Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Poking the Bear

Sometimes you make a mistake. Sometimes you purposefully screw up so he will pay attention. He knows the difference and punishes accordingly.

Rye being hit with the riding crop in the basement.

Talk about a place I never want to be again. And realistically, I won’t, as this is the basement in our old house. But, if I stop being a shit about it, I really don’t want to put him in this position again. Testing the waters of brating was not a good move and I learned that quickly. Every time I consider acting out I think of this. The location, his demeanor, that fucking crop on my tits. It pulls me back every time.

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Hard vs. Harder

Punishments aren’t fun. Though they do have their rewards. But I will admit that I struggle to decide while marks I like the most. So this week’s Sinful Sunday for me is a poll of sorts. Enjoy.

A: Hand. Large surface coverage. Limited lasting power depending on duration.

Rye ass with hand prints.


B: Flicker whip. Very small, defined marks. Long lasting power and highest probability of breaking the skin.Rye's ass with flicker whip marks.


C: Hair brush. Medium-sized surface area. Medium lasting power usually involving bruising. The overall definition doesn’t last all that long though.

Rye's ass with hair brush marks.

I am sure Sir will not consider this definitive as there are only three options, but I am still curious. Which is best for punishment and/or which is best for funishment? Sinful Sunday Kiss Logo


He won

Yesterday’s post for Sinful Sunday looked at my view when I was hiding from Sir. These are the consequences of my actions.

Rye's ass after caning.

You can faintly see the bruises forming around the harder strikes. I was proud of it after the fact. But it hurt like hell at the time. Sir enjoys pushing me until I safeword. It’s like a goal. I know that there are some kink couples out there where a submissive will never use her safeword. Sir takes it ask a challenge. He won’t stop until I tell him too. My tears and limits are his ecstasy.

Rye's ass after caning.I just wish I could take more for him. I mean, it hurts when it happens. I hate that I was stupid enough to hide from him. And I know I deserve the punishment. But when it’s over I just wish I had been able to take another hit. I want more of the pretty stripes and earned welts. The day he breaks the skin I think I will cry tears of joy. After the tears of pain…obviously.

Mars, the Bringer of War

You are pretty argumentative this evening cunt.

Sorry, Sir.

See, even that was snippy, almost rude. I am sorry if you had a bad day, but I won’t tolerate rudeness.

I understand, Sir.

That’s a little better. Now come over here. You will count as you receive your spanking and then apologize for your behavior.

She took three steps toward him, stopped, smiled, and ran the other way.

So you want a battle tonight cunt, is that it? He was off the couch and down the hall in an instant.

She used her moments carefully as she opened the basement door to make him think she went down there to hide and then crouched behind the kitchen island. He appeared in the kitchen a second later and took the bait. He bounded down the basement stairs and she smiled an evil grin that he would slap off her face if he could see it. When he reached the bottom of the stairs she got up and ran for the second floor. It wouldn’t take him long to search the open room of the basement and be back on her heels again.


His voice made her stop on the stairs. He started back up to the kitchen and the sound of his footsteps got her moving again.

Cunt this will not end well for you.

She was really in trouble, but she could hear the smile behind his words that said he was at least having a little fun with this cat and mouse game. When she reached the second floor she considered turning toward the office, but instead decided on the bedroom. Passing the closets she went straight for the bathroom. She climbed in the shower and crouched down. He would have to walk all the way in to see her past the vanity, a glance and he would miss her. He didn’t miss much though.

Cunt, you may have won that little skirmish, but I will win the war.

He was on the stairs. She could tell he was trying to decide her next move. The floor was quiet as she was sure he had gone to the office first. She considered trying to make it the stairs, but then she heard her closet door open. The squeak was unmistakable. He was in their room.

I’m zeroing in on you, cunt. Surrender and I will be merciful. 

She was silent. His shadow appeared through the shower curtain.

Oh my lovely little slut, what a perfect place to hide.

He reached in and turned on the shower. Cold water hit her face and shirt before she could think. The shock made her scream and she tried to move out of the water’s reach.

Oh no. That’s not how a little cunt gets punished properly.

He took the shower head out of the holster and aimed it at her breasts.

Present position, cunt.

She considered defying him, but instead accepted defeat and got on her knees. He kept the water blindingly cold as he soaked her from head to toe. Then he hung the shower head back up and turned the water off. She thought he was going to hand her a towel, but instead he climbed in the shower himself.

Are you cold, cunt?

Yes, Sir.

Good. You know better than to run from me. I always win. Don’t start a war you cannot win. Now, you are starting to shiver, let’s warm you up.

He took a step toward her and she thought he was going to get a towel, or possibly turn the warm water on, but neither happened. She looked up at him just in time for the stream of urine to hit her face.

She couldn’t argue that it wasn’t warm.

Open your mouth, cunt.

She did and the warm, salty liquid filled her mouth quickly. It ran down her chin, breasts, and legs. The front of her body lost it’s chill as he emptied his bladder all over her.

Eventually the stream stopped and he took a step back. She closed her mouth, swallowed, and looked up at him.

Good girl. Now get cleaned up, you’re filthy. 

Yes, Sir.

And that was just for trying to battle with me. You still need a spanking for earlier. Get showered and come back downstairs. You have ten minutes. Your gag and leg cuffs should keep you from running away or talking back this time.

Yes, Sir.

He smiled as he turned to leave the bathroom. She may have lost this battle, but she would continue the tactical war as long as he kept smiling.

*                 *                   *

This week’s prompt for Wicked Wednesday was to be inspired by your music. My shuffle button led me to Mars, The Bringer of War by Gustav Holst. I encourage you to find the entire planets series as it is beautiful (Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity is my favorite) and also check out everyone else’s musical inspirations.

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Politely Pink

Excuse Me. Did you just say ‘No’ to me?

I gulped. Crap. What were we talking about? What did I say? I instinctively pulled against my rope harness. Pointless, but still something I found myself doing when I got nervous. I ran through our conversation quickly until I reached his last statement that I was going to be burning tonight. I had instantly said no.

Yes, Sir.

Does it say anything about wax or fire play in your hard limits?

No, Sir.

Did I ask your opinion regarding tonight’s activities?

No, Sir.

Then unless you have a very good explanation for your rudeness…?

He waited. I had walked into that trap before. I stayed silent.

I didn’t think so. Come kneel by the spanking bench.

He walked to the hutch and collected several items on a tray. Then he came back and straddled the bench next to me, setting the tray on the floor. I wanted to look. Another mistake I had walked into in the past. I kept my gaze lowered.

He began wiping my body down with a damp cloth. He spent a lot of time focusing on my breasts and the tops of my thighs. When he was finished he pulled my chin up to meet his stare.

You will not move.

Yes, Sir.

He let go of my chin, but didn’t direct it back down. I stared at the chaise lounge across the room, trying not to be tempted by his actions a few feet away.

He turned back toward me a moment later and at that same instant I felt a sharp burning on my left breast. I inhaled sharply and clenched my fists to keep from moving. The rope harness held my back straight, but it was all I could do to keep from falling over. Before I had a chance to steady my breathing another sting hit my right breast. He had a thing about balance.

See, this is fun.

He leaned in and pulled on my collar.

And you love it.

He pulled me in for a quick kiss, pushed me back upright and angled the candle so a line of wax ran across my chest. Rather than pulling it up, he let it continue to drip on my nipple. Love it or not, it still hurt. I was just glad I was kneeling, as that meant my pussy was probably safe. Several more drips and I was breathing heavily. My forehead was sweaty as all my muscles were tightened to keep me kneeling and prepared for the next drip.

The body safe candles were red, but when they melted and hardened against my skin it looked pink. He knew I hated pink, another part of my punishment, I was sure. And my pale white skin was quickly matching it. I was trying to focus on the chair, but I swear he used about ten candles on me. My breasts and thighs were completely covered. My breathing had almost returned to normal as he finished the last candle. I had gotten accustomed to the burn as the wax hit fresh skin.

I have no idea how much time had passed, but he eventually set down the lighter and put the tray back on the shelf. I think I let out an audible sigh. He pulled something else from a drawer and walked back to me.

Now wasn’t that fun?

I kept silent. Rolling my eyes  or a sarcastic comment would just get me in a lot more trouble.

Let’s address your rudeness from earlier. Get into position, but don’t mess up all the pretty artwork I just did.

I hesitated for several moments just to figure out how to move without cracking the wax. But I slowly shimmed to spread and raise my knees and bend over. The wax held my chest in a tightened shape as my forehead hit the floor. I could see all of his handy work for the first time at this new angle. I really hate pink.

Now, you were quite rude and you know that that is unacceptable. You will take your punishment and thank me for my correction.

Yes, Sir.

The ‘Sir’ had hardly left my lips when the belt came down on my ass. I gave a short moan, but didn’t cry out. Balance again continued as he struck one side and then the other. I quickly zoned out into the rhythm of his strikes. I used to count them out loud and then in my head. Now I just felt each one and reflected on my mistake. Letting each mark show his forgiveness of my error and how much he loves me.

There, now your ass matches your tits and thighs. You know how much I enjoy the symmetry of it all.

Yes, Sir. Thank you for my punishment, Sir.

See, there’s my politely pink slave. Now let’s see if we can make that pretty little clit of yours as pink as the rest of you.


Oh, shit.


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Making you smile

I want your hand around my neck. Feeling my pulse. Changing it at your whim.

I want you to hit me, harder than you ever have. I want you to beat me until your cock erupts from my moans. Until my red flesh is calling for your cum. A belt around my body; a tightening handle when you tire of holding my hair.

My body craves to be used by you, for you. Nothing would make me happier than to fulfill all of your desires. I am always my happiest to be your fuck toy, pain toy, and slave.

I want to show you how strong I am. Being strong for you is the happiest I have ever been. The smile you give me when you are proud of me. All I crave are those smiles.

A Better Way

Punishment Writing Assignment:
On Thursday, August 27 you will post these instructions, the prompt below, and your response to that prompt. You will not add any additional explanation, though, from Friday, August 28 onward, you may discuss – or not – the assignment and the facts underlying it as you see fit.
You have been given an instruction by your dominant over an electronic media. It is clear to you that the described task is expected to be completed immediately or as soon as possible. It is also clear to you that it is based on a misinterpretation (reasonable or not) about your availability to complete the task. In fact, this misinterpretation makes you feel some resentment because you feel it represents, on some level, a failure for your dominant to be aware of you and the realities of your life. Your first instinct is to respond with something snarky, sarcastic, and disrespectful. Instead, you take a deep breath and think of a respectful way to respond.
Provide 12 different ways to respectfully respond to your dominant in this instance. Your responses may be either written, verbatim, as you would write them to reply in the electronic media, or they may be an explanation of actions that you would take in response to your dominant’s instructions.
1. “Sir, may I please have an extended deadline to complete this task? I am currently dealing with an impatient child. If you require [said task] to be completed immediately, I may need some help in addressing the children’s needs. Thank you.”
2.  Try to make the children as comfortable as possible and complete the ordered task. I needed to recognize that you would understand that I was doing my best and following your orders as soon as I could.
3. “Sir, to complete this task I will need some help with the kids. Can you please relieve me of ‘mom duty’ when you get time? Thank you, Sir.”
4. “Sir, I apologize, but I have a work deadline and a lot to complete. Could you please clarify when you need [said task] completed and I will do my best to meet those expectations? Thank you Sir.”
5. “Yes, Sir.”
6. “Yes, Sir. I am wrestling with [child x or y] and I will take care of that as soon as possible.”
7. “Sir, the children are worked up and require my undivided attention at this moment. Would it possible to have a hand with them so I can complete this task for you, or an extension to finish it as soon as I get them settled down? Thank you, Sir.”
8. “Yes, Sir. Can you please specify a time frame that you need this completed?
9. “Sir, Would it be possible to review my daily tasks with you? I am unsure, with the children’s current behavior (needy/clingy) that I will able to meet your expectations as far as chores are concerned. I would appreciate if we could look at and possibly edit the list for today. Thank you, Sir.”
10. “Yes, Sir. Can you please clarify the priority of this task? Thank you, Sir.”
11. Yes, Sir. I must respectfully request that you come down and help me with the children. I am struggling to complete my standard work and cannot take care of the [said task] as this time.”
12. Suck it up, make it work, and get it done. “This task has been completed, Sir.”
Additional Response demanded as Numbers 7 and 11 were too similar:
13. “Yes, Sir. Can this [said task] be combined with my evening chores as I do not have the ability to take care of it presently? Once the children go to bed I will have a chance to give this my full attention. Thank you, Sir.”
Love you Sir.

Spitefully Pale

So last night was a bit hectic. The baby smashed a glass bottle all over the kitchen floor. He was fine, but dinner had to be stopped to I could lock everyone out of the kitchen and clean up shards of glass. Then Sir was late getting home as work stuff is getting crazy. So by the time the kids were in bed we were both ready to pass out too. But some urges are stronger than sleep.

After giving me a mind blowing orgasm I was told to roll over and present my ass for coloring. I think he takes it as some sort of personal challenge that for whatever reason, my skin doesn’t mark well. Like it is somehow being defiant by not turning a deep enough red for him. So my skin needed to be punished for its disobedience.

To test how much I could really take, he went through several implements. Warm-up was a dirty word; I am sure he started with the angry red bastard on purpose. I think I remember feeling the flicker whip, the belt, the crop, and at least two more that I could not recognize just by their sting. He was also very concerned with surface coverage. So my skin was tested all down my legs and around the sides of my hips. He even went after the bottoms of my feet (that shit stings!). When Sir finished, I think I had some pretty good marks. He took a few pictures, but even a few minutes later they had already started to fade. I think for a minute he considered starting all over. Sadist.

While my skin may feel comfortable spiting Sir by not giving a permanent reminder of the pain he caused, I was not. Luckily, he took pity on me and just decided to fuck me instead. However, even if he couldn’t see the marks anymore, I could certainly still feel them. Moans of pain and pleasure sound remarkably similar. Sir likes both though, so it works out well.

Being both delightfully used and marked (though completely faded by this point) I curled up on my bed on the floor and drifted off in minutes. After several days of stress, the comfort of my slave space next to his side of the bed was amazing. And, according to my fitness tracker, the most sleep I’ve gotten all week.