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Why 69 is a bad math equation for me

The idea of 69ing is hot and magical. A way to take oral sex to the next level of giving pleasure while working toward your own climax. There is almost something more intimate to me than standard intercourse. Something about having your mouth on someone’s genitals that takes things to a different level. That’s always the approach that I start with anyway.

Somehow the experience gets lost in translation for me. It always sounds hot. Naked bodies intertwined with tongues. Fluids and moans in a race for orgasmic bliss. See, doesn’t that sound amazing? It never works out this way for me though. I think that may be because it’s hard for me to focus on the multiple sensations. I am so engrossed in making my partner cum, that it’s nearly impossible for me for relax enough to orgasm myself. So I intently throw everything at getting an orgasm out of them. It’s not like I don’t enjoy myself. It certainly feels good. And it’s an activity that I rarely turn down. I mean, it lets me suck on a cock and get my clit licked, what’s wrong with that?

Maybe I just need to change my approach. Do more people use 69ing for foreplay? If an orgasm isn’t the goal then maybe the focus could be more evenly spread. I just need to back up and enjoy the experience. That could be a parent thing too. Generally we feel rushed to orgasm as quickly as possible as the knock of the door can happen at any time. Though that seems like a cop-out for a feeling I’ve had regarding this activity since college.

Perhaps more practice would offer a solution to this problem. Maybe a 696 or 969 would help me figure out the exact issue. Several rounds of experiments will need to be undertaken. Anyone interested in helping me with this math?

See how everyone else feels about the art of 69ing and meeting of the bodies and minds this week.

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7 Responses to “Why 69 is a bad math equation for me”

  • Dubs

    Sounds like more of a geometry problem than a simple maths one! And, it’s probably, ‘not for nothing’ maths’ classes invariably have more homework than other courses!

  • Tamar

    I’ve had the same problem- it’s too hard for me to just relax and enjoy the sensations when I’m focused on giving someone else pleasure, and something about it just feels so…awkward. LOL I’d personally rather give my complete focus to my partner when going down on them, and let them lie back and enjoy it, and vice versa.

  • Marie Rebelle

    I think if you just forget about your own orgasm or about orgasms at all, you might find that 69 is quite a pleasant sensation. Good luck with practicing and experimenting 😉

    Rebel xox

  • ancilla ksst

    I’m not really into 69 either. I find it more distracting than pleasurable.

  • Mrs Fever

    “lost in translation” – this is a fantastic description. I’m with you there. The *idea* of 69 often doesn’t translate well from fantasy to reality.

  • Molly

    Nope, I am with on this one, not something that I generally enjoy and never had an orgasm from it


  • Bee

    I’m with you, I just can’t focus on his pleasure and mine at the same time, for me it’s just a foreplay thing, a bit of fun but not something to get too hung up on.


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