Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Prey on Me

Wow, that last flogging was was intense. I can still feel the heat radiating off my back even with the cool water cascading over me as I try and stay out of sight behind the waterfall. Josh certainly knows how to wield a flogger. Maybe I will have to suggest to Sir that he supervise a repeat session in more structured setting. The scraping of the bark from  the tree on my tits took away some of the enjoyment though. My legs were still shaking a bit as I tried to calm my breathing and press myself against the rocks. I couldn’t stay here long, but the water felt to good against my back and thighs to move just yet.

The bushland setting and exhilaration of the hunt was everything I had expected. Something I will have to process further when I had more time and the perfect way to check if we are ready to attend Tryst. Sir had talked about booking us in, but he wanted to be sure I was ready to enjoy it fully. He set up today’s hunt as a special part of our annual visit to Josh’s wilderness lodge. He had arranged for a few couples to come here for some lunch and an afternoon of fun. If Tryst was going to be anything like this I will book the tickets myself. I hope he felt the same.

Now if I can only remain out of sight and avoid being found again for the remaining 45 minutes of the hunt, this will have been a wonderful afternoon. With the rushing of the water around me I wondered if I would be able to hear the airhorn finishing the hunt. I was banking on the water hiding me from view.

It was so like Sir to spring a surprise guest on me for the afternoon’s activity. He certainly upped the ante for the chase and gave me good reason not to be found, even if the odds were stacked against me. I just hoped that Sir wanted a fair hunt and didn’t let everyone know my three allowed hiding spots. Of course Sir stipulated where I was allowed to hide so he could easily find me if he chose to. There was no way Sir was going to have to hunt for me. But with only three options and a good distance between them, I didn’t want to have to run for the log if I was spotted.

I’m not sure I want Stephen to find me as I’m not quite sure what he will do with  me, but I’m certain he will fully exert his dominance over me to prove a point. Our last encounter didn’t go quite as expected and I may have been less than generous when I blogged about the experience. He certainly looked very pleased when I walked out onto the deck this afternoon ahead of the hunt. I was taken somewhat aback when I saw him and may have balked in the door way. Though I did notice that both Sir and Stephen noticed my hesitation, which brought a knowing glance between them. I knew then that Sir had offered Stephen a chance at redemption. Sir also knew he had just raised the stakes for me for the afternoon ahead.


Shit, someone was close. Just remember to keep control of my breathing, remain quiet and keep still until they pass.

I wonder who has stumbled upon my hiding spot. I can just make out their shape as I peer out from my hiding spot. Behind the cascading waters of the creek that runs through the property I had been able to make out anything wander by, but I could clearly see a human sized object approaching through the trees.  I can’t see who it is.

Hopefully Sir has decided to come find me, that would be fun. I’m not holding out too much hope of that, as he can play with me anytime and there are a few other subs running around that he has wanted to play with. Just let it not be Stephen. Not sure why he’s had such an effect on me by being here, but if Sir wanted me to experience some fear, he’s certainly achieved that. Maybe a scene with Stephen is just what I need.

Hmmmm, maybe I should just reveal my hiding spot and take what ever is coming my way.

Too late, I’ve been spotted.

Oh thank heavens, its Michael. We’ve played before and we had a good time. Well let’s see what he has in store for me. He reaches forward and looks at the tag around my neck listing the things that I’ve written down as hard limits. As you would expect, there was little point in wearing it, it was blank.

Without pulling me from behind the waterfall he had me kneel. He then proceeded to free his cock so that I could take him in my mouth. He positioned himself so that he was just out from under the waterfall, which placed me directly under it. As I attempted to suck on his cock, the water kept hitting my face, splashing into my eyes and some of it entered my mouth as I went about my ministrations. The effect was quite distracting and it took a lot of focus to keep on sucking. At times it felt like I was going to drown.

As I continued sucking his cock, Michael thrust his cock further down my throat causing me to start to choke on a combination of cock and rushing water. The sensation was very different and I can only liken it to a form of breath play. Something that I’m not overly comfortable with.

I think Michael could sense my discomfort was turning into distress and he withdrew his cock and helped me to stand. After a few deep breathes, he led me over to a fallen tree  which was slightly elevated above the ground. The positioning of the log provided  a very good improvised spanking bench. He motioned for me to straddle the log and lie down with my head extending just past the end of the log. Picking up some nearby rope (not sure where that came from) he secured me firmly to the log.

I hadn’t previously noted but there was a thicket of bamboo nearby. He  walked over to the bamboo and out of my peripheral vision. I could only imagine what he was doing. These thoughts were confirmed when I then heard a ‘swish’ through the air. Great, a bamboo cane. This is going to get very ouchy. I didn’t have to wait long for that to be proven true. I heard the swish, immediately followed by a stinging sensation across my ass. Shit that hurt. I tried not to wiggled too much as the bark of the log was also quite painful against my tits and stomach. 

Next I heard Michael say “Now Rye, like the good girl I know you are, I would like for you to count the strokes out loud.”

One, I said out loud. And so the caning continued.

The next nine strokes were all across my arse. Each stroke elicited a small gasp from me as I absorbed and processed the pain. There was a slight pause and Michael repositioned himself at my head. I turned my head slightly to be greeted by his erect cock pushing into my cheek. Taking him into my mouth I continued worshiping his cock. Well, at least to the extent I was able to whilst being bound to the log and beaten by a bamboo cane.

After a further ten strokes, each accompanied by a mumbled count and continued cock sucking, Michael placed the cane in the crevice of my arse. Then he placed his hands on either side of my head. Taking a firm hold he tilted my head up slightly and then began to fuck my mouth in earnest. He started thrusting in more deeply until I was deep throating his cock on each forward thrust. Just has he was building to a climax the siren indicating the end of the hunt went off. With two more fairly violent thrusts, Michael held my head down tightly onto his cock as he pumped a load of cum deep down my throat. Having fully emptied his balls he withdrew his cock leaving a long line of spittle joining my mouth to his cock.

He gave me a minute to catch my breath and recompose myself before he released my bonds. Feeling a little stiff I did a quick stretch and brushed the loose bark from my chest. I also took a quick dive into the water hole to refresh myself and to wash off the moss, spittle and cum that I had managed to get on myself.

We then set off arm in arm heading back to the camp site, making small talk as we went.

As Michael and I approached the camp site, it was clear that neither Sir nor Stephen were pleased to see that I had avoided capture. A displeasure that I would certainly pay for later.

And I did.

*This piece was co-written by myself and the Twitter boyfriend. I’m trying to get him to collaborate with me some more.*


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