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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Poly Hotel Guide

What to look for when you are meeting up with your lover at a hotel for a few days:

As Jack and I have planned this his visit I actually considered quite a few things when determining what local hotel to use. We decided for space and comfort reasons that we would stay at the hotel and then visit the house during the day. That way there wouldn’t be pressure for any threesome activities if Sir wasn’t up for it. And we don’t have to wash the sheets, so bonus. He’s flying in to an airport around an hour away, so we wanted to stay there rather than finding a hotel around my house. For privacy reasons, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off him that long.

  1. Room service. Our hotel doesn’t actually have this amenity, but it is one that I would generally recommend. Jack and I are trying to force ourselves to get out a bit. Without the possibility of food being delivered straight to room we will have to get dressed at some point. We’ve talked about a honest to goodness date. This may degrade down into a drive through so we can get back to the room faster, but I’m holding out hope. I have nicer clothes (i.e. clean pants that are sweats) packed just in case. If your goal is to stay naked as much as possible, room service is a must.
  2. Free Wifi. Not that we plan on spending too much time on our phones, but internet access is pretty crucial. There are the obvious twitter updates and photos to share. It’s also nice as sometimes #4 isn’t an option and finding your own is necessary.
  3. Late check-out. This is pretty obvious and I’m not honestly sure what ‘early’ check-out is anymore. No one wants to be rushed out on their last day of vacation. Especially as I will have to drive Jack to the airport and say goodbye until who knows when. The longer we can stay cuddled in bed the better.
  4. Porn. I have written about porn in hotels before. Most don’t have it for purchase anymore, which is sad. I am a huge fan of porn as entertainment or background noise. Jack and I are bring some and can always download more though. And, not having porn is always a good excuse to create some of your own. 🙂
  5. Local sights  Nope, 1-4 pretty much covers it.

Needless to say I’m looking forward to some fun this weekend. We are also hoping to visit my house and small town for some lunch and maybe some time with Sir. Some board games and beer could be a nice break from all those orgasms.

Weekend Report

This weekend was amazing. The mommy guilt kicked in a few times as my mother-in-law was keeping us updated on Baby 2.0’s teething issues. My tattoo guru is a single mom, so she and I talked through a lot while I was in the chair. My tattoo looks awesome by the way, hopefully I can get some photos today now that it has had a few days to heal.

Friday night was great. We went out with one of Sir’s co-workers and his girlfriend. It was so nice to have an adult conversation (even vanilla). Although I will admit I was super horny all through dinner. I kept rubbing Sir’s leg to try and keep in physical contact with him. I practically skipped into the elevator when we got to the hotel. I pulled out all the toys and laid them out across the desk. The room had a beautiful chaise lounge chair that was put to good use. We would definitely go back.

I think we got pretty wrapped up (pun intended) with what we were doing, so pictures weren’t really a priority. I would love to blame Sir, but instead I’ll take it as a compliment that I was so distracting that he forgot to grab the camera.

The crop generally makes a lot of noise, so we don’t get to play with it too much at home. So it was nice not to have to worry about waking up the kids. The dreaded clothespins made an appearance. I think he loves to play with them as he knows that they can make me cry without too much effort.

But it was a good time. Sir and I have decided that we need a king size bed. It’s so big. He wouldn’t even know if I was on the floor or not.

However, one small beef. What is up with hotels not having porn anymore? I swear. This is the third hotel that we have stayed at in as many months that don’t have porn. We were able to make our own entertainment, but it’s just been bugging me.

Nice calm week this week. The mass of appointments and work stress have passed. I still have work to do, but not near as hectic.

Sorry if that wasn’t quite as raunchy as you may have expected. I think my photo yesterday may have set you up for something else. But it was a great time. Hopefully we can find a way to fit in photos next time.