Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The Most Comfortable

Because for me, sexy means that I can lay next to you and talk for hours. Perfectly comfortable being naked and next to you. We can talk about anything. And we are both so natural in our conversation and confidence. Comfortable in the knowledge that when we do get back to fucking, it will be even more amazing because of the intellectual discussion that we have just shared.

Rye and Jack's legs comfortable on the bed.

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Poking the Bear

Sometimes you make a mistake. Sometimes you purposefully screw up so he will pay attention. He knows the difference and punishes accordingly.

Rye being hit with the riding crop in the basement.

Talk about a place I never want to be again. And realistically, I won’t, as this is the basement in our old house. But, if I stop being a shit about it, I really don’t want to put him in this position again. Testing the waters of brating was not a good move and I learned that quickly. Every time I consider acting out I think of this. The location, his demeanor, that fucking crop on my tits. It pulls me back every time.

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I can’t imagine all the work that Molly has put into the last 300 weeks, but having the opportunity to see everyone’s sexy pictures is amazing. So thankful to have a place to share and get feedback on my personal porn collection. Here’s to 300 more weeks!

Honestly, I just like the color differences in this shot. The yellow blanket, the blue wall, the sunlight. I’m sure I was trying to get leverage against the wall, and I love that too. Jack leaning in from just out of shot just pushes me over the edge, literally.

Rye trying to get leverage against the blue wall.

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