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Sir’s First Task: The Basement Part II

Sewing desk before cleaning
Basement Pre-Clean 3

Waking up on Saturday morning I was more motivated than I had been in a very long time. After reviewing the photos I sent, Sir had given me my marching orders. I needed to clear my sewing table so that I could realistically use my sewing machine. Hopefully that would encourage me to find more time to get down there and use my private space to refresh. Also, as the boys get older and search out their own private time, I could use it more regularly. I also needed to clear the catch all table so that I could use it for sewing prep and other creative projects.

So with coffee in hand and a background noise of The Great British Baking Show on my laptop I began to clean. I decided to focus on the black table first. It was where I had hoped to set up my laptop when I was down there, and have all my stationary materials. I am a big fan of handwritten notes and I have a large stash of postcards that I enjoy sending to family and friends. They are just a nice way of letting someone know you are thinking of them. And I love getting mail.

Cleaned stationary desk
Basement Clean – Stationary Desk

Sorting through all the paperwork took the most time. I have a pretty good organization system for our receipts and important papers, but when I don’t have time to file everything, it gets thrown in a pile to be sorted later. Later had finally come. Luckily, mixed in with all the important bills were lots of items that could be recycled. And once I got going, sorting out the important bits and the surplus paper went quickly. Trying to jam them into my file cabinet took a little time, but I got there.

Cleaned sewing table
Basement Clean – Sewing Table

Separating items into what I used for stationary and what I used for sewing helped me give the tables different uses. And my collection of little boxes were perfect for all my thread and sewing trims. I was pretty happy with the way both spaces turned out and I really hoped Sir was too.

I sent him photos as well as the ‘after’ photos I posted on twitter. I was so relieved when he wrote back that he was impressed. I even got a ‘good girl’. It was the biggest self-confidence boost I’ve had in a long time. I was practically gooey just hearing that he was proud of me. Sometimes I worry that I have daddy or general parenting issues because of how much I want someone to be proud of me. It’s the nicest compliment that I can ever receive.

All this meant that I went to the office yesterday feeling good, which hasn’t happened in awhile. It’s amazing how my productivity during the weekend and my interactions with Sir can affect my entire week.

Sir has given me the week. I am hoping to use my sewing space a few times and enjoy my hard work. Then we’ll see what he wants me to tackle next. There is a lot down there that doesn’t belong to me. And even more that needs sorted and sold. So I hoping that this project may force the issue on a few things. Or, if nothing else, get me to box things up and store them on the other side of the basement. Keeping my office mine.

So I am sure there will be more updates as this task continues. And I’m sure I will write more as my submission is allowed to grow. This is the most submissive (and likewise best) I have felt in a very long time. I hope Sir allows me to continue to serve in any way he sees fit.

cleaned sewing table and stationary table


Sir’s First Task: The Basement Part I

I have an IUD. I’ve had it since the end of 2014 and subsequently have not had a period since around the middle of 2015. Which sounds amazing, and does have certain perks, i.e. I’ve saved a lot of money on tampons. But even though I don’t have the cramping, I still have the emotional drop and mood swings. It makes my depression medication work extra hard to get me through the day and often fails miserably. And, considering the day to day issues I’ve been having with my boss at work, I was dreading this month’s drop.

A blue and white baby quilt.
A baby quilt I made in 2014.

I also love to sew. Since moving about a year and half ago I’ve had my sewing machine set up, but I’m not sure I’ve had it on more than a handful of times. My grand designs of having several quilts ready to go to give as gifts for Christmas last year fizzled quickly. And between all the job, kid, and husband stress over the last year my space has been largely ignored. But making things is a huge confidence boost for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to write, but having something tactile in my hand is a different productive feeling. I’m sure if I ever had a book published it would feel the same. Something I made. Even better is when it’s appreciated and/or used by someone. I think that pulls back to my submission and caring for others.

All that plot exposition was all to prep you for my first task from my Sir. We were talking about my low mood and I mentioned sewing being a good outlet for that. He had asked about it and all I could really come up with was that my creative space in the basement had become a catch-all for various things.

The basement from the bottom of the stairs
Basement Pre-Clean 1

I dramatized it a bit about how bad it was, but I’m sure in my head it was that bad and that’s why I wasn’t motivated to clean it up. He told me to send him pictures when I got home from work on Friday; that maybe this would be a good project for me.

I was honestly surprised at how good I felt just thinking about a task. It had been so long since I’d even been presented with the possibility. Even through my emotional fog, I felt motivated to try and get back to something that made me happy. When I got home I immediately went to downstairs to take photos. I’ll admit I tried to get angles that would show the worst of the piles.

Basement mess from the couch
Basement Pre-Clean 2

It may not have been as bad as I originally described to him, but it wasn’t great. I had cleaned off the couch the week before when we had to take the kids down for a tornado warning. I think the angle from the couch is what was sticking in my head when we were talking. I think it’s just the piles that threw me off. And the amount of stuff that isn’t actually mine. Everything from records that were left in the house when we moved in to clothes belonging to my mother. My creative space had been overrun by things that needed sorted and/or sold. But, without this motivation it would probably continue sitting like this until closer to Christmas when I need to wrap presents. Though that would be more of wiping my arm across the table so I have a flat space to work. This was going to be a much larger task.

Updates on Life

House fireplaceIt’s been a crazy few months, but things are finally settling down around here. We’ve been in the house for almost two months now. The contractors are done and gone. Our kitchen is well and truly lived in, though I try and clear the counters completely at least once a week. My dad is donating his time one day a week this summer to help finish up little projects around the house. It’s been really helpful to finish the trim painting and getting things done. The fireplace he did for us out of barn wood from my great-grandfathers farm is amazing. I can’t decide if it’s out of place in our more modern kitchen or not. Honestly, I don’t really care.

Starting Picture of Rye before diet
Starting Picture

I’ve started the diet and exercise in earnest. My twitter support group, #fwocrew, is amazing. And I’m working with the twitter boyfriend on dieting and counting calories. I’m only down about 15 pounds so far, but in only two months I am pretty happy with it. And the inches I’ve lost on my thighs are noticeable enough in my dress pants too. Hopefully I will get this set as a new lifestyle and get down to my goal weight by next year. It’s not easy. I fucking love ranch dressing.

I started a new job about five weeks ago. I still have my business, but I quit my work from home job. I get out of the house now, and I have nice clothes. It’s a bit crazy. But the work is interesting and I’m learning a lot. It’s not a ton of money, but there is potential there. And I like what I’m doing, so that counts for a lot. Sir and I are both out of the house during the day now, which makes it difficult for everything to be cleaned and neat all the time. But we’re managing.

Rye in BDSM sceneKink is another story. That reads poorly. We’re still enjoying all our kinky fun. It’s a little less consistent, but that’s just life. And we’ll spin it in a positive way and say it’s more spontaneous instead. We have started to make steps towards more of an open marriage relationship. Right now that has only had me playing with one other person (not a wonderful experience), but we’re taking it slow.

I am super excited for my trip in October though. I’ve been in contact (shamelessly flirting) with a guy on twitter for awhile now. So this fall I am flying out to spend two days with him and his wife. Even if it ends up being a fun visit with friends and a mini-break it will still be amazing. However, I am expecting some amazing sex and my first threesome. Great pictures and my first trip to the west coast. It will be fantastic no matter what. After I see them I am taking a coastal train down to L.A. to see my cousin who moved out there last year. She is like a little sister to me and it will be great to see her. There may be a matching tattoo trip as well (pictures might will follow).

So that’s a good all around basic update, right? The house, the job, sex, and upcoming fun. The kids are going to grandma’s tonight, so Sir and are hoping for some play time and a chance to sleep in tomorrow. If I make it to 7am I will call it a win, but Sir says getting up because you want to and not because you have to is the point. And he said it, so it must be true 🙂

Moving Day

It’s Moving Day!

Our last night in this house and I even got a pair of intense gooey orgasms. It was nice. I slept like a baby.

Now I’m surrounded by boxes and I need to pack up this computer before our help gets here and we go get the truck. Fingers crossed we don’t have any injuries (last move we had an ACL tear, don’t ask) and everything makes it to the house in one piece. And this should be our last move in a very long time. Like, I’m planning to die in this house long.

T-24 hours

Our last day in this house and I’m read to count down the minutes. The boys are going to Grandma’s tonight. So our last night in the house will be just Sir and I. While I would love to say that we’ll be spending tonight doing a big scene as a send off to this part of our lives, we’ll probably take the boys’ beds apart and go to bed early. Not very sexy, but this time tomorrow we’ll be loading up the truck and being sore and tired doesn’t seem like a good plan.

Today is a lot of rushing around to get done what I can. Packing up bags for the boys will be quick. Then it’s just packing and more packing. The poor dog has been panicking a little more with each box, so I know she’s going to be glad when this is over.

There is just a lot of emotion filling the house today. We talked to the boys this morning about saying goodbye to the house. The 20mo doesn’t really get it, but the 4yo does. He switches from excited to angry depending on the moment. The plan is to try and have both of their rooms basically put together when they get there on Sunday, so hopefully the transition won’t be too traumatic. I mean, the jungle gym will be up in the back yard, so I think they’ll be fine.

Work baggage is getting to Sir though. He will be drastically adding to his commute and his boss has been anything but understanding during this stressful time. I understand that businesses have to run, but they are staffed by real people with real problems. I guess I just expected a little more understanding from her. Not sure why. Though my boss has been amazing about my hours between the move and my mom’s accident. My old jobs had understanding bosses as well; I guess I was luckier than I realized.

But I have a pretty strict mission today. Lots of packing and moving as much as I can to the first floor. Anything to try and save time tomorrow. And all this lifting is making up for the fact that I haven’t been able to do a proper workout in about two weeks.

Back to Monday

I felt weird not posting this weekend. Though I’m not sure you would have been entertained by me talking about stain colors and the process of applying polyurethane. Lots of good hard work though. Dad and I finished the upstairs and Sir painted the fireplace. The contractors should finish the first floor this week, which is good as we are moving in on Saturday. We’ve taken several car loads of boxes and some small furniture down, but there is still quite a bit to put in the truck.

Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty though. Lots of changing mailing addresses and sorting through paperwork. Maybe I’ll pack naked this afternoon to feel a little sexy.

That time again

It’s that time again…time for the obligatory house renovation update. At this point we are still hoping to be moved in by Sir’s birthday at the end of April. We are getting painting done slowly and the floors will hopefully get sanded and stained after Easter. Then comes all the sorting, packing, and heavy lifting. And this time I won’t be 30-weeks pregnant when we move, so Sir might actually let me lift something. Or possibly make me lift everything, could be a double-edged sword.
Baby's room in the new house with orange wall.

The tiny toddler’s room. I was planning to paint the closet, but I actually kind of like the blue. Once the floor gets done and the furniture moved in, the boy will have so much play space he won’t care what color the closet is.
Master bedroom in the new house with navy wall.

Our master. You can’t see the closets or the bathroom, but they are there. The navy actually turned out pretty well. There will be a lot of lights to keep the navy from making the room too dark. And, well, Sir doesn’t really mind it dark anyway. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if, in time, the entire room got a bit darker.

Older toddlers room in the new house.

The older toddler’s room. I know, it looks plain, but he can’t have an accent wall like the rest of us to keep it simple. No, he wants a red racing stripe around the room. So this is the undercoat, and then I need to go back and paint the red next week. The things we do for our kids.

Office in the new house with green wall.

The office. I didn’t have to fight too hard for my green. My desk will probably be along that wall and Sir’s will be along the opposite wall. He had a wonderful idea yesterday that we should put our love seat and a coffee table in here so we can be comfy together while we work. I have a feeling that we wouldn’t end up getting a lot of work done. We’ll have to keep the toys on the other side of the house so we won’t be too tempted.
Kitchen in the new house with blue wall.

This is the kitchen thus far. You can’t see the new floor, but it’s been installed. We are looking at some barn siding for around the fireplace (the ones on the right), but we’ll see what we can find in the barn when we go to my parents for Easter. Hopefully the cabinets will be installed this week and we can keep moving forward on the downstairs. Still a few more coats of paint to do (though I really like this blue tinted primer). As soon as a room is finished we want to start moving things in. Lots of little trips ahead.


Backyard in the new house.

Still some work to do outside too. Weeding and setting up the garden over the next few weeks. Hopefully the budget will allow for a deck to be built next spring/summer. We’ll see how both our businesses do this year. Right now the dog is happy with her large running space and I’m happy that the kids can go out and I don’t have to worry about them heading toward the road. Looking forward to growing some vegetable this summer. Maybe even some hot pepper so Sir can make some salsa.

Okay, you probably won’t have to put up with too many more of these. Especially if we can stick to the schedule. I promise, no more than two more. Or at least I’ll try and get some more titty shots in there. You know, the show the contrast of the wall color :).

Work day

I will have to fill you all in on our “date” from last night. It diverged a lot from the original plan, but I still had a lovely time. I was just proud of myself for going with the flow. Not long ago that shift would have wrecked me for the entire evening.

But today is all about work. My parents, aunt, two cousins, Sir, and I will be priming the drywall all day. Hopefully with seven of us we can get the kitchen, bathroom, and mudroom primed. Well, six of us. My mom is going to be staining the dresser we are converting into a vanity for the bathroom. And honestly, even though it’s a big space, having six people painting at once could be tight.

So we are moving right along. By us doing the priming we are saving money on labour costs. And we are all hard workers, so it’s nice to be able to put our own elbow grease into it. This is supposed to be our forever home and I want to be a large part of making it perfect.

We are still on track to be in the house by the end of April. Hoping to celebrate Sir’s birthday in our new home.

And don’t worry, I am sure Sir and I will still have enough energy when we get back to enjoy our second night without kids.

These are before pictures. I will probably get pictures from when we are done painting up next week.

Working plastered unpainted bathroom.
This will be the first floor bath.
Working plastered unpainted kitchen
Kitchen extension

This is the area the we ‘took’ from the dining room to make the kitchen larger. You can see the hardwood floor divider is where the wall used to be. The new wall divides this and the new bathroom.

Working plastered unpainted kitchen
New and old pieces of kitchen.

This also shows the add on space. The door on the right will be a pocket door that goes out into the mudroom.

Working plastered unpainted fireplace
The opposite wall of the kitchen with the new cut out to the living room

The hole on the left is what mom and I opened up. We have a new mantle for the fireplace that will be made from a barn beam from the farm.

Working plastered unpainted laundry room
The new mudroom space

This used to be a half bath. Now it will extend the mudroom space so our washer and dryer can be on the first floor.

Working plastered unpainted entry way
The entry way looking from the kitchen

You can kind of see it looking at the floor, but this walkway used to be much narrower. This will help open the kitchen up to front door and bring in a lot more light.

Needless to say, I’m excited. I just wish we could move in tomorrow. Instead I’ll get a work out painting and ruin it with pizza for lunch.

Old House/New Start

This will be the year we move into our house. Not a rental, certainly not our parents’ homes. A place that is ours. We wanted a project, not a turn key home. And we found one.

This is the current state of our kitchen and first floor bathroom:




We finished demo over the weekend. It greatly reduced the cost if we did it ourselves, and we were more than happy to raise a hammer to destruction. There are a lot of pictures of my mother and I gleefully swinging hammers, but you can only see so many of them before you start thinking we’re psychopaths.

But this is our shell. I meet with the contractors today to finalize a start date for them. It will be a few months of work, but a brand new bathroom and kitchen will be worth it. Because this will be our home.

See others’ new starts for the year at this week’s Wicked Wednesday.

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At the new house tearing out the kitchen and dining room today. A great stress relief. But apparently not enough relief as my face is breaking out. I was really hoping that, at thirty, I would be done with acne. Maybe after this renovation Sir will let me get a chemical peel or something.

imageSo we are making progress. More walls to come down today.

Maybe tonight Sir will give me a rub down as I will be quite sore.

But first, coffee. Then, the hammers.