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Attainable Goals

As I sit here and drink my second cup of coffee for the day I keep coming back to what I want to accomplish this year. As my husband sits on his computer learning Swedish, apparently, I feel the need to also improve myself. I’m not good at languages (as my fruitless six years of Spanish will attest). There are quite a few other goals that I would like to work on though. Finishing a quilt or two that have been started and had to be set aside. Losing weight is always a go to goal. I’m still down on what I weighted this time last year, but another thirty pounds wouldn’t hurt.

However, I have another goal for 2017: anal training. Prior to Jack’s last visit we had discussed how much fun it would be for him to take my ass. We didn’t really have time when I visited in October, so we were both looking forward to it. I thought I had prepped okay. All anal November was a bit of a wash, but I wore my Njoy a bit and tried to stretch when I thought about it.

Apparently thinking about it wasn’t enough. When we did get a chance, in our hotel room, during his visit in December, things did not go well. Although I was able to eventually relax with the help of the Doxy, it wasn’t long before I had to stop. The Njoy did not prepare me for his girth or length. And while I’m sure he would take that as a compliment (in fact I’m pretty sure he did), it crushed me. After all the talk and hype about anal over the last few months, to be thwarted again, was a real blow. Especially as I was mostly my own fault for not preparing better.

I am hoping to see Jack several times this year. It depends on finances and schedules, but my fingers are crossed. In any case I don’t want to be what holds us back from anal sex next time. So I am going to try and start a regimen. I’m sure my husband won’t mind helping me stretch occasionally too. It’s good to have motivation to reach your goals.

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4 Responses to “Attainable Goals”

  • Marie Rebelle

    Great to hear you and Jack met up again and are planning more visits. As for anal training, at this moment I am doing it too, wearing my Njoy for at least two hours every night. That’s what I did the last time I did the training and it really seemed to help. I insert it roundabout 8pm in the evening and then go about my business as usual and actually forget about it until bedtime about 3 hours later. Enjoy the training 😉

    Rebel xox

  • Molly

    This definitely sounds like a fun and positive goal to have for 2017


  • Jaime

    Yeah for buttes, is all I’ve got to say! So I, uh, support and endorse your project!
    It’s also the most non-boring New Year’s Resolution I’ve heard! Good luck!

    And great post!

    • Rye

      Well…I do hate to be boring 🙂


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