, and you can read it here!

  • Molly

    Yes I have one of those vacations…. in fact I have had 3 of them at least but not for a long time now. All my trips to Philly to spend time with Michael and the one to Vegas and our joint trip to Philly for Christmas (which was the last vacation we have taken in my opinion) were like that. Utter fucking bliss, no kids, no schedule apart from when to arrive and when to leave. So yeah, I know those vacations and they are very precious and I hope that maybe one day I might get to go on another one.

    I look forward to reading more about your trip. I will admit to being a little envious but also very happy and excited for you



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