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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Elust #83

Elust #83

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Community. Respect. Friendship. Fucking.

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Dirty Little Secrets

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Airport Arrivals

Plane at the gate.

I sat nervously as everyone jostled to get off the plane first. I knew that it would take awhile for the luggage to get unloaded and down to baggage claim. There wasn’t any point in fighting with the moms and businessmen to rush off the plane and wait. Besides, it wasn’t like I could get any more nervous than I already was. The five and a half hour flight had done that well enough.

As the last few people walked by I stood and grabbed my purse from the empty seat next to me. The flight attendant wished me a nice stay in San Francisco as I got off the plane; I told her I hoped so too, and thanks. Then I awkwardly started following the signs to baggage claim.

I’m not sure why I was so nervous. We had been talking for ages. Everything from our love of comic books to how much we loved the theme song to Civilization:IV. We liked the same movies, enjoyed the same food, and he didn’t run away when I sent him nude photos. I think I was more afraid of myself and my own bad habits. He had done everything right, and that could be a large problem. I couldn’t completely fall for him. Not yet anyway. What if the sex was bad? Or…, or I had no clue. The reality was that it was our first in-person meeting and I had flown across the country and if I fell for him I wouldn’t want to leave in three days and I had to and that was that.

As I came down one of the ramps leading to the lower level of the concourse I saw a mother with two little girls that had been on my flight. So I followed them to what I hoped was the correct carousel. Watching her made my biological clock tick a few times, but the stress in her face hit the snooze on that alarm pretty quick. Her daughters hadn’t been misbehaved on the flight, but now they were loose and it was all she could do to wrangle them and their carry-on bags.

The carousel was already on and various sizes of the same black suitcase were sliding down the conveyor. I again settled down toward the back of the pack and waited for the herd to thin. I had told him that my flight landed at 9:30 am, but it had gotten in early, so my nerves were only now starting to rise again. A few people grabbed their bags and I could see a sliver of the conveyor through the crowd in front of me. The line of black suitcases was interrupted in a flash as I saw my bright yellow bag peak through. I rushed forward to grab it before it went around again. Several people looked at me like I was a bit crazy for my flamboyant color choice, others were jealous at my good idea. I couldn’t take all the credit though, my mother had bought the bag for me before I had traveled abroad, and it had been so handy to have a bright colored suitcase that I never thought to use anything else.

I made it back out of the group before I saw him walking through the doors from the parking garage. His eyes trained on my suitcase and I silently cursed my mother. He smiled and I simultaneously felt nervous and turned on. His photo had caused a similar reaction, but this was much stronger. He walked toward me with more confidence that I think I’ve ever felt. As he got close I remembered all of our sexy conversations and joking pictures. As soon as he got an arm’s length away I pulled him toward me and kissed him with all the nervous energy from my flight. He didn’t seem to mind as he grabbed my waist an pulled me in tighter.

It was all that our talks and plans had come to. This weekend was about having a good time. From our conversations we were both overworked. He had less vacation time than I did, which was why I flew out to him. So worrying about emotions and what came next would have to wait. I could stew about it on the flight home in four days. Until then I planned on not wasting time being shy and reserved. After all, he had already seen me naked. He pulled back and simultaneously grabbed my bag and my hand.

“I think we better get moving toward the car.” Luckily he did have my hand or I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with him.

“What’s the rush. You’re stuck with me for three whole days.” I tried to be jovial, but my insecure nature was already worried.

“Well, I didn’t think these pants through this morning and they don’t hide my raging hard-on very well. That and I’m not sure airport security would look kindly on me fucking you in baggage claim.”

I smiled. “I don’t know. How many thrills do you think those guys get in a day?”

“Not near enough, but I don’t plan on being one of them. The cameras in the parking garage may get quite a show though, as there is not way I will last until we get back to my apartment.” He grinned as we walked down the breezeway toward short-term parking. The little blue hatchback was surrounded by other parked cars, but no other people were in sight as he loaded my large yellow bag into the back. I took a seat on the passenger side, but didn’t put my seat belt on. He climbed into the driver’s seat and immediately pulled me in for a kiss. His hands were on my breasts and in my hair. I moaned  as he kissed and bit a line down the side of my neck. I ran my hand down his chest to feel his cock straining through his pants. Then I pushed him into his seat.

“Put your seat back.” I told him as I began to undo his belt. He was right, his pants really didn’t leave much to the imagination. Less so for me as I had an image of his erection set in my brain from all our photo and video exchanges. I unzipped his fly and pulled his boxers down enough to free his cock and balls. I looked up to see him leaning back against the seat watching me work. I have him a grin and stretched across to bend down and take him in my mouth completely.

I almost laughed as he moaned and relaxed into the seat. His relaxation didn’t last long as he quickly grabbed my hair and began fucking my face. Apparently he had a lot of built up tension too. I was glad to not be alone. Almost as glad as I was to have his cock in my mouth at that moment. I massaged his balls and legs as I worked to keep pace with him. This wasn’t about taking our time, this was about that need that we were both feeling. I had had it since 5:15 that morning when I woke up to drive to the airport. I needed to know that we were a good sexual fit. And if I could get him off in the car in the airport short-term parking lot, then there was a good chance we would be.

He kept moaning and forcing my mouth further down onto him. Then just a simple request.

“Hold it.” I stopped. As much of his cock as I could take. I was still for a moment and then started moving my tongue around his shaft. I could move much, but it was enough. He moaned and I could feel his legs tense and squeeze his cock up and even further down my throat. Then they twitched and relaxed as I moved lips up and down in order to swallow. I licked him clean before sitting up and smiling at him splayed out on the seat. He looked content.

I let him enjoy the orgasm calm as I texted my mom to let her know that I had made it okay and I would call her later tonight. When I put the phone back in my purse he zipped up his pants and pulled his seat back up.

“That was very nice. Thanks.”

“I enjoyed it too. I think we were both a little on edge about how this was going to go.” He nodded.

“Now, I was going to take you to lunch as I know your body clock is three hours ahead. But, after that, I feel the need to reciprocate first. And, seeing how my little car isn’t really designed to make you comfortable for such an activity, I propose that we head back to my place. Maybe expel a little more energy and then I can take you out to lunch with lovely orgasmic glow.”

“Well, if you insist.” I sat back in my seat and clicked my seat belt. As we drove out of the parking garage I was already worried about when I would see this building again. In four days, when I had to go back to my real life. Just when I started to feel the panic begin to creep up my neck he grabbed my hand. I looked over to see him smiling at me. Then he grabbed my boob and put his hand back on the wheel. I laughed.

I was in a lot of trouble.

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An Overdue Visit, Part 3

“You get to have a choice.” With my eyes covered I couldn’t see his expression to know if this was going to be a good thing or not. But his voice held a confident softness that excited me.

“I brought several toys with me, you never know where the evening might lead. So you get to choose my left hand or my right. One has a toy solely built for your pleasure, the other, well, less so. Before I gag you, you will say either left or right.” He moved around the bed and began attaching cuffs to my wrists and ankles.

Did it really matter which I picked? Without more information I had no clue what toys they could possibly be or which I would want. So what was his play? We had talked online about how he enjoyed mindfucks. Perhaps just the niggling back and forth of left over right? Having the choice must mean something. I guess I would just have to wait and see.

“Right please, Sir.”

“As you wish.”

I didn’t know if the Princess Bride reference was good or bad. In any case I was pretty sure he wasn’t telling me he loved me. God, he was already inside my head. I was in deep trouble.

He was silent as he tightened and checked all the cuffs and attached them to the bed. Stretched out across the blanket I stretched my back and tested each cuff for movability. I didn’t have a lot of wiggle room. I felt him climb onto the right side of the bed as the mattress shifted.

“Lift your head.” I sat up on my elbows as much as I could so he could run the ball gag around the back of my head. Once it was firmly tightened he placed a weighty circle in my right hand.

“This is your safeword while you are gagged. There is a button in the center that you can push to get my attention. Push it now so you know what it sounds like.” I did, it sounded like a bicycle bell. But it was easy to hold and push if I needed it.

“Good girl. Now, since you are gagged you won’t be able to ask permission to come. So the standard begging won’t be necessary. You can come as often as you can. I want as much of your pleasure as possible.” I sighed as I relaxed into the blanket.

“Now, to your choice. I hope you don’t regret it.” The moment he finished the flicker-whip tail hit the top of my right thigh. It was surprising, but it didn’t hurt. I may have even moaned. The second and third swipes across my thighs brought a bit more pain. The stings quickly had me rocking from the side to side to try and miss the harshest part of the swing. When I did manage to shift my weight a few times in a row he saw my strategy and hit my breast instead. I squeaked through the gag and pulled on my restraints. Now he moved between my thighs and tits regularly so I could not even attempt to anticipate his rhythm. Soon I gave up shifting completely and tried to relax into each stroke instead.

“There’s a good girl. Now, let’s see how we can decorate those tits.” His strikes picked up speed and intensity.

While I was relaxing, all I could think after each stroke was wondering what toy was in his other hand. That was his game. All I could focus on what the possibility of the other toy and if I made the right choice. If this was the pain, what pleasurable fun was sitting in his left hand. I was getting wet just thinking about it. The next stroke hit the top of my mound and my pussy clenched. Stupid amazing mindfucks.


This is part 3 of a story I have been working on with the help of the prompts from Wicked Wednesday. Click here for Part I or Part II.

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Fuzzy Memories

I danced around the room as I pulled the duvet off the bed. I folded it up and set it on the chair so I could strip the sheets. As I pulled off the top sheet I giggled as I found my bra from the night before. I don’t know how I didn’t feel it by my feet while I was sleeping. But I grabbed it and threw it in with my delicates. The last thing I needed was my raspberry bra to dye all our white sheets pink.

But even as the bra hung effortlessly on the hamper I still could not remember it being lost the night before. There was a comment at one point about how my ass was so red that it matched my bra, but that must have been early in the evening. Several flashes ran through my head as I collected the sheets and made my way down to the washer. As I walked down the stairs, I remember crawling up them the night before. The bra was still on then.

I was trying to be coy as I brought him the riding crop in my teeth. I had crawled to him as I came down from putting the kids to bed. I had been rubbing his arm and grinding against him all evening to let him know that I really wanted to play. But I thought this obvious begging action would be appreciated, and it was. I could still feel the stings as I walked the sheets to the basement. When I came back I curled up on the couch with my coffee mug and my phone. I quickly flipped through photos of the night before, some of which I didn’t even know he had taken. I was immediately aroused just thinking about his hands, toys, and cock all over me. Remembering being kissed and teased as I begged for more had me shaking so much I put my coffee down. I found a video he took of me licking his shaft and I could feel my pussy getting wet.

I was glad that I hadn’t gotten around to pants yet this morning as I reached into my panties and felt my clit swell with my touch. I watched the video again as I rubbed up and down my folds. Flipping through photos of him beating, then fucking, then beating me again. My hands stayed around the perimeter of my entrance until I couldn’t hold on any longer. Two fingers was all I needed to rush headlong into a glorious orgasm. I continued to slowly rub my clit as I came down into a puddle of relaxing goo. I flipped through a few more photos and started daydreaming all over again of the night before and trying to plot out if we could do it again tonight.

I grabbed my coffee for a quick sip and thought about another slideshow and orgasm before I needed to move the sheets.

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An Overdue Visit, Part 2

“So where did you get that skirt, exactly? I’m sure I would have begged for a photo of it before now had I know of it’s existence.” Lucas smiled as he unzipped my skirt and tossed it onto the chaise.

“We had to go shopping as my lovely 24 year-old cousin forgot to mention that she planned to take me clubbing. So much for an evening of Netflix, wine coolers, and chatting. Maybe that’s tomorrow night.”

“I think you look hot. And anyway, I’m sure we can find something to help you relax after that crowded club.” He kissed his way up my neck until he found the ticklish spot below my earlobe and I pushed him away. He laughed and walked across the room to his bag. I had let him know that I would be in town for a few days, but we didn’t want to make plans after tonight. Flirting on twitter and sharing nude photos was great, but sexual attraction may not be enough to get us through more than one evening. He had obviously hoped so as his suitcase was pretty big for only a one-night stay. I was hoping for multiple nights of hot sex as well, but one thing at a time.

I texted Lindsay to tell her that I was alright and I would be over in the morning to hit up the farmer’s market with coffee in hand. I knew she would still worry. It’s not like I did this all the time, and I do usually talk to her about stuff. But family and my kink life didn’t really mesh. It’s not like I was really worried about someone stumbling onto my Fetlife profile. And while Lucas and I had met on twitter, not my kinky dating site or Fetlife, it still would require answering questions I wanted to avoid.

I shook my head as I turned my phone to silent. I could fret about things outside the hotel room tomorrow. Tonight was about a fun time with a friend. I turned around to find that Lucas had disappeared. The room wasn’t that big, he could be hiding for fun. As soon as I knelt down to look under the bed Lucas walked back into the room with the ice bucket.

“Don’t worry my lovely sub, we’ll get there soon enough. You can get off your knees for now. I just ran out to get some ice for later, you seemed pretty engrossed in your phone when I left.”

“Sorry, I zoned for a few minutes there.”

“No worries. I think you obviously need to be better distracted here though. I have something to help you focus a bit. Come over here.” As I walked toward him I saw him grab something out of his suitcase. When I reached him he turned me around so I had my back to him. He brought the metal collar over my head and began fastening it around my neck.

“I know we set up most of our ground rules online, but while you are in this collar, those rules are in play. You are my sub for the evening with all the hard limits we discussed. Your safeword is butterscotch. Normally I would have a lot of rules, but I want tonight to be about fun. And since I know you want to be up early, let’s not waste any time. Do you have any questions?”

“No, Sir.”

“Wonderful. Take off your clothes. We are going to wash that club off you.”

“Yes, Sir.” I practically ripped off the rest of my outfit as I moved toward the bathroom. He followed me in, his clothes hitting the floor almost as fast as mine. Once we were both naked I think we finally realized what we were doing. We stood on opposite sides of the tile floor and drank each other in. I had seen him naked before. Though most of my twitter shots were just pieces of him. I’m not sure why, but I pushed myself off from the vanity and walked toward him. I felt comfortable with him; after talking and flirting for over a year I guess I should. I rubbed his chest for a moment, then grabbed his hand and pulled him into the shower. I directed the shower head away from him until the water warmed. Then I directed the stream onto his chest as I pushed him back against the tile. He grinned as I began kissing my way down his chest.

The warm water made his body turn a lovely shade of pink, but his cock stayed a creamy white inside my mouth. I rolled my tongue around him as he grabbed my hair. His moans quickened and he pulled me up.

“Soap me up.” I immediately reached for the soap and began lathering up his chest. After a quick rinse he soaped me up as well. He pressed me against the wall as he rubbed and punched my ass. My nipple rings clinked again the cold tile. He turned the water off and slapped my ass.

“Alright, you’re squeaky clean now and ready to be made dirty in all the best ways. Get dried off and go lay down on the bed. Get yourself good and wet for me and I’ll be in in a minute.”

I giggled and walked out into the hotel room. I never giggle. I may have even jumped up and down on the bed a few times before splaying out. I stretched out my legs as I would on a Saturday morning. One hand on a nipple and the other began massaging my clit. Lucas walked in after a few more minutes and grinned at my progress.

“Your service is so much more joyful in person.”

“I aspire to impress, Sir.” Getting out five words was a little harder than I thought it would be. I slowed my pace in case he wanted to chat more.

“You do impress my little sub. Now, however, I may have more of a challenge for you.” He swung a bag up between my legs on the bed. It was difficult to crane my neck up to see what he was pulling out, but I couldn’t stop rubbing my clit long enough to turn on the bed. Soon the bag was tossed aside and I could see a few piles of black straps. He walked around the side of the bed with several in his hands.

“I hope you have enjoyed playing with your lovely clit. Because now there will be no touching. At all.”

I looked toward him as a large blindfold covered my eyes and he pulled my hands away from my body. I wished I had tried harder to cum.

This piece is a continuation of last week’s Wicked Wednesday offering. If you would like to start from the beginning, click here.

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Elust #82

Elust #82

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Welcome to Elust #82

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Take Me

How Do I Love Thee:On Comparing Relationships

Asking all the questions…


~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Erotic Fiction: Fishnet Queen

I Manage My Expectations

~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

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Wanna Have Sex With Me? – Here’s how
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Centering Disabled Characters in My Erotica


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An Overdue Visit

“Are you sure about going to a hotel? You can have my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.” I had just arrived and my cousin was already fretting.

“Lindsay, it’s fine. Stay in your bed. I got a great deal on the room with my flight. Don’t worry about it.” I set my bag down as she handed me a cider. It was only for a few nights, and I had ulterior motives for not wanting to sleep on her couch, aside from the obvious. I mean, her entire apartment, including her roommate’s room, could fit inside my living room at home. I wasn’t used to be so on top of someone else. I liked my personal space. And, finally, I was getting the chance to have someone else fill that space after lots of talking online. Sex in a big comfy bed or sleep on an uncomfortable couch in tiny L.A. apartment…tough call, not.

“Okay, I feel bad though. The club I want to take you to is near your hotel though, so we can drop you off on our way home.”

I grimaced. “A club Lindsay? I’m thirty and out of shape. My brand of single does not belong in a club. I’ll just look pathetic.”

“You will not. This is L.A. Rach, there will be people twice your age there. And we’re not going out to find you a guy. We’re going out to have fun. You used your vacation time to fly out and visit your lowly cousin, I’m going to make sure you have a good time.”

“I’ve missed you Linds. And don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll have a great time.”


“You look amazing, come on Rach. Show the man your ID and let’s go.” I handed the bouncer my driver’s license and sighed. I may have only been there to have a good time, but Lindsay had definitely dressed me up to meet someone. I’m not sure my skirt could have legally been shorter. He handed me my card back and I followed her into the club. I had texted Lucas when I landed at LAX, but we hadn’t planned to meet up until later. He was going to check into the hotel first and let me know the room number. But I didn’t figure I would hear from him for at least another hour, so I threw my phone in my clutch as Lindsay handed me some neon green cocktail that I was sure was going to taste just as foul coming back up as it would going down.

I’m not sure how long we were there before I noticed him. I had told him that Lindsay was dragging me out to a club near the hotel, but I still think it was just pure luck that he got the right one. I hadn’t mentioned it for him to feel like he had to stop by, but I certainly appreciated having something to look at besides my drink. He caught my eye as I came back to our table with a real drink. I gave him a small smile as I didn’t recognize him in the dark, strobe lit background of the club. It wasn’t until he held up the hotel room key  and grinned that I realized. He looked amazing in his slightly open dress shirt and black slacks. I wanted to run over to him, but Lindsay and her roommate had just come back from the bathroom. So I just winked at him and nodded along to their girls’ conversation. When I looked back a minute or so later he was gone. I checked my phone to see if he had texted; he hadn’t. The music had a good beat, but that only made it harder for me to search through the crowds for his face.

“That guy over there cannot take his eyes off you.” Lindsay’s roommate Marissa nodded behind me. When I turned to look he had moved to a table and was casually taking a drink as he stared.

“He’s cute. You should go talk to him.” If only Lindsay knew how much we had already talked. I actually knew quite a bit about him, his job, his hobbies. I was looking forward to some of those hobbies later.

“Okay.” I gulped down the rest of my drink and grabbed my clutch.

“Wow, really? You never listen to me. Well, okay then. Good for you.” I gave Linds a face as I turned and walked away from the table. He smiled as he saw my exasperated face as I approached him.

“You look fucking amazing in that skirt. It was all I could do not to push you down on that table and fuck you as soon as I saw you.”

“I’m trying to decide if I drag you out of here right now and back to the hotel room if my cousin would freak out. And even if she did I’m not sure how much I care.” He chuckled.

“Why don’t you head back over and I’ll get you another drink. Then maybe you can say your goodnight’s. I have got to get you out of that skirt soon. My cock is starting to throb.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that.” I rubbed his leg as I turned to walk back to the girls. When I got back to the table I picked up my clutch.

“I need to run to the restroom, but then I think I’m going to heat out for the hotel. What time did you say that farmer’s market started in the morning?”

“You are not going to go have sex with that man in the club bathroom Rach.”

“Of course not!” I looked as incredulous as I could.

“She’s going to take me back to her hotel room. She’s got class after all.” Lucas appeared behind me and grabbed my ass, simultaneously setting my drink on the table next to me. I frowned, but picked up the drink.

Lindsay’s gears were turning, I could see it in her face. She wasn’t stupid, but sometimes the obvious took a moment for her to process. I decided to escape before I gave too much away and spent the next hour answering questions.

“I’ll just swing by your place with coffee in the morning. I am always up early anyway. Have a good night and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” He grabbed my hand as I finished my drink and weaved me through the crowds amid the pounding music.

Once outside he grabbed my face and pulled me in for a long, hard kiss. He left me breathless as he grabbed my hand again and headed toward the hotel.

“Now, to address that skirt.”

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A Taste of the Lifestyle

“How do you like your eggs Graham? Beth has gotten quite good at poaching in batches lately.” Sir was in a good mood this morning. The blow job I had given him had earned me several ‘good girl’s’ and that was before he got a taste of my hollandaise. He obviously wasn’t too jealous about my cuddling with Graham, though the sly smile plastered on his face often hid multiple meanings.

“They are excellent Sir. It’s been a long time since I’ve had eggs benedict. As amazing as this is, I can’t think now why I don’t make it at home more often. Beth said you were working on an upcoming case, how is it going?”

“Well, thank you. These Subtitle D cases can get really messy – pun intended. But this one is a fairly straight-forward matter. We don’t go to trial for a few months yet, so there’s lots of time to prep.”

I sat listening to the two men. Politics and Pacific Northwest weather just can’t compete with coffee and hollandaise. When we were all finished, I cleared the plates and returned with the coffee pot to pour refills. They were still discussing sports or something when I got back. After a few more minutes of small talk Graham excused himself. By the time he got back from the bathroom things had changed considerably.

As soon as the door closed upstairs Sir had pulled one of the chairs to the center of the room and ordered me strip. His toy bag appeared from the downstairs closet as I knelt in front of the chair. My leash was quickly snapped in place. Sir was obviously going for a dramatic reveal, and I’m pretty sure he got it. Graham’s face as he turned the corner was pretty priceless. I’ll admit I may have smiled a bit as his jaw dropped seeing me kneeling at Sir’s feet with my leash in his hand. I would have been intimidated too.

“Strip Graham and come kneel in front of me as Beth is.” Sir was never one to mince words.

I noticed that Graham hesitated. The look on his face was one of confusion. His reaction would need to be swift or this could have gone south in an instant. Sir was also attuned to Graham’s  hesitation.

“Graham, my instruction was quite clear. I do not like to repeat myself.” Graham hesitated for a split second longer, still processing the scene before him. Then his expression changed ever so slightly; a rye smile appeared. I think it was purely out of a sense of joy. He striped quickly and was soon down next to me. He was trying to hide his smile; at least to start with.

Next, Sir took a blindfold out of the bag and covered my eyes. Whatever he was going to do, I didn’t get to watch. I heard the bag rustle, but he didn’t touch me again. Instead, I listened, on high alert, as he walked away.

“Now Graham, I am going to be testing several implements on you. Your safewords are red and yellow. You will take twenty strikes each. If you cannot handle them, you will use your safeword, however, there will be consequences. Do you have any questions?”

“No, Sir.”

“Excellent. This is lovely little paddle that I designed for Beth for her warm-ups. It’s wooden, but wrapped in a padding to ease the sting. Bend and touch your ankles.” I didn’t hear Graham move, but when the crack as the first strike met his flesh I gathered he had complied. There was no counting out loud from either of them, but I was keeping count in my head. Listening to the impacts I could tell that Sir was moving around Graham’s body. He liked to do that for my warm-ups too. But that padding was almost a curse as it brought a false sense of security that any following tool would shatter. I hope Graham realized that. The twenty hits went quickly.

“That’s bringing the blood to the surface. Now this, this is will break that surface.”

Oh no. Sir was going to push back hard. Maybe he was more jealous than he seemed. The first swing hit and I knew he had chosen the studded paddle. Graham’s hiss in pain told me he wasn’t prepared. His hisses turned to yells after three more strikes. He wasn’t going to make it, I could hardly suffer through five hits with that thing, and I’d had a lot more practice. After four more it happened.


“Eight. Eight is pretty good Graham, but eight isn’t twenty I’m afraid. Kneel.” Graham hissed again as he moved into position. I was so worried about whether Graham was alright that I wasn’t ready when Sir grabbed my arm. “Stand up Beth, it’s your turn.” He pulled me up and bent me over something soft. I think it was one of the children’s toy boxes.

“Since you were unable to take the twenty hits that I require, Graham, now you must watch as Beth takes the rest. She will show you the strength I require and expect from a slave.”

“No, please Sir. I can take more.” As much as Graham was interested in kink and seeing the aftermath of our play, he’d never seen me be actively hit before. It was strange that I was actually more worried about him than I was about the twelve strikes I would have to take for him.

“Silence your begging, you had your chance to impress me. Don’t get mad at me because Beth has to pay for your weakness.” He had hardly finished the sentence before the paddle hit my ass, hard. No warm-up. He either wanted me to hate Graham or make Graham feel really bad for not taking more pain. I was sure it was the latter, but the former was becoming a close second. By the second hit my eyes were watering, by hit number three the tears were flowing. The surprise at besting my previous to-tears record of seven swats was quickly overshadowed by the pain in my ass and thighs. My screams weren’t for show as the last few strikes broke the skin. Nothing deep, but I could feel blood running down the backs of my legs. After the last hit I fell on the floor.

“Get up cunt. You wouldn’t want to get blood on the floor, that would take you hours to clean up. First position.” I rolled up onto my knees and winced as I sat back on my heels. Putting my arms up behind my head stretched my back muscles and I started crying again. The blindfold was soaked with a mixture of sweat and tears. The bag rustled again.

“Bend over Graham. Time for round three. Let’s add a little reminder to your service. What I am putting on you are called ball weights. If you stay in the position I put you, then you will only feel a slight pressure. If you move or struggle, however, the weights will pull to remind you that you are here for my pleasure. Now, since the paddle wasn’t your cup of tea, are you ready to try the cane?”

“Yes, Sir.” His voice didn’t waver.

I heard a few grunts and hisses with the strikes, but Graham took all twenty cane hits. He also took twenty hits from Sir’s flicker whip. As I personally hate that thing, I was quite relieved he had managed to do so well. The bag rustled again and Graham groaned even before I heard a hit. Sir must have pulled out the scary looking whip with the pointy end, I make the same noise when he shows it to me.

“You’ve done pretty well Graham. Most impressive for your first impact session. This piece looks nasty and trust me, it is. Down on your knees.” The first crack made me shudder and Graham cried out. I’m pretty sure he was crying by the second hit. Between the sting of whip and the ball weights pulling, I knew he must have been really hurting. “What, are you going to safeword again? Are you going to make Beth take your pain? I thought you were this big strong sub?” Wails followed the next few strikes. They sounded hard. As much as I wanted him to safeword, I knew Sir would hit me harder just to make Graham suffer. But I wanted Graham to have a good time, I was worried he would think this was my idea. The sixth stroke fell with a resounding,


“So Graham, are you happy to let your ‘girlfriend’ make up for your weakness and receive the remaining 14 blows? Cunt, what is your record?”

“9, Sir”, I answered quickly.

“Now Graham, what is it to be? Answer me slave!”

“No Sir, please continue, I can take more.”

I could sense a subtle shift in Sir. He really was pissed off with Graham for the cuddling last night. Oh this wasn’t going to be good.

Unfortunately, I was right. The next blow sounded harsh. The release of air from Graham clearly showed how much pain he was in. I didn’t know how much more he could take.

The eighth blow was even worse. I heard Graham fall to the floor. The sound coming from him was pure agony.

Next I heard between his sobs, “Red!”

I closed my eyes as I felt the grin appear on Sir’s face.

“Only eight Graham, how disappointing. On your knees. Beth will take your suffering for you. Watch her strength in her service to me.” He must have been walking as he talked as his first hit was timed perfectly as he finished with the end of his sentence. The blood from my previous round had dried, but the first lash reopened the cuts. Nine through eleven hurt like hell, but by twelve I think my ass was numb. The tears didn’t stop though. When Sir finally brought down number twenty I was splayed out on the floor weeping.

“Good girl.” He was only gone a moment and I felt a warm towel washing my back and legs. I resisted the urge to curl into a ball while he cleaned me up, every move stung. When he was finished he removed the blindfold and covered me with my aftercare blanket. “You are done for the morning cunt. Here is some water. Now Graham will see what your true service looks like.”

Sir walked over to where Graham knelt. Face filled with guilt at the hits I had taken for him. Not even caring that Sir now stood over him with a look reserved for his most sadistic plans.

“You have both pleased me with your service this morning, but I am not finished just yet. Cunt, nadu!” I tried to rise gracefully, keeping the aftercare blanket around my shoulders, and moved into position off to the side, facing Sir and Graham. It was clear I was going to have to be satisfied with being a voyeur for what was unfolding.

“Now slave, in my negotiations with your Mistress she revealed that you profess to have not found any limits to your service. As your Mistress does not have the desire to test this, she has requested that I do. A challenge that I’m willing to undertake. Now, as we have not negotiated limits and that you are a novice, I’m going to give you continued access to your safewords. If you understand and consent to this scene please respond with ‘yes, Sir”.

Graham took a second and he glanced briefly over to where I was holding position. A very slight nod of my head gave him the necessary courage. He responded, ‘Yes Sir”.

“That’s a good slave. Now kiss my shoe.” I saw Graham look at me before he looked down at Sir’s feet. I mentioned Sir’s love of humiliation play before, but I don’t think I had ever really described it in detail. Graham bent down and the weights on his balls shifted. His kisses were quick and he got back on his knees in position.

“Oh, did that hurt? Maybe you should kiss something a little higher so you don’t have to bend. Here, kiss this.” Sir unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out right next to Graham’s face. I was both scared to watch and captivated by the scene.

“Hannah said you constantly whined about blow jobs, slave. Think those come free? Well, they do for me. Show me your gratitude for allowing you to serve me.”

Graham quickly glanced over to me for reassurance and then back to Sir. Next I heard Graham say very softly,  “Yellow, Sir”.

Sir’s response was quick and laced with scorn,  “So slave, that seems to be your favorite color tonight. You come here professing that you have no limits and at the simplest of requests you balk. I wonder what your Twitter girlfriend thinks of you now!”

The words hit the desired target. Immediately I saw Graham’s resolve change. He didn’t hesitate further. I then watched in fascination as Graham tried to pleasure Sir. His inexperience was evident, but his desire to please was impressive. Sir even moaned a few times. I didn’t know who to watch. This was a perspective of Sir I never got to see; but Graham’s submission was a joy to witness as well.

“So slave, I see you have a taste for this. Well let’s see how talented you really are. Do you recall a conversation we had some time back about mouth gags and deep-throating? No, I thought not. If I recall…, I didn’t tell you to stop, keep sucking slave. Now where was I, ah yes, what I said was that a gag wasn’t necessary, all I had to do was say ‘hold still and open your mouth’. Do you think you can do that?”

I continued to watch, fascinated at how hard Graham tried to deep throat Sir. For a novice he managed to get most of Sir’s cock down his throat, but not all the way. Sir had obviously had had enough and he backed off. Graham sucked in some air in deep breathes, obviously a little distressed. I hoped that Graham was done for awhile.

“Slave, what did your mistress say about penetrating your ass?” Sir’s question was a bit out of left field, but Graham didn’t miss a beat.

He pulled back and replied, “Sir, Mistress said that protection needed to be used to cover anything put in my ass.”

“Cunt, go to my toy bag and retrieve the double jelly dildo and a condom. Bring them to me.”

I quickly got up to retrieve the items and crawled over to Sir. “As requested Sir.” I then resumed a position kneeling close to Sir. I hoped Graham had prepared his ass well, that dildo was on the large size for a beginner.

“So slave, do you think you can handle this?” Sir asked while waving the dildo in front of his face. Graham replied with a simple nod of his head, mouth still full of Sir’s cock.

“Well slave, I’m not really one for imitations, I must prefer the original.”

Sir then withdrew his cock from Graham’s mouth. A line of spit trailed from his cock to Graham’s lower lip. I really wanted to lick that lip. Sir turned slightly towards me. “Cunt, open the condom and roll it onto my cock.”

I looked at Graham so he could see the look of surprise on my face. I didn’t know Sir had planned any of this, I hoped Graham had prepared well. I quickly rolled the condom on Sir’s saliva covered cock.

“Get into position slave. Cunt, you can help him.” I shifted to help Graham move into Sir’s favorite anal position. Ass up, kneeling, face in the carpet. I tried to move the ball weights so they wouldn’t pull with each thrust.

I leaned in as I pushed his arms down. “You are doing great. Just breathe.” He looked at me with a weak smile.

“Back in position cunt, you’ve earned your break. Graham, however, still has more service to give.” He rubbed Graham’s ass for a moment. “Take a deep breath slave, this will hurt.” He almost grinned as he said it.

I tried to watch Graham’s face, his focus on breathing was impressive. And his work with the butt plug seemed to have taken away most of the shock. Sir wasn’t holding back either. Graham did seem to like it at least a little bit, but Sir’s enjoyment was much more vocal. I could never really appreciate his growls with my face smashed into the floor.

I couldn’t settle one whose face to focus on. Eventually all I could look at was Graham’s cock straining against the cage. Soon his face changed and come began to pour out of his dick in slow constant spurts. As Sir came and pulled out Graham collapsed to the side, avoiding the proof of his own pleasure. Sir cleaned himself off and disposed of the condom. Then he grabbed another blanket and a bottle of water. However, rather than handing it to Graham, he held it higher as he stood over him.

“Lick it up, slave.”

Graham swallowed and looked at me.

“What? Do you expect my cunt to clean up after you? Her requirements to keep my floors clean do not extending to your messes. I personal don’t care that were able to get enough stimulation from me fucking your ass for you to be milked. My floors stay clean.”

He looked at me again, then down at the floor. It was significant amount, but he had said it had been awhile since Hannah had allowed him to orgasm in any form. I think he was well aware of that reality as he bent down. Considering the amount, I was surprised that it only took him six licks to get it all up. I was obviously impressed by odd feats.

“Now say thank you, slave.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“And thank you for your service Graham. Your Mistress will be pleased at how well you preformed.” He covered Graham up with the blanket and placed the water on the floor.

“I’m headed up for a shower, cunt. When I’m done you and Graham can get cleaned up and rest. I will be in my office working for the next few hours. Dinner will be earlier since we did an early brunch, I’ll say six. I’m craving salmon. Since Graham lives so close to the Pacific I’m sure he has a good recipe.”

“Yes, Sir.” He headed up the bathroom and I crawled over to open Graham’s water bottle.

“So he’s just gone? Don’t you get any aftercare?” Graham was sweating, but his breathing had returned to normal.

“Sorry, we didn’t really discuss aftercare needs. This is our usual pattern. He’ll go upstairs and we’ll cuddle and talk tonight. I usually don’t need aftercare for a good six to eight hours. What would you like?” I think my statement took him off guard. He considered my question.

“I don’t know. I would like a shower. But maybe some physical contact would be nice. Sir seemed a bit jealous about last night though, so I don’t want to push.”

“This morning is different though. Service to him is different. We’ll get you clean and comfortable and then we can curl up on the couch and watch a movie. And we’ll have to make a run to the grocery too, to get some salmon. You do have an idea for dinner, right?”

“Got you covered, Mistress.” I smiled.

“Then shower, movie, and dinner it is. I’m really glad you aren’t regretting your visit.”

“I’m not. I said I wanted the full experience. But getting to have a relaxing afternoon with you will be nice too. Think Sir is done with his shower?”

“I don’t hear the water, but you can go peek and see. Maybe he’ll let you join him and you can get some of that physical contact you want.” My sarcastic smile gave me away. “How about we start that movie.”

“Absolutely, Mistress.”

*                          *                              *                          *

This is another installment of a larger erotica piece that started with The Odd Art of Negotiation, followed by Meet and Greet. Graham and Beth’s weekend will continue in the coming weeks.

Need a good book?

Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey paperback book
My well used copy.

I read a lot. Recommend a good book and I’ll usually check it out. I may even come back to tell you how much I loved or hated it later (be fair warned). And with my library science degree I’ve always felt the need to dabble in all the genres to be able to answer questions about good reads and authors. This tactic has brought me into some wonderful novels, histories, and biographies that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Picking up Fifty Shades of Grey was part of this literary ‘research’.

A friend who didn’t even know I was kinky recommended the Kushiel’s series by Jacqueline Carey. My son was little, but I still plowed through in a few weeks. I enjoy all types of fantasy stories, and Carey’s epic world rivals that of Dune in scale and complexity. Not for the faint of heart, this story will draw you in with a developed slave dynamic and a great female lead character.

The world that Phedre is brought into is harsh and cruel. But her strength guides her into a life she never expected. Phedre is brought up in a training house of courtesans, but the scarlet mote in her eye makes her special. She is soon sold and begins to experience her gift: chosen to forever experience pain and pleasure as one. This is the first in a wonderful series; the Kushiel’s Legacy series. And Carey has written several other stories that take place in the world of Terre d’Ange. A country that lives by the motto: Love as thou wilt. What could be better?

I’m sure this isn’t the only fantasy story about a masochist, but it’s the only one I’ve ever found. And it’s written with so much depth and description. Her skills are not judged or looked down upon, she is considered a treasure. There are obviously not many masochists and the sadists of the kingdom line up. The sex and play scenes are engaging and erotic, but they are part of a story that draws you in to so much more.

I’ll admit that sex for sex’s sake in a book doesn’t really appeal to me. I’ve come along way when it comes to porn in the last few years, but when I read a novel I need to care about the characters. I know, I know, I’m working on it. Soon I will be able to read about casual sex as easily as I love watching it.

If you enjoy fantasy stories and are interested in masochism or slave stories I would highly recommend you pick this one up. A world of intrigue with more sex and less random killing than Game of Thrones (not that that series isn’t also worth a read).

And feel free, if you need and/or have a book recommendation to let me know.

See what others think of books, specific or general, for this week’s Wicked Wednesday.

Wicked Wednesday for post Stockpiled Cravings

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