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Two Can Play At This Game

I’ll have to remember the next time I see Stephen to say thank you, I think to myself as I feel the bite of the single tail whip on my ass, adding to my ripening bruises from last night’s demonstration. It turns out that he had two ‘old’ single tail whips he didn’t want anymore. So as a thank you to Josh for hosting the weekend and providing the venue for the whipping demonstration, and to Sir for loaning me to be the subject of the demonstration, he gave them each a whip. 

This morning started off slowly with a long sleep in. Sir even let me just sleep. I was grateful for it as I was completely drained by yesterday’s activities. A late lunch followed where we said our goodbyes to everyone who had been at the lodge for the weekend. This just left Sir and me, plus Josh and Bianca. I could tell when Stephen gave them the whips that they intended to try them out as soon as possible. The old line about ‘boys and their toys’ often rings true when it comes to impact toys.

After a couple of cocktails in the early afternoon Josh and Sir got talking about the events of the weekend and ended up pulling out the whips Stephen had given them. Of course admiring them would never do, they had to come up with a game for them to practice their technique and to make sure they “worked”. Bianca and I sat at their feet, occasionally exchanging everything from giggles to looks of horror as our masters spoke. After a particularly bad pun I may have rolled my eyes. I quickly looked around to see if Sir had noticed, but all I saw was Bianca’s knowing smile. She wouldn’t tell on me.

As they talked back and forth Sir recalled reading about a scene on one of the blogs he frequents. It was scene where four or five subs were tied together in a group and the various Doms sat around whipping the sub-ball. The aim for each sub was to maneuver out of the firing line, so to speak. So, finding myself facing Bianca, our arms secured by our sides and tied together at the wrists twenty minutes later wasn’t that surprising.

We could move around by shuffling and that proved useful to avoid the bite of the whip, although it did place the other person in the line of fire. There was soon a happy medium found where we seem to share the painful blows. We were both gagged as they didn’t want us colluding too much and they didn’t want to be distracted by our continual chatting. The men were sitting in lounge chairs side by side creating a ‘good side’ and a ‘not so good side’ for us to be in.

Muffled ‘ouches’ escaped through the gags as their proficiency improved. Bianca and jostled to shuffle around, out of the line of fire. Trying to get them to focus on the other for a bit and get some respite. I was impressed, though they were both new to single-tails, that they avoided our faces. With both of us moving around it couldn’t have been easy. The game continued for a while, each of us took a reasonable number of good hits. Whip marks that were faded from the night before re-emerged along with new ones. And just as I was about to enter my happy place I felt the men pause.

Both Doms stood as they fell deep in conversation.  Josh told Sir that as much as he was enjoying the game he had some work he needed to finalize before he went back to the office tomorrow. He also requested that Sir send Bianca up to his room once he’s finished playing. Josh walked over, gave Bianca a deep kiss, told her to be good, and left. The whip swung behind him as closed the door.

“Well sluts, I’m sick of doing all the work around here”. Our attentions were immediately brought back to Sir as I felt the rope tying us together being released. “So let’s see how you two go at some cock worship. There might be a reward for the one that pleases me the most. But I also expect that you will work together. My pleasure is a team sport”.

Sir retreated back to the leather lounge chair and reclined it back as far as it would go. Without prompting I got to my knees and seductively crawled over to where Sir is sitting. Not to be outdone, Bianca quickly follows suit. Damn I’ve got my work cutout, Bianca had some natural advantages that I’d kill for. But I did have the advantage of hours of previous experience.


We each took turns focusing on this cock and balls. We tried to emulate the traditional porn scene where both women are licking up and down his cock, but it was completely unsustainable. I’m not sure if it felt good for Sir or not, but Bianca and I quickly decided through eye contact to stop the charade. Instead I kissed my around his hips. Then, while Bianca took him deep I sucked on his testicles and massaged his legs. His moans drove us both to try harder as his muscles clenched. It wasn’t too long before his legs were twitching. He pulled my hair, his universal for me to stop what I am doing. Bianca saw me withdraw and followed suit.

“Very nice sluts, now lets step this competition up a notch. Entertain me.”

We both looked up and looked at Sir at the same time. Our heads then turned towards each other. Leaning forward in tandem our lips locked. Gentle probing kisses first gave way to more passionate ones. Mouths open, tongues out. Oh my, it was so hot. We matched movements and were soon grabbing each others’ breasts.

We were obviously causing Sir some discomfort in our desire for each other. With a gentle push from Sir we took our embrace to the rug on the floor. With Sir in the ring side seat Bianca and I got to know each other much better. I leaned in and took her nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around I elicited a small moan from her. Driven on it kept at her breasts. Feeling our passion rising I pushed her back onto the rug and continued my journey down her body, kissing her as I went.

Something I’d always wanted to do was try a sixty nine with another woman, well there was no time like the present. I swung my knee over her head and lowered my pussy to her waiting mouth. I felt her breath on my open pussy. Her tongue soon followed. I couldn’t help myself and let out a guttural moan. Leaning forward I buried my head in her pussy drinking in her arousal.

The two of us were soon moaning and writhing together. As we continued I could feel my orgasm approaching and from Bianca’s urging I think she was getting close too. Pushing my tongue deeper into her pussy I redoubled my efforts to bring her off. We were so engrossed in each other I think we forgot that Sir was even there after awhile. When he had been entertained enough he stood, reached down and pulled my hair and I quickly climbed off Bianca and retreated to his side. Bianca sat up and quickly assumed a kneeling position on the rug. We were both panting as we came down from the edge of release.

“Good sluts. You were both very sexy and quite tempting. I think you both deserve a reward”. We both got an eager grin and gave each other a look of a commiserated job well done.

“I am going to take Bianca back to her master with my good report. I’m sure he will find a way to thank her for me. Rye, straighten up the room, freshen yourself up and I expect you to be in position in our room when I get back”. Reaching down he took a handful of Bianca’s long blonde hair, wrapping it around his hand he pulled her forward onto her hands and knees. Using her hair as a lead he led a crawling Bianca off to find her master.

I quickly busied myself in straightening out the room before heading upstairs for a quick shower so that I would be in position by the time Sir returns.


This is a continuation of the Twitter Boyfriend’s and my collaboration story. Check out the first three parts below.

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  • ancilla ksst

    Ball of subs is too fun! You know, you could come visit us sometime… say, August?


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