Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

New Hottest Thing

When he asks/orders me to lick/suck his tip while he masturbates and his hand smells like me from when he was fingering me moments before. So hot!

I may have to create a ranked list of these in the future. But this one will certainly be near the top for quite awhile.


Nipple Play Returns

I messed up at work. It’s not the end of the world, but as I work in the legal field, there are a lot of negative ramifications if things are done wrong. So I had a not so pleasant email when I got into work yesterday morning. Talk about a quick way to ruin your day. Luckily, it’s fixable. I was able to sort it out before I left the office. And coming home to a cider and a plate of pork nachos can make any day seem easy.

So after I have vented about the day, and had maybe two sips of my cider Sir had an announcement. “Your putting clamps on your nipples tonight and you’re going to swing them around for my amusement”. You know, just in case there was any question about plans for the evening.

He hasn’t really pushed the nipple play too much. He bought me new rings last month, but that’s about it. We both have wanted them to heal fully before messing around clamps or weights. I was fine with his order that I was getting my nipples pierced, but my breasts are one of the few things I genuinely like about my body. I have taken every precaution to ensure that they aren’t damaged.

When I was out in California Jack ‘tested’ them a little bit. Mind you, he was very polite and asked nicely beforehand. By tested I mean that he sucked on each of my nipples until I was close to cumming just from that stimulation. It felt fantastic. But when I got home Sir realized that he could be a bit more forward with them.

The other night we played a bit of a ‘switch’ game (I’m working on telling you all about it, cause it was awesome). While he was giving me oral I let him (told him) to play with my nipples a bit. There was some pulling, some rubbing, and a lot of moaning. So now I think he’s decided that the training wheels are off. This has led me to believe that his ‘let’s switch’ idea was really just a ruse to get information out of me while making me think it was my idea. Though, at this point, I’m not sure why I should be surprised.

When What You Wish For Is Amazing

The other night I was tweeting about craving cock. As I have started to get nervous/excited about my sex vacation in a few weeks I have started some serious fantasies. The threesome experience I will be having (hopefully) will be with a married couple, but my fantasies as of late have been largely centered around two men. Sir and the gentleman I will be visiting could be an amazing night of fun. Often, when he and I flirt, we talk about spit roasts and how much I love the idea of being used by two guys at once.

So the other night I was thinking about it and getting all gooey. A few people appreciated my desires and even Sir was thinking fondly on my idea for an evening with friend(s). I had had my Njoy in earlier in the day and that always makes me super horny for the next twelve hours or so. Sir even helped me put it in, which is always leaves me a gooey puddle. By the time we went to bed I was a wet mess.

Sir ordered me to strip and get between his legs. Cock worship started with rubbing my breasts across his cock and balls. Obviously I don’t have the experience myself, but apparently my piercings feel pretty amazing on his shaft. He was breathing heavy after only a few minutes. But, always in command, the orders continued.

“Keep your ass in the air. So that you are ready when he arrives to fuck you. You better be wet for him. You will, right? Because you’re a good girl.”

“Yes, Sir.”

For a split second I honestly thought that someone else might be joining us. I was so excited that I started wiggling my ass from side to side as I began taking him deep.

“You’re dripping for him, aren’t you slut? Get your hand back there. Show him your pussy. Show him how wet you are thinking about him fucking you while you suck on me.”

I was more than happy to oblige. I really was dripping. And my eagerness with my fingers were matched by my tongue. The phantom threesome was working for both of us. With both us teetering on the edge Sir had me stop. He turned me around and slammed into me.

“Suck on your fingers. Taste how went you were thinking of him. Fill your mouth while I fuck you.”

He pounded into me while I sucked the salty brine from my fingers. Neither of us lasted very long, but it was so amazing we didn’t care. Cleaning up we both curled into our post sex positions and relaxed with our post-orgasm glow.

I was just so shocked how well that little bit of role play worked for both of us. A simple fantasy exchange and he really ran with it. Control and the mere idea that someone may join us was a great night for both of us. Sometimes all the kinky pieces fit together and it just works.


Lately I have had a tongue fascination. Not that I don’t like my tongue (or his!) normally, but recently I have found myself focusing on that sensation. I crave an evening of him laying out naked on the bed and just licking his entire body. He always makes a joke about being sweaty, but I don’t even care. It seems like such a luscious evening. That craving of wanting to taste him. During the winter it is too cold to lay out on the bed, even with the heat on. We are finally hitting that almost spring weather in Ohio where you can be naked in the evening or early morning and not have to be covered in a thick blanket. So the idea of laying out on the bed naked would be a lovely way to spend an evening. Licking and sucking his cock without having to simultaneously suffocate under our duvet is always a plus.

Similarly to have him use his tongue on me (that was obvious though, right).

This new tongue/licking fascination has extended into other mouth activities as well. Taste is just one of those things that we haven’t played with too much as far as sensory deprivation. There are the standard eating cum jokes. One of my 101 Things is to log the changes of taste in his semen for a month. I haven’t read too much about ice or heat in your mouth while giving oral, but I’m sure it’s out there. I’ve done cold with Sir a few times, he enjoys the sensation, but I think it has it’s limits. And we never really did the standard food during sex thing, maybe in college. But strawberries and chocolate seem too easy. We could do a savory sex evening with a nice cheese plate. Not sure if a mouthful of blue cheese would make an orgasm better or worse. But I do love blue cheese, so it could be a win/win. I can’t imagine cleaning the sheets after such an evening though.

And now I’m hungry and horny. Fuck!


Defining Sexy

Yesterday on twitter I couldn’t stop talking about how much I wanted to give Sir oral. Just horny and a bit drunk, craving sex in all it’s forms. So last night after the kids went to bed Sir allowed me to indulge in cock worship for a good twenty minutes before flipping me over and fucking me senseless.

It was a good time.

But he also took a few pictures. And you know things that feel sexy that don’t necessarily look sexy. Try making your own porn with childbirth stretch marks and spare tires and you will know what I mean. But I was deep-throating and I consider that a very sexy activity.

And I have been assured by several people that it does actually look pretty damn sexy too.


Pussy: Live to Eat! Eat to Live!

*This Kink of the Week is guest written by Sir.*

I remember being in middle school and being completely confused by my peers’ obsession with boobs. They would sit and talk about Pamela Anderson’s tits or Cindy Crawford’s tits or Anna Nicole Smith’s tits. These tits, it was said, were the key to the beauty of a woman. The better the tits, the better the woman. And bigger always meant better.

Which, as a young man, was a truism of such staggering stupidity that for a couple of years I thought I was gay. Because Roseanne Barre had MASSIVE tits, and I didn’t find her in the least bit attractive.

I never really thought I was completely gay because there was something that I was pulled to, but never saw. That gentle slit between the legs that hid a magnificent bounty of hormonal attraction. Pussy.

When I finally got an internet connection worth using for porn, I drowned myself in downloaded pussy (after disabling the laughably poor parental controls on the computer). I was quickly pulled (as were many young men I believe) toward “lesbian” porn. Not real lesbian porn, obviously, but porn starring two women and directed by two men. I liked the scissoring and the fingering, but I was absolutely, electrically pulled towards the girls eatting pussy. The camera would pull in close (pay no heed to where that woman’s camera-side leg is – it’s gone now, that’s all that matters) and you would get the powerful combination of gentle, precise tongue strokes and loud, low moans. I knew I HAD to eat pussy!

I didn’t actually get my first chance until college. Honestly, it was Rye.

Okay, truth is I’ve only ever eaten Rye’s pussy. I’ve never been nose to groin with any other woman’s pelvis, though there were a couple of unfortunately close calls in high school involving poorly timed parental footsteps on the stairs.

I have a vivid memory of the first time I ate Rye’s pussy. I had no idea what I was doing, but a vague enough sense of where everything was. I didn’t know what to expect as I pulled myself down her torso, fingertips pressing and pulling on her stomach. Would I hate the smell like everyone said? Would I fuck it up? Who cares! Eat Pussy!

After she was done moaning and writhing on the bed (told you, too much on the clit; if I had done it right she would have been completely unable to move at all) she said, “I don’t know who taught you to do that, but I hate her.”

I had to ask for clarification, but she was jealous of whatever wonder-woman had forced me to spend so much time between their thighs to become such a master tongue master. I smiled a prideful smile there in the dark. “That’s the first pussy I’ve ever eaten,” I said. Even in the dark I could see her confused and concerned look.

I still love to eat pussy, but I don’t do it as much as I used to. Not because it’s lost its appeal, but because I want to make sure that when I do go down on her, she really appreciates it. I don’t think she ever really stopped appreciating my tongue for what it could do to her brain. Maybe I just wanted to pull in the reins to exercise control.

Dominant pussy eating is harder, but much more rewarding. I still need to be able to follow the lure of her body – read her signals, anticipate her direction – so I cannot simply do whatever I like. But I can slow… or stop… orgowaytoofast just as a way to keep her on the edge. I do that. A lot.
Don’t get me wrong: I do like a nice pair of tits (and Rye has a very nice pair) but there’s nothing as good as wet pussy on a woman willing to open her knees.

Lovely in Lace

I was walking around Target, looking for a birthday gift for my brother. I must have walked past this end cap of socks around seven times. They were just so cute. An adorable selection of knee-highs and thigh-highs with lace or ribbon tops. I finally stopped and looked all the shades of cream and grey; imagining how comfortable they would be with my uniform. It has gotten cold here lately as fall as hit Ohio with a vengeance.

I finally got the courage to text Sir and ask permission to buy myself a gift.

Sir: What did you want to buy?

I found some cute socks. :Rye

Sir: for whom?

For me :Rye

Sir: You can buy cute socks for you but you also have to buy something sexy. Total no more than $40.

Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. :Rye

Sir: Good girl.

I picked up a grey knee-high pair and a cream thigh-high pair. I figured they could be considered sexy in the right circumstance, but he probably meant something a little more literal. So I found this cute black lace nightie and matching g-string. It’s simple, but sexy. And if he rips it off, I won’t feel too terrible. I put it on when I got home. A shirt and shorts had to cover it while the kids were awake, but that didn’t keep Sir from ‘inspecting’ it as soon as he got in the door. An impromptu make out session in the kitchen makes me think he liked it.

The kids were a bit of a struggle getting to bed. Maybe they were just fine and the fact that we were both really horny made it seem worse than it was. Sir let me sleep in bed with him. We were talking about cunnilingus as it is the Kink of the Week topic, so research was needed. The lace made everything feel rougher and softer on my nipples. I absolutely love when he plays with my nipples during oral. It always makes me orgasm twice as hard. And usually twice as fast.

After Sir was serviced as well we curled up together. Heading to my parents this weekend means little alone time, but the kids and the dog have a wonderful time. And I can ignore the state of the house for a day or two, which is nice.

And, just in case I don’t get a chance to post tomorrow. Here’s a gratuitous boob shot. Doesn’t the lace make them look awesome?


Glad for Thick Walls

“Are you ready for worship?” I nodded moving slowly down his torso. My body ached. “You may want to take your time, this is the only break you are going to get tonight.”

I stilled. The only break? My pussy was already swollen and sore. My poor nipples were begging to be ignored for a good long while. I couldn’t take my time starting, but once I got going I could try and suck his dick for as long as he let me. I started slow and kept changing tempos and depths to keep him from getting too close. I wanted him to come, but I knew as soon as he did he would play me with me until he was ready to fuck me again. And as wound up as I was, I would be begging too fast. He never wanted to look too nice and let me come too early.
All the sudden he grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth off of him. “I know what you’re doing Rye. If I can’t trust you to do your best then we can just go to bed.”
“Sorry Sir, I will try my best. I just wanted to tease you a little. I won’t do it again Sir.” I went to work quickly. No more showboating. My efforts brought instant progress as I felt him relax back into the mattress and moan. He grabbed my hair again, but this time to push me further into his cock. His hips thrust into me and I opened my jaw in response. I loved this. And his low groan told me he loved it too. His breathing changed and I knew he was going to come. I felt his cock pulse and the salty taste in the back of my throat. I kept him inside my mouth as his breathing evened. He liked me to suck on him for a little bit after his orgasm, he twitched involuntarily.
I rolled over to my side of the bed where I laid a small towel. Just to get the drips off of my chin, Sir never liked it if I cleaned up too much.
“Get back on the bed and lay flat on your back, whore. Let’s plug all those dirty little holes and then see what you have to say.” I moved quickly, still trying to be graceful and failing miserably. Luckily, for me, speed was more important than style. I closed my eyes as I laid back, just to take a breath and prepare myself. When I opened them the ball gag was dangling above my face. I hated that thing. I know Sir thought that drool was sexy, but I could never wrap my mind around it. I think it just makes me feel too much like our infant son to try appreciate the submissive state that it puts me in. But I put on a smile, lifted my head and opened my mouth. If I argued now he would just leave it on longer.
“That’s better.” He handed me one of the baby rattles to use as my safe word and climbed off the bed. I could hear him walking around the end of the bed, then I felt his hand in my thigh. I felt the cold of the glass butt plug as he laid it on the sheet to grab the lube. I was getting so used to it, I didn’t even tense up. Which was good, because that thing was pretty wide and fighting it never ended well for me. Sir was all about speed, when he let me put the plug in myself, I would take my time. No such luck tonight and he wiped his hands on my towel a moment later. I lay there breathing heavy, trying to relax around the plug while also worrying about where Sir was hiding outside of my eyeline.
 He returned a moment later with a handful of toys. I could only identify a few of them in the pile and I was still trying to get my mouth comfortable with the gag. I saw at least three pairs of nipple clamps, which was always concerning, because despite Sir’s wishes, I do only have the one set of nipples. He just laughed at my wide eyes and picked up the first set of clamps. I wiggled a little, pushing my breasts up; I never said I didn’t like them. But instead of grabbing the closest boob he moved down to the foot of the bed. As realization dawned I started to struggle more forcefully. He had only clamped my clit a few times and even then after a lot of warm up and my nipples clamped first. My body had a chance to prepare for sensation that way, and it still hurt. He told me afterward that he had hit my thighs as hard as he could with the flogger, but I didn’t remember as as the pressure on my clit was all I could manage to feel.
“I know that look.” He just grinned at me with that smile that turned me on and made me afraid at the same time. “We are going to see how long you can wear these tonight. And how many I can fit on that pretty pussy of yours. I think we’ll aim for three and see how it goes.” I was really wishing he would go back to torturing my nipples again. “I know that you will take this for me, Rye. And when you do, when you have shown me your submission, then I will let you come, and let you sleep.”
Part of me wanted to sigh with relief, though I don’t know from what. The idea that it would eventually end perhaps. I could do this, for him. And as long as I remembered that then it would be so bad, right?
Right then the first clamp closed on my outer labia and I was so glad I had the ball gag to muffle my screams.