Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


Lately I have had a tongue fascination. Not that I don’t like my tongue (or his!) normally, but recently I have found myself focusing on that sensation. I crave an evening of him laying out naked on the bed and just licking his entire body. He always makes a joke about being sweaty, but I don’t even care. It seems like such a luscious evening. That craving of wanting to taste him. During the winter it is too cold to lay out on the bed, even with the heat on. We are finally hitting that almost spring weather in Ohio where you can be naked in the evening or early morning and not have to be covered in a thick blanket. So the idea of laying out on the bed naked would be a lovely way to spend an evening. Licking and sucking his cock without having to simultaneously suffocate under our duvet is always a plus.

Similarly to have him use his tongue on me (that was obvious though, right).

This new tongue/licking fascination has extended into other mouth activities as well. Taste is just one of those things that we haven’t played with too much as far as sensory deprivation. There are the standard eating cum jokes. One of my 101 Things is to log the changes of taste in his semen for a month. I haven’t read too much about ice or heat in your mouth while giving oral, but I’m sure it’s out there. I’ve done cold with Sir a few times, he enjoys the sensation, but I think it has it’s limits. And we never really did the standard food during sex thing, maybe in college. But strawberries and chocolate seem too easy. We could do a savory sex evening with a nice cheese plate. Not sure if a mouthful of blue cheese would make an orgasm better or worse. But I do love blue cheese, so it could be a win/win. I can’t imagine cleaning the sheets after such an evening though.

And now I’m hungry and horny. Fuck!


A Taste of the Lifestyle

“How do you like your eggs Graham? Beth has gotten quite good at poaching in batches lately.” Sir was in a good mood this morning. The blow job I had given him had earned me several ‘good girl’s’ and that was before he got a taste of my hollandaise. He obviously wasn’t too jealous about my cuddling with Graham, though the sly smile plastered on his face often hid multiple meanings.

“They are excellent Sir. It’s been a long time since I’ve had eggs benedict. As amazing as this is, I can’t think now why I don’t make it at home more often. Beth said you were working on an upcoming case, how is it going?”

“Well, thank you. These Subtitle D cases can get really messy – pun intended. But this one is a fairly straight-forward matter. We don’t go to trial for a few months yet, so there’s lots of time to prep.”

I sat listening to the two men. Politics and Pacific Northwest weather just can’t compete with coffee and hollandaise. When we were all finished, I cleared the plates and returned with the coffee pot to pour refills. They were still discussing sports or something when I got back. After a few more minutes of small talk Graham excused himself. By the time he got back from the bathroom things had changed considerably.

As soon as the door closed upstairs Sir had pulled one of the chairs to the center of the room and ordered me strip. His toy bag appeared from the downstairs closet as I knelt in front of the chair. My leash was quickly snapped in place. Sir was obviously going for a dramatic reveal, and I’m pretty sure he got it. Graham’s face as he turned the corner was pretty priceless. I’ll admit I may have smiled a bit as his jaw dropped seeing me kneeling at Sir’s feet with my leash in his hand. I would have been intimidated too.

“Strip Graham and come kneel in front of me as Beth is.” Sir was never one to mince words.

I noticed that Graham hesitated. The look on his face was one of confusion. His reaction would need to be swift or this could have gone south in an instant. Sir was also attuned to Graham’s  hesitation.

“Graham, my instruction was quite clear. I do not like to repeat myself.” Graham hesitated for a split second longer, still processing the scene before him. Then his expression changed ever so slightly; a rye smile appeared. I think it was purely out of a sense of joy. He striped quickly and was soon down next to me. He was trying to hide his smile; at least to start with.

Next, Sir took a blindfold out of the bag and covered my eyes. Whatever he was going to do, I didn’t get to watch. I heard the bag rustle, but he didn’t touch me again. Instead, I listened, on high alert, as he walked away.

“Now Graham, I am going to be testing several implements on you. Your safewords are red and yellow. You will take twenty strikes each. If you cannot handle them, you will use your safeword, however, there will be consequences. Do you have any questions?”

“No, Sir.”

“Excellent. This is lovely little paddle that I designed for Beth for her warm-ups. It’s wooden, but wrapped in a padding to ease the sting. Bend and touch your ankles.” I didn’t hear Graham move, but when the crack as the first strike met his flesh I gathered he had complied. There was no counting out loud from either of them, but I was keeping count in my head. Listening to the impacts I could tell that Sir was moving around Graham’s body. He liked to do that for my warm-ups too. But that padding was almost a curse as it brought a false sense of security that any following tool would shatter. I hope Graham realized that. The twenty hits went quickly.

“That’s bringing the blood to the surface. Now this, this is will break that surface.”

Oh no. Sir was going to push back hard. Maybe he was more jealous than he seemed. The first swing hit and I knew he had chosen the studded paddle. Graham’s hiss in pain told me he wasn’t prepared. His hisses turned to yells after three more strikes. He wasn’t going to make it, I could hardly suffer through five hits with that thing, and I’d had a lot more practice. After four more it happened.


“Eight. Eight is pretty good Graham, but eight isn’t twenty I’m afraid. Kneel.” Graham hissed again as he moved into position. I was so worried about whether Graham was alright that I wasn’t ready when Sir grabbed my arm. “Stand up Beth, it’s your turn.” He pulled me up and bent me over something soft. I think it was one of the children’s toy boxes.

“Since you were unable to take the twenty hits that I require, Graham, now you must watch as Beth takes the rest. She will show you the strength I require and expect from a slave.”

“No, please Sir. I can take more.” As much as Graham was interested in kink and seeing the aftermath of our play, he’d never seen me be actively hit before. It was strange that I was actually more worried about him than I was about the twelve strikes I would have to take for him.

“Silence your begging, you had your chance to impress me. Don’t get mad at me because Beth has to pay for your weakness.” He had hardly finished the sentence before the paddle hit my ass, hard. No warm-up. He either wanted me to hate Graham or make Graham feel really bad for not taking more pain. I was sure it was the latter, but the former was becoming a close second. By the second hit my eyes were watering, by hit number three the tears were flowing. The surprise at besting my previous to-tears record of seven swats was quickly overshadowed by the pain in my ass and thighs. My screams weren’t for show as the last few strikes broke the skin. Nothing deep, but I could feel blood running down the backs of my legs. After the last hit I fell on the floor.

“Get up cunt. You wouldn’t want to get blood on the floor, that would take you hours to clean up. First position.” I rolled up onto my knees and winced as I sat back on my heels. Putting my arms up behind my head stretched my back muscles and I started crying again. The blindfold was soaked with a mixture of sweat and tears. The bag rustled again.

“Bend over Graham. Time for round three. Let’s add a little reminder to your service. What I am putting on you are called ball weights. If you stay in the position I put you, then you will only feel a slight pressure. If you move or struggle, however, the weights will pull to remind you that you are here for my pleasure. Now, since the paddle wasn’t your cup of tea, are you ready to try the cane?”

“Yes, Sir.” His voice didn’t waver.

I heard a few grunts and hisses with the strikes, but Graham took all twenty cane hits. He also took twenty hits from Sir’s flicker whip. As I personally hate that thing, I was quite relieved he had managed to do so well. The bag rustled again and Graham groaned even before I heard a hit. Sir must have pulled out the scary looking whip with the pointy end, I make the same noise when he shows it to me.

“You’ve done pretty well Graham. Most impressive for your first impact session. This piece looks nasty and trust me, it is. Down on your knees.” The first crack made me shudder and Graham cried out. I’m pretty sure he was crying by the second hit. Between the sting of whip and the ball weights pulling, I knew he must have been really hurting. “What, are you going to safeword again? Are you going to make Beth take your pain? I thought you were this big strong sub?” Wails followed the next few strikes. They sounded hard. As much as I wanted him to safeword, I knew Sir would hit me harder just to make Graham suffer. But I wanted Graham to have a good time, I was worried he would think this was my idea. The sixth stroke fell with a resounding,


“So Graham, are you happy to let your ‘girlfriend’ make up for your weakness and receive the remaining 14 blows? Cunt, what is your record?”

“9, Sir”, I answered quickly.

“Now Graham, what is it to be? Answer me slave!”

“No Sir, please continue, I can take more.”

I could sense a subtle shift in Sir. He really was pissed off with Graham for the cuddling last night. Oh this wasn’t going to be good.

Unfortunately, I was right. The next blow sounded harsh. The release of air from Graham clearly showed how much pain he was in. I didn’t know how much more he could take.

The eighth blow was even worse. I heard Graham fall to the floor. The sound coming from him was pure agony.

Next I heard between his sobs, “Red!”

I closed my eyes as I felt the grin appear on Sir’s face.

“Only eight Graham, how disappointing. On your knees. Beth will take your suffering for you. Watch her strength in her service to me.” He must have been walking as he talked as his first hit was timed perfectly as he finished with the end of his sentence. The blood from my previous round had dried, but the first lash reopened the cuts. Nine through eleven hurt like hell, but by twelve I think my ass was numb. The tears didn’t stop though. When Sir finally brought down number twenty I was splayed out on the floor weeping.

“Good girl.” He was only gone a moment and I felt a warm towel washing my back and legs. I resisted the urge to curl into a ball while he cleaned me up, every move stung. When he was finished he removed the blindfold and covered me with my aftercare blanket. “You are done for the morning cunt. Here is some water. Now Graham will see what your true service looks like.”

Sir walked over to where Graham knelt. Face filled with guilt at the hits I had taken for him. Not even caring that Sir now stood over him with a look reserved for his most sadistic plans.

“You have both pleased me with your service this morning, but I am not finished just yet. Cunt, nadu!” I tried to rise gracefully, keeping the aftercare blanket around my shoulders, and moved into position off to the side, facing Sir and Graham. It was clear I was going to have to be satisfied with being a voyeur for what was unfolding.

“Now slave, in my negotiations with your Mistress she revealed that you profess to have not found any limits to your service. As your Mistress does not have the desire to test this, she has requested that I do. A challenge that I’m willing to undertake. Now, as we have not negotiated limits and that you are a novice, I’m going to give you continued access to your safewords. If you understand and consent to this scene please respond with ‘yes, Sir”.

Graham took a second and he glanced briefly over to where I was holding position. A very slight nod of my head gave him the necessary courage. He responded, ‘Yes Sir”.

“That’s a good slave. Now kiss my shoe.” I saw Graham look at me before he looked down at Sir’s feet. I mentioned Sir’s love of humiliation play before, but I don’t think I had ever really described it in detail. Graham bent down and the weights on his balls shifted. His kisses were quick and he got back on his knees in position.

“Oh, did that hurt? Maybe you should kiss something a little higher so you don’t have to bend. Here, kiss this.” Sir unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out right next to Graham’s face. I was both scared to watch and captivated by the scene.

“Hannah said you constantly whined about blow jobs, slave. Think those come free? Well, they do for me. Show me your gratitude for allowing you to serve me.”

Graham quickly glanced over to me for reassurance and then back to Sir. Next I heard Graham say very softly,  “Yellow, Sir”.

Sir’s response was quick and laced with scorn,  “So slave, that seems to be your favorite color tonight. You come here professing that you have no limits and at the simplest of requests you balk. I wonder what your Twitter girlfriend thinks of you now!”

The words hit the desired target. Immediately I saw Graham’s resolve change. He didn’t hesitate further. I then watched in fascination as Graham tried to pleasure Sir. His inexperience was evident, but his desire to please was impressive. Sir even moaned a few times. I didn’t know who to watch. This was a perspective of Sir I never got to see; but Graham’s submission was a joy to witness as well.

“So slave, I see you have a taste for this. Well let’s see how talented you really are. Do you recall a conversation we had some time back about mouth gags and deep-throating? No, I thought not. If I recall…, I didn’t tell you to stop, keep sucking slave. Now where was I, ah yes, what I said was that a gag wasn’t necessary, all I had to do was say ‘hold still and open your mouth’. Do you think you can do that?”

I continued to watch, fascinated at how hard Graham tried to deep throat Sir. For a novice he managed to get most of Sir’s cock down his throat, but not all the way. Sir had obviously had had enough and he backed off. Graham sucked in some air in deep breathes, obviously a little distressed. I hoped that Graham was done for awhile.

“Slave, what did your mistress say about penetrating your ass?” Sir’s question was a bit out of left field, but Graham didn’t miss a beat.

He pulled back and replied, “Sir, Mistress said that protection needed to be used to cover anything put in my ass.”

“Cunt, go to my toy bag and retrieve the double jelly dildo and a condom. Bring them to me.”

I quickly got up to retrieve the items and crawled over to Sir. “As requested Sir.” I then resumed a position kneeling close to Sir. I hoped Graham had prepared his ass well, that dildo was on the large size for a beginner.

“So slave, do you think you can handle this?” Sir asked while waving the dildo in front of his face. Graham replied with a simple nod of his head, mouth still full of Sir’s cock.

“Well slave, I’m not really one for imitations, I must prefer the original.”

Sir then withdrew his cock from Graham’s mouth. A line of spit trailed from his cock to Graham’s lower lip. I really wanted to lick that lip. Sir turned slightly towards me. “Cunt, open the condom and roll it onto my cock.”

I looked at Graham so he could see the look of surprise on my face. I didn’t know Sir had planned any of this, I hoped Graham had prepared well. I quickly rolled the condom on Sir’s saliva covered cock.

“Get into position slave. Cunt, you can help him.” I shifted to help Graham move into Sir’s favorite anal position. Ass up, kneeling, face in the carpet. I tried to move the ball weights so they wouldn’t pull with each thrust.

I leaned in as I pushed his arms down. “You are doing great. Just breathe.” He looked at me with a weak smile.

“Back in position cunt, you’ve earned your break. Graham, however, still has more service to give.” He rubbed Graham’s ass for a moment. “Take a deep breath slave, this will hurt.” He almost grinned as he said it.

I tried to watch Graham’s face, his focus on breathing was impressive. And his work with the butt plug seemed to have taken away most of the shock. Sir wasn’t holding back either. Graham did seem to like it at least a little bit, but Sir’s enjoyment was much more vocal. I could never really appreciate his growls with my face smashed into the floor.

I couldn’t settle one whose face to focus on. Eventually all I could look at was Graham’s cock straining against the cage. Soon his face changed and come began to pour out of his dick in slow constant spurts. As Sir came and pulled out Graham collapsed to the side, avoiding the proof of his own pleasure. Sir cleaned himself off and disposed of the condom. Then he grabbed another blanket and a bottle of water. However, rather than handing it to Graham, he held it higher as he stood over him.

“Lick it up, slave.”

Graham swallowed and looked at me.

“What? Do you expect my cunt to clean up after you? Her requirements to keep my floors clean do not extending to your messes. I personal don’t care that were able to get enough stimulation from me fucking your ass for you to be milked. My floors stay clean.”

He looked at me again, then down at the floor. It was significant amount, but he had said it had been awhile since Hannah had allowed him to orgasm in any form. I think he was well aware of that reality as he bent down. Considering the amount, I was surprised that it only took him six licks to get it all up. I was obviously impressed by odd feats.

“Now say thank you, slave.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“And thank you for your service Graham. Your Mistress will be pleased at how well you preformed.” He covered Graham up with the blanket and placed the water on the floor.

“I’m headed up for a shower, cunt. When I’m done you and Graham can get cleaned up and rest. I will be in my office working for the next few hours. Dinner will be earlier since we did an early brunch, I’ll say six. I’m craving salmon. Since Graham lives so close to the Pacific I’m sure he has a good recipe.”

“Yes, Sir.” He headed up the bathroom and I crawled over to open Graham’s water bottle.

“So he’s just gone? Don’t you get any aftercare?” Graham was sweating, but his breathing had returned to normal.

“Sorry, we didn’t really discuss aftercare needs. This is our usual pattern. He’ll go upstairs and we’ll cuddle and talk tonight. I usually don’t need aftercare for a good six to eight hours. What would you like?” I think my statement took him off guard. He considered my question.

“I don’t know. I would like a shower. But maybe some physical contact would be nice. Sir seemed a bit jealous about last night though, so I don’t want to push.”

“This morning is different though. Service to him is different. We’ll get you clean and comfortable and then we can curl up on the couch and watch a movie. And we’ll have to make a run to the grocery too, to get some salmon. You do have an idea for dinner, right?”

“Got you covered, Mistress.” I smiled.

“Then shower, movie, and dinner it is. I’m really glad you aren’t regretting your visit.”

“I’m not. I said I wanted the full experience. But getting to have a relaxing afternoon with you will be nice too. Think Sir is done with his shower?”

“I don’t hear the water, but you can go peek and see. Maybe he’ll let you join him and you can get some of that physical contact you want.” My sarcastic smile gave me away. “How about we start that movie.”

“Absolutely, Mistress.”

*                          *                              *                          *

This is another installment of a larger erotica piece that started with The Odd Art of Negotiation, followed by Meet and Greet. Graham and Beth’s weekend will continue in the coming weeks.