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That time again

It’s that time again…time for the obligatory house renovation update. At this point we are still hoping to be moved in by Sir’s birthday at the end of April. We are getting painting done slowly and the floors will hopefully get sanded and stained after Easter. Then comes all the sorting, packing, and heavy lifting. And this time I won’t be 30-weeks pregnant when we move, so Sir might actually let me lift something. Or possibly make me lift everything, could be a double-edged sword.
Baby's room in the new house with orange wall.

The tiny toddler’s room. I was planning to paint the closet, but I actually kind of like the blue. Once the floor gets done and the furniture moved in, the boy will have so much play space he won’t care what color the closet is.
Master bedroom in the new house with navy wall.

Our master. You can’t see the closets or the bathroom, but they are there. The navy actually turned out pretty well. There will be a lot of lights to keep the navy from making the room too dark. And, well, Sir doesn’t really mind it dark anyway. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if, in time, the entire room got a bit darker.

Older toddlers room in the new house.

The older toddler’s room. I know, it looks plain, but he can’t have an accent wall like the rest of us to keep it simple. No, he wants a red racing stripe around the room. So this is the undercoat, and then I need to go back and paint the red next week. The things we do for our kids.

Office in the new house with green wall.

The office. I didn’t have to fight too hard for my green. My desk will probably be along that wall and Sir’s will be along the opposite wall. He had a wonderful idea yesterday that we should put our love seat and a coffee table in here so we can be comfy together while we work. I have a feeling that we wouldn’t end up getting a lot of work done. We’ll have to keep the toys on the other side of the house so we won’t be too tempted.
Kitchen in the new house with blue wall.

This is the kitchen thus far. You can’t see the new floor, but it’s been installed. We are looking at some barn siding for around the fireplace (the ones on the right), but we’ll see what we can find in the barn when we go to my parents for Easter. Hopefully the cabinets will be installed this week and we can keep moving forward on the downstairs. Still a few more coats of paint to do (though I really like this blue tinted primer). As soon as a room is finished we want to start moving things in. Lots of little trips ahead.


Backyard in the new house.

Still some work to do outside too. Weeding and setting up the garden over the next few weeks. Hopefully the budget will allow for a deck to be built next spring/summer. We’ll see how both our businesses do this year. Right now the dog is happy with her large running space and I’m happy that the kids can go out and I don’t have to worry about them heading toward the road. Looking forward to growing some vegetable this summer. Maybe even some hot pepper so Sir can make some salsa.

Okay, you probably won’t have to put up with too many more of these. Especially if we can stick to the schedule. I promise, no more than two more. Or at least I’ll try and get some more titty shots in there. You know, the show the contrast of the wall color :).