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Saturday’s used to be about sleeping in and lazy mornings. Even my older son was a toddler, I don’t remember getting up all that early on the weekends.

This morning I was woken up by each boy, independently, before 5:30. After a mini-tantrum from Tank I just decided to get up. Husband rolled over and managed to go back to sleep, but threw on some sweats and came down to watch old episodes of Top Gear. I keep staring at the coffee pot waiting for it to spring to life on it’s own.

Randomly, each child comes wandering in from cartoons seeking food. The breakfast bar request is standard. My oldest has a thing for flour tortillas lately. Which, while odd, is better than fruit snacks, I guess.

Damn coffee pot still hasn’t gotten going.

I had a lovely twitter flirt last night with friends that wish lived closer. Having kinky friends over for dinner, drinks, and a lovely chat is a goal. Don’t get me wrong, sexy fun would be great too, but just talking would be so nice. After reading about those who attended Eroticon, I find myself really wanting to engage in the community a bit more.

Alright, I have to break down and make some coffee. And after I figure out how to design a machine or train the children to do that for me, I’ll start working on how to engage with the kink community more.

One Response to “Saturday”

  • John Brownstone

    Being a part of a community especially when you are kinky is important. Many times being a kinkster you can feel alone. Know that your not 🙂


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