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I remember reading all sorts of BDSM novels and short stories when I first found kink. They, or a great number of them, all had scenes where a sub would have to remove their underwear in some public place. Or possibly go commando with ben-wa balls or some other insert-able toy. It was either a struggle as the sub felt embarrassed or was immediately wet; sometimes both. I’ll admit, I was a little incredulous.

Maybe it’s my stage in life, or the fact that I’ve had two kids, but my self body image doesn’t allow for too much commando possibility. I don’t blame my kids entirely, my self-esteem was not super high before I became a mom. However, since then, the idea of not having underwear seems more a safety hazard than a sexy time. Which, if you were going for the embarrassment factor could work. I guess I feel like I would just feel uncomfortable and miserable too. Though I guess that could change with the rest of the outfit too. If I was in a billowy skirt or something that could be a different story. However, for me personally, I would need to lose quite a bit of weight to really feel as sexy as I would want to.

Don’t get me wrong, I think going commando can be really sexy. I think it’s underrated on men as well.  And it often feels like going commando is a common D/s theme. With the right person, I can see how it could very goo inducing. I think it’s a perfect date night or dinner party activity.

I think I just spend all my time either at work or with my kids. Neither of these activities would be made better by not having my underwear. And, unless I’m sleeping, don’t even get me started on not wearing a bra. I haven’t been able to go without support in public since I was ten.

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5 Responses to “Commandon’t”

  • Jack (and Jill)

    I find going commando hot, but it’s not necessary to get me turned on, and I also can’t shake the impracticality of such a thing. Anyway, it’s a moot point because I absolutely love taking off your underwear myself.

  • Malflic

    Being a lover of women getting undressed or un dressing them commando can be a fun occasional alternative. And yes I have used it with partners both for access and D/s things from time to time.

    As for me personally it’s a weekend habit with no sexual intent to it though that was not always the case..

  • KP

    Thank you for posting this – it’s a good counterpoint, because (as I have indicated in a more lighthearted way) actually going commando can be an issue and isn’t a simple sexy thing as erotic lit would have you think.

  • Molly

    I am a lover of no panties (and no bra as well) although that one has taken me longer to get used to and for the most part I wear one but at home, pretty much never


  • Bee

    Going commando just isn’t practical sometimes and it isn’t for everybody.


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