Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Finding Eve

This is the longest time between visits since we finally found a way to be together. It’s been a tough six months for both of us, despite the daily messaging  and regular Skype calls. Our conversations have subtly shifted. I’m not quite sure what to expect when I see Adam in a few short minutes. His manner has become more forceful and dominant. Being naturally submissive this change has only served to remind me of what I once had with my husband. That aspect of my relationship died years ago. We still find time to play a couple of times a year when the mood takes us, but the 24/7 just didn’t work.

During those early few months after the 24/7 ended I had sought to try and replace that aspect of my marriage but it never felt right and Peter became increasingly uncomfortable with my attempt to find an alternate Dom. In time I let those feelings go. In there place we have found a new path for us. I still consider myself submissive and poly, but rather than seeking out a Dom or  multiple play partners, I’ve settled on just two other life partners.

Each of my three men meets a different need of mine, and I meet a need of theirs. Peter is my husband and soul mate. We have survived buying a house, changing jobs and raising kids and all of the stresses that brings. I know we will be together for ever. Jason is my lover and fuck buddy. Whilst he wasn’t my first poly partner, he’s been my rock for many years. We just hit it off, enjoy each other’s company and just enjoy fucking.

Adam has always been my twin. We share a lot of things in common including our love of kink. Be it in writing, through messaging or when we are together. We are very similar and when we met he was in service to his wife. That didn’t last too long for him either, but he still has submissive tendencies. At times he has talked about being more dominant and recently I’m getting this as a much stronger vibe. He really likes the idea of owning a human pet. Secretly, I’d love to be his pet.

Passengers start streaming off the plane and casually walk past me. Peering into the stream of people I catch sight of Adam. Trying to contain my excitement I wait until he’s nearly reached me before I launch myself at him. As I release him from my big welcome hug I feel his hand in my hair. Next I feel him grip my hair and pull back on it tilting my head towards him. ‘Ouch’ I say to myself. Before I can process further he kisses me forcefully taking my breath away. His hand in my hair is holding me steady whilst he claims me. Releasing me I steady myself, trying to recover my balance. Before I can do so, he is pulling me to follow him to get his luggage from the carousel.

Whilst we are waiting with everyone else he leans down and whispers in my ear to go to the bathroom and remove my panties. He instructs me to make sure I play with myself a bit before I take them off and to make sure he has something of me to remember me by. He adds that he wants me to carry them in his hand so I am to give them to him when I get back.

Hmm, he’s certainly taking a different approach already. I think I like it and so does my pussy. As I get back from the bathroom, I pass him my black lace panties that I have scrunched tightly in my hand so people hopefully don’t notice what they are. Turns out I really shouldn’t have bothered. He takes my panties and unfurls them, hanging them off his fingers for everyone to see. I start to blush in embarrassment. Next he scrunches them back up, but before he puts them away he brings them up to his face and takes a good inhale. I hear him comment how sweet I smell. He then places them in his trouser pocket. I feel the heat in my ears and my face must be a bright crimson color as his embarrassment of me is complete. Grabbing his bag, we head out of the terminal to find my car.

I press the buttoning my key ring  and the car opens and the lights flash. Before I can open the door he takes the keys from me. “I’ll drive”, he says. I have an astonished look on my face as I’ve always driven him when he visits. After loading the car I settle into the passenger seat and fit my seatbelt. He climbs in the driver’s seat and adjusts the controls. Before buckling in he leans across and tells me to hike my dress up to expose my pussy. He next tells me to put my heels on the edge of the seat to further expose my quickly moistening cunt. He finally tells me that he wants to see me play with myself as we drive to our hotel. I’m instructed that I’m not to cover myself at all unless directed to by him.

He sits back and buckles up. Starting the car he reverses out of the parking spot and drives off. Looking over to make sure I’m following instructions. I’ve tentatively placed my hand covering my pussy and I’m making little strokes with my fingers hoping not to draw any attention from the cars around us. He lets me continue like this for a few blocks until he can see the sweat on my brow and my body begin to flush with excitement.

“Both hands please”, I hear him say. Emboldened, I bring my other hand into action. One I use to hold myself open, the other I use to slide up and down in my wetness. Ahh, that got to him. I like this game. I continue to stroke and play as we drive. I’ve now got a finger pushing inside of me. As I let my head roll back as a wave of pleasure go through me I catch the truck driver in the lane beside me getting a really good look at my wanton display. He winks and I instinctively close my legs onto my hands. Sensing this, He reaches across and pulls on my knee. Obeying I spread my legs once more.

Thankfully the light goes green and we turn left and away from the truck. The humiliation and my playing with my pussy is raising the heat in the car. We drive on for a few more miles. The place we are staying at is a bit out of town. We are traveling through a less populated area now. I see ahead a small lay by besides the road as I sense him slowing down. He indicates and pulls over into the lay by beside the roadway.

The area is obscured a little bit from the road but an observant person would see the car. Without missing a beat he has unbuckled both of us. “Out of the car, hands on the hood, arse out” is all I hear him say has he opens his door. Not wanting to disappoint I quickly climb out and do as he says. Once in position I feel his hands on my calves. Moving up my legs the continues up under my skirt to my now dripping pussy. First one finger, then two are inserted. As he continues to finger fuck me I feel him fumbling to release his belt and unzip his pants.

As he is pushing his trousers down to free his cock, he is simultaneously hiking my skirt up over my waist. Pushing me further forward flat onto the hood he enters me in a single thrust. He doesn’t pause and he pounds into me, quickly and urgently. I’m loving his forcefulness. After a few more violent thrusts he comes deep inside me just as I climax as well. He quickly withdraws and wipes his cock on my skirt. “I needed that”, I hear him say to himself.

“Back into the car, you can clean yourself up later”, is his next instruction. As we pull out back into traffic I can only wonder where this is heading. So far I like what I’m feeling through his dominant behavior. He may have just  re-woken  my inner slut.

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