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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Rope Tattoo

He had a tattoo. It was one of the first things I noticed about him. Honestly, it’s the first thing I notice about most people. But there was something that caught my eye from across the room.

Rope. It was so close to my lace that I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It weaved around his arm in this interesting pattern. There were even items and symbols within it that I couldn’t make out from across the room, just like my cameo pieces. No wonder he wore a sleeveless shirt under this suit jacket.

All the Doms finished hanging up their jackets and began mingling around the bar getting drinks. I stood with the other subs as we finished removing our clothes. Some collared subs walked back over to their Doms for direction; one woman crawled. Those of us without a partner sat together. We chatted about how good the dinner was, and what new sex blogs we’re reading. It was nice to sit and chat with them, but I kept an eye on the tattooed Dom.

He didn’t appear to have a sub, the was sitting with a few other guys at the bar. I kept watching him and telling myself to go talk to him. My confidence just wasn’t letting me get out of the chair. One of the other subs saw me staring and encouraged me to at least go say ‘hi’. She didn’t recognize him as a regular. I told her that I really like his tattoo; she told me that that was a good start. I felt like a teenager wanting to tell a boy I liked him.

I’m sure it was because I was staring, but one of the Doms he was sitting with noticed me and pointed me out. I couldn’t avoid it any longer. I thought about crawling, like the one earlier sub, but I thought that would be a bit too much for an initial meeting. So I set my drink down (luckily just water as I’m sure alcohol would have made me even more nervous) and walked over to the bar. He had turned toward me when the Dom pointed out my staring, but I still bowed my head as I approached.

“Hello. My name is Rye. I really like your tattoo.”

“Hello Rye. My name is Stephen. I like your tattoo as well. Is that why you were watching me?” I was pretty sure the shade of red that my face turned was evidence enough, but nodded anyway. He smiled. “Would you like to come sit with us Rye? We were actually just talking about Master/slave tattoos.”

I smiled and knelt down on the floor. If I’m honest, about half out of respect and half because there wasn’t an empty chair. Stephen smiled at my gesture and brushed a strand of hair out of my face. It was very sweet and I could feel nervousness subside a bit. The conversation quickly returned to lock and key tattoos. I just sat and listened for awhile, but when Stephen asked my opinion I had an answer ready.

“Kink tattoos in general really appeal to me. I have a tattoo that represents my submission as a whole, but I would be hesitant to get a name, kink or otherwise, tattooed on me. I prefer symbols to represent a person or relationship, rather than a name. You can remember a period in your life for it’s good points, but sometimes a name can carry a negative weight.”

“See Stephen, if you were smart like her you wouldn’t have had to get that huge cover up on your arm to remove your ex-wife’s name.” A few of the other Doms chuckled and my eyes went wide. I was so afraid that I had offended him with my opinionated mouth. I sighed at my own stupidity and waited to be sent back to my sub’s table.

Instead, Stephen reached down and rubbed my shoulder. When I looked up he nodded to let me know he wasn’t mad. He traced one of my larger cameos and followed the lace down my arm.

“Rye, would you like to get a drink and private table with me?”

Considering that I thought I had just offended him, I balked for a brief moment. His face was so kind, however, that that concern vanished quickly. “That would be wonderful. Could I have a cream soda please, I have to drive home?”

Stephen ordered our drinks, helped me up, and led me to an empty table across the room.

“I didn’t even know they had cream soda here.” He said as he pulled out a chair to let me know that I didn’t have to kneel on the floor.

“Yeah, they get it from a local brewery that also makes a root beer. It’s quite good. One of the bartenders recommended it when I said I was tired of being the DD who always got diet pepsi, now it’s all I order.”

“Sounds like you could teach me a lot of the hidden gems of this place. How long have you been coming here?”

“About three years. A previous partner brought me for demo sessions, but when he moved on and stopped coming I stayed. I like the community here.”

“I’ve been coming to Dom meetings here for a few months, but this is my first member dinner.”

“Well, I hope you’ll keep coming. Assuming, of course, I stop making a fool of myself with my comments and opinions.”

“Don’t even worry about it. It was my own fault for getting her name tattooed on me in the first place. It was supposed to be a surprise for her and she hated it. Guess I should have know then.”

“Whoever did your cover-up did a great job. It looks amazing. I have a huge thing for rope, so it caught my eye immediately.”

“You don’t say. Well, you should see some of my other tattoos.” He leaned back in his chair and took a drink.

“Yes, please.” I grinned as he smiled at me. A jolt of excitement and nervousness ran through me. I set my drink down on the table as my hands were starting to shake a bit.

I really wish I had asked for something a bit stronger than cream soda.

To be continued…

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Flying High

For some it’s purely about altitude, but for me it’s about the feeling of weightlessness.

Bound, hooded, and flying high for his pleasure.

Rye in rope bondage, hooded and dangled for view.


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Wicked Wednesday for post Stockpiled Cravings

**So as not to scare or give the wrong impression, I am not, in fact, being suspended in the picture above. Please use caution when using any form of bondage or suspension.

Rope Dreams

Sir told me he had a surprise for me, but gave no clue as to what it was. We have talked about a number of things recently so it could be one of many. All he said was that it was an activity that I had shown a great deal of interest in for some time. I was a little bit anxious, but also filled with anticipation as he brought out a canvas bag. From my kneeling position it looked like another toy bag, black in color, with four buckles holding it closed. Sir started to slowly undo the buckles. He was taking his time at revealing what was inside. He slowly unfolded the bag to reveal a fantastic surprise.

It was full of lots and lots of lovely rope. Giddy with excitement it was difficult to remain in position. I wanted to get up and play with the rope now laid out on the bed. Turning back to me, Sir took up his usual position on the edge of the bed. He talked to me at length about what he was planning to do with me and the rope. He also went on and on about the safety aspect of this play, the need to be patient as we both learn how to play with the rope. I tried not to wiggle with excitement as he talked about working up to hard ties and public play. My pussy was practically dripping.

Initially he said we would play alone, learn some basic ties, learn to get a feel for the bite of the rope and to experience increasing levels of immobilization. He also indicated that we would attend some local activities and learn from the more experienced practitioners. After he felt we had mastered the basic skills he talked about looking at full body suspension. He quickly hosed down any thoughts of that happening soon. The fact that he knew I would want to jump right into the extreme was calming as he had clearly laid out a timeline to force me to be patient.

By the time he got to this point my attention had started drifting to the rope lying there on the bed. I just wanted to pick it up and run it through my hands. I was  looking forward to the new experiences this would open up. I had fantasied about being tied up, immobilized and suspended for as long as I can remember. I knew Sir would take it very slow. I suspect it’s due to his cautious nature, not that there was anything wrong with that. He had a Dom  friend who unfortunately injured his sub because he tried something before he was ready.

Sir motioned me up from the floor where I had been kneeling and invited me to explore. There was so much to play with. He had obviously talked to someone experienced and purchased a pretty elaborate ‘starter’ kit. I selected a small coil of rope and released the slip knot. Pulling it through my hands I could feel my excitement building. He tells me that I’m holding a 15’ length of 6mm hemp rope. He took me through the other ropes in the bag one at a time, most likely so that he could order me to collect various lengths and widths before we play in the future.

I appreciate his understanding that expecting me to be able to collect items without explanation is unrealistic. He also showed me the EMT safety sheers. He went to great lengths to remind me that safety is very important and I’m always to raise any concerns I have when we are playing and especially when we are trying things for the first time. In fact he makes it a new rule then and there. We discussed pain versus numbness and what strain can do to damage nerves and muscles. It was a bit scary, but a necessary conversation that I appreciated.

I also spied a couple of steel objects tucked into a pocket of the bag. Sir allowed me to open the pouch and to take them out. One of the items  I had seen in some porn videos.  I picked up the anal hook and grinned. I’m looking forward to when we eventually play with it. The weight was heavier than I was expecting. I may have spent a little too long fondling the ball at the end thinking about where this would end up. Eventually putting it aside I found a steel ring and a heart shaped ring. Sir tells me they are suspension rings for much later on. I then put them back into the pocket. I then sit as demure as I can on the edge of the bed, hands folded in my lap, hoping I can entice Sir to try some of the rope on me tonight.

It seems to work as Sir orders me to stand and move to the space at the end of the bed. He picked up the shorter length of rope, pulled out a book I hadn’t spied and came over to me.

“Now Rye, lets do some basic practice. Understand that this will be somewhat tedious to start with and I am going to make mistakes and I’m going to want to retie knots sometimes as well. Trust me over time I will gain proficiency and you needn’t worry about your enjoyment. As it is always, careful what you wish for.” He lectured with a smile. “Now hold out your left arm like a good girl” he added.

I raise my left arm in front of me. He opened his book to a previously marked page. I can already see notes and highlights. Sir takes his research very seriously. Taking a piece of rope from the bed he quickly checked the book and turned back to me. Looking down I watched him with fascination as he went about his business. It’s clear that he has practiced this particular tie but he still checked back to the book on occasion to confirm. Such the perfectionist. Just when I thought he had finished I feel him undo the rope.

I really wanted to be able to look at the tie before he removed it. Just as that thought enters my head I feel him start again. Okay, maybe he wasn’t happy with it. A little while later he steps back and announces that this is a single column tie. Before I could even ask him what it’s used for he took the free end of the rope, looped it around the bed post, pulling to taught. My arm followed. Pretty clear implications there.

He returned to the bed and picked up a second length of rope. Repeating the process on my right arm I was now tied to the bed frame facing outwards, arms spread and tied. Stepping back he admired his handiwork. Stepping forward he asked me if I was enjoying myself, reaching his hand down to feel my pussy he got his answer. I was soaked, though I really wish I could have seen myself in the mirror.

Returning to the bed he came back with a much smaller rope, more like cord. He then proceeded to bind my tits with the cord. This caused them to swell and engorge in moments.  Suitably trussed he wandered off, leaving me to my sensations. I was glad we had that mirror in the wall as I could at least admire the left side of myself. I could twist and turn a little which helped me get a partially good view. I didn’t hear him return until he commented on me admiring his handiwork, but added that he wasn’t finished just yet. As he came into view I noticed he was carrying the crop.

He walked around me, checking that his ties were not too tight and rubbing my arms. He squeezed my breasts making sure there is some blood flow, even if they were starting to turn a pinkish red. Stepping back he lined up the crop and hit my left breast. As I was expecting the blow I didn’t make a sound. Not happy with that outcome the second blow on my right breast was decidedly harder. I couldn’t contain myself this time and I let out a slow “Ouch”. Pleased with my response he began to alternate his blows from breast to breast, sometimes two or three on each before changing.

He had been deliberately avoiding my nipples but I knew it wouldn’t be long. He stepped in to check my arousal and I didn’t disappoint. My pussy was leaking profusely. I sensed he was close to finishing the play session. Stepping back again he let my nipples have it. So much ouch, so much intensity, so hot. He soon had me hoping about but also peaking my arousal.

Sensing I was struggling not to come he put the crop down, stepping in close, kissed me passionately and put his hand over my pussy. Using his hand to rub my clit, he had me begging to come within moments. Kissing me more roughly and rubbing me harder I was so close to coming that I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. I pleaded with him to let me come for him. Pausing briefly from his passionate kissing he told me to cum like the good girl I am. That sent me over the edge.

Later, after he had untied me and we’d packed up the rope, we talked about how much fun this journey into rope was going to be.

Escape Tactics

Rye's hands in her metal cuffs.

Sir and I decided to role play. I love bondage play and have always had an interest in consensual non-consent. So Sir broke out our pretty metal cuffs and some rope. He tied my ankles and cuffed my wrists. He also blindfolded me with one of our many handkerchiefs. I was then lifted on the bed and given my orders.

You are my hostage. I am going to leave and when I come back I may not be alone. I may be gone for awhile. You will sit there and think about all the dirty things I am going to do to when I get back. You are my prisoner now.

As soon as I heard the door click I was in the mindset of a hostage. I used my arm to push my blindfold off. Once I could see (though he had removed my glasses, so ‘see’ is all relative) I took in my surroundings. I was on the second floor of a house in what looked like a standard bedroom. There were lots of random items around, but first I had to address my bonds. I struggled against the ropes at my ankles, but they were tied well. I wouldn’t be able to shake them free without first getting out of my wrist cuffs. My captor had tied my ankles and put shackles on my wrists, but he had clasped them in the front of my body.

The shackle cuffs had locking pins which held them in place. I immediately began using my teeth to try and remove the pins. If I could get one off, then I could easily free myself from the other and get my legs untied. He said he would be back at any moment, so I couldn’t spend too much time focusing on how to get out of the room until I could conceivably also run. After a few minutes I got the pin to move, but trying to get it out and turned with my teeth while I couldn’t see what I was doing was proving difficult. Finally I felt the click as the pin released.

I rolled the pin around in my mouth for a moment as I thought through my next steps. I couldn’t decide whether to focus on my other wrist or untie my ankles next. I landed on the other wrist. Since I had my hand free it was a lot easier to pop the pin. The urge to throw the cuffs against the door was tempered by need to stay stealthy. Instead I set them on the bed next to me and attacked the knot at my feet. I thought I heard a noise outside the door, but my feet weren’t completely free.

Even though I was hurrying, he opened the door to find me unblindfolded, uncuffed, and nearly free of my rope. Part of him was impressed, I could see it on his face. Most of him looked angry though. He tried not to break character though and I enjoyed some rough use. From now on when he puts on the cuffs he clasps them behind my back.

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Pre-Diet Bondage

I would love to be able to say that all these rolls and stretch marks are gone now. But that would make me an awful liar. The weight is slowly coming off though. Maybe one day I can have a photo taken like this and focus on the pretty bondage rather than the fat. Especially since, after further inspection, my tits looks great.

Rye in rope bondage from below on the stairs

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Spring Needs Color

I’ve been trying to get used to my photo editing program and have been working on color and saturation lately. And everything around Ohio has just started to turn green, so I was inspired by all the colors appearing outside.

Red Rope

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The Bits I Love

DSCN0817So this is how my evening started. We’ll skip over the emotional crap of the day and just say that Tuesday was rough. But Sir motivated me to push through by telling me that we were going to try something new. He certainly knows how to get me going.

After we got the kids to bed and I walked into our bedroom I saw the rope laid out across the bed. I was so excited when Sir told me he wanted to try a new harness tie. And I would show you the front, but I get really self conscious about my breasts in harness ties when they aren’t wrapped really tight. They tend to sag and I struggle with the abuse my children have done to them. But just being wrapped up was amazing. He hugged me and kissed my shoulders and neck as he walked around me. I think that is what really attracted me to rope bondage. It’s a real connection that I love. I love the pictures and posts that Cammies on the Floor does about their rope play. We are just starting out, no where near their level, but I assume the feelings are similar.

So, harness done, I was relaxed and smiling from ear to ear. Then he hold me to climb on the bed and put my feet in the air. I’ll be honest and say that my smile dropped a bit. Then, thanks to a comment on a post earlier this week from my twitter boyfriend, he pulled out some twine.

DSCN0822It’s all about balance. And I think he strikes it well when he gives me these little treats and then lets his sadistic nature make an appearance. He wouldn’t want me to be too comfortable, would he? And he’s made our clothespin collection more interesting by wrapping them in electrical tape. I think it may have started from a place of being nice, because he didn’t want them to splinter. However, now they are just a tool for mean as they are slightly sticky and when they are removed they pull at the skin. So aside from the standard pain of being removed, we also have the stinging pain of at least one side ripping at my skin. Fun times, let me tell you.

DSCN0831While the picture may make me look like a trusted up turkey, please know that it felt amazing. I just laid there in a puddle for awhile. I think he likes to leave me like that. I’m sure I make good faces. And because it will bother me for you, dear reader, to think so, I did laundry yesterday. Please ignore the pile of clothes behind me. Focus on the fact that I have twine tied to my big toes. Because, trust me, that’s what I was focused on.

The whole scene was magic. I was so turned on and gooey that even one of his really hard spankings felt good. We were both excited that I actually enjoyed it. I almost felt embarrassed asking for him to hit me harder. But he was more than willing (yeah, because sadist) and he said it was really hot. I love it when we are both really hot. I makes for an amazing evening.

DSCN0838And just because I was so entertained by this picture. I had to include the shot where Sir’s dick makes an appearance. I commented that we would need to get some dick pics on the blog. He said that he thought he made some cameo appearances in the some of the photos. So when I came across this I was so excited. Maybe sometime I will get a chance to get more than just the tip. But as my hands are usually tied up and he’s the one with the camera, I’m not holding my breath. Enjoy the bits you get I guess, I certainly do.