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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

A Ghostly Moan

“Is someone there?” Alice looked around. She hoped that no one would answer. It had been a long day and the idea of lounging on the couch naked and unwinding to some porn sounded lovely. After another beat of silence Alice decided the coast was clear. Her purse hit the counter as she quickly unbuttoned her pants and walked into the living room. Suzanne and Mattie were supposed to be working late, but she double checked that the front door was locked, just in case. A few extra seconds warning was better than nothing; not that she was ashamed, but no point making things more awkward than necessary.

Alice ran to her room and grabbed her favorite toy and a DVD she hadn’t watched in ages. She stopped for a towel in the hall closet and popped the DVD in on her way to the couch. Laying out the towel to save any uncomfortable explanations later, she laid down on it and waited for the movie menu.

It was an old porno that she has bought from one of those Lion’s Den roadside rests on a dare in college. Everyone else on the road-trip probably assumed she had thrown it away. But it had, instead, become one of her favorites. She would fully admit to it being cheesy, gratuitous lesbian porn. Made for men, obviously. However, the girls were hot and watching women go down on each other is always amazing.

Pressing play Alice lay back against the cushion and grabbed her trusty vibrator. Trying to ease herself in she just rubbed her clit with it turned off as she watched the horrible opening dialogue.

Then she heard a notice behind her. She quickly turned off the movie and hid the vibrator behind her thigh.  Laying in silence she waited for someone to walk in, but no one came. Alice chalked it up to hearing things; she really was too tense these days.

Quickly turning the porn back on she lost patience with herself. She wanted to enjoy herself, but that wasn’t going to happen until she had at least one orgasm and could fully relax. Grabbing the vibrator she turned it on it’s medium setting and began rubbing her outer lips. The women in the film were moaning now and so was she. She was practically dripping when she started moving the dildo in and out of her cunt. For her it wasn’t really about the penetration, it was about hitting her entrance and clit at the same time. Soon she found a good rhythm and came hard. Her moans drowned out those of the blond on the tv as the week’s stress was finally released.

After she stopped twitching Alice turned the vibrator speed to low and just watched the two women suckle each other’s nipples. She knew she wanted another, and watching this would certainly help. Closing her eyes for a moment she sunk even more into the soft couch. Then a low moan made her open her eyes. Neither of women’s voices were that deep. Where did it come from?

She paused the video again and only heard silence. These odd interruptions were disrupting her masturbation time and she wasn’t at all pleased. Getting up, she walked naked into the kitchen, swinging her vibrator (still on, by the way) in her hand. Silence filled the kitchen as she got a glass of water and wandered back into the living room. The DVD had paused in an amazing freeze frame of a tongue mid-lick of a plump pink clit. It was so arousing Alice didn’t even press play. Instead, she lay back down and used her one hand on her nipple along with the vibrator. The photo alone was enough to bring her her second orgasm.

Alice lay on the couch; a puddle of relaxed and happy goo. She considered going for a third, but wanted to enjoy the endorphins for a bit first. Then she heard another moan followed by a thump. She shot up on the couch, but nothing had fallen or was out of place.

Alice growled. She refused to get freaked out over nothing. Hitting play again she returned to her nipple and clit. This time she turned the vibrator to it’s highest setting. Before things got any freakier she was going to try and shatter herself. Thrusting the vibrator in deep and then slowly pulling it out across her lips to her clit she was soon a quivering mess. Again she thought she heard another moan, but she pushed through with determination toward her orgasm. Watching the two women sixty-nine each other was going to put her over the edge. She put the vibrator against her clit and pushed hard while pinching her nipple until it hurt. All three women moaned together, but Alice was only one to shatter. She squirted all over the towel as she came in waves against the vibrator.

The women in the film kept at it, but Alice was spent. She lay in a gooey mass on the couch for several minutes until the calm was firmly cemented into her brain. When she got up the towel was soaked as well as a few drops that had escaped it’s coverage. Giving the couch a quick wipe with a dry part of the towel, she hoped it would dry before anyone would notice.

Walking toward her room to put the towel in the hamper and throw on some grunge clothes she stepped on something sticky. When she rubbed her foot and smelled her hand in an effort to determine the substance it smelled like cum. Not from her, but from a man. Her knowledge and experience with semen was limited, but she was nearly positive that was what this was. However, for it to be this ‘fresh’ the owner of said semen would had to been in the house quiet recently.

Once in her room, Alice put on a cami and some panties. She heard her phone ring in the living room and ran to catch it. It was just a notification of a text message from Becca.

Hey Slut! Did you get some release this afternoon?

Yeah, very much needed squirty orgasms 🙂

Not sure a needed to know that, but yeah!

Are you busy? Could you come over?

I don’t want to see your squirty orgasms. But yeah, let me drop off the shopping and I’ll over. What’s wrong?

I think a male ghost jerked off to me masturbating.

….I’ll bring wine

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Our Poor Water Bill

I laid out the towel across the duvet. I was in too much of a hurry to put the clean clothes away, so I stacked them at the foot of the bed. The toddler could wake from his nap at any moment so I didn’t have much time. I grabbed the Doxy from my night stand and threw it on the bed. I considered leaving my shirt on to save time, but nipple play sounded too good and I was soon completely naked.

His message had come through an hour before, but chores had to be done before I could stop to let it sink in. He was coming, and sooner than I ever thought possible. The tickets were purchased, the hotel room booked. He was coming to Ohio to visit me in less than three weeks; I had a lot to masturbate about.

My clit was already throbbing as I spread out on the towel. I was so close to cumming I had to start the vibrator on low so I didn’t ruin my own orgasm.

Thinking about seeing him again was so erotic. Obviously fucking him; I had been craving his cock since we parted in October. This time we were going to get two nights in a hotel and one night with Sir at home. The amount of fucking would be epic. But, even more so, we were going out on a date. A dress up, order taken by a waiter, footsie under the table dinner date. I could feel my orgasm building.

I rubbed the Doxy up and down my clit as I grabbed my inner thigh. Then I remembered all the extra effort to take off my shirt. I grabbed my nipple and practically bucked off the bed. Within moments I could barely breathe as my pussy convulsed. Frustratingly, I was right on the edge. I let go of my nipple and plunged as many fingers as I could into my cunt.

Immediately my orgasm crashed into me. I began squirting all over my hand. Containing my moans became impossible. The splashing between my legs continued as I pressed the Doxy harder against my clit. It felt like my entire body was vibrating with pleasure. Eventually, my moans and writhing stopped. I put the Doxy back on the night stand and collapsed on the bed. In a perfect world I would have taken a nap to truly enjoy my few moments of bliss. Sadly, however, one of the many people in my house would be calling for me soon. Inevitably needing something that, of course, they couldn’t manage to get on their own.

As I begrudgingly sat up I let lout a squeal of laughter. I had managed to ejaculate all over the piles of neatly folded clothes. Apparently, my estimation of my own distance capabilities was more than a tad off. Upon further inspection only the tops of both piles would need to be rewashed. I grabbed them and my towel and threw everything into the hamper. I quickly got dressed and giggled to myself as I went back downstairs. The next three weeks were going to mean a lot more laundry.

Rye's squirting evidence.

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When Things Cum Together

I want to clarify, before I start this post, that this was not a scene. This was (or started as) a casual connection.

I had asked Sir if he would take a video of me sucking his cock. I really wanted to send my flirting/masturbation buddy on twitter something fun. As I get more and more excited about my trip (tomorrow!) to see him, I love the idea of him jerking off while watching a video of me. Sir seemed to appreciate my enthusiasm. After the kids were in bed I was quickly ordered between his legs.

The video turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. And I am pretty sure he recipent enjoyed it too. He responded to Sir with, “Yes! I am totally getting off to this tonight!”.

I think that only fueled our fire. Sir told me to grab the Doxy and climb on top of him. This has been his new favorite way to make me cum. I think he enjoys being inside me when use the Doxy to orgasm. It all feels amazing to me, so no complaining here.

I’m not even sure what happened. I’m certainly not going to complain about any orgasm, but this was better and completely different than any I have had before. One minute I was trying to hold onto my release and the next I had a strong hand around my neck and I was squirting everywhere. I couldn’t focus on how embarrassed I was or worried about Sir’s reaction. All I could was feel. He came as well, though I didn’t even know it until afterward. The moment was just so sublime.

We had to change the sheets. I think we both still slept on towels. It was crazy.

I just wish we can do it again. As I have no idea what he did that pushed me over the edge, I think lots of testing may be required. 🙂


Doesn’t that word sound gross. Secretions. It’s like moist; I hate that word too. But is it really the word, or it’s definition? And why? I mean, men secrete semen. More than 50% of the population thinks that’s the greatest thing in the world. And being part of that happy percentage, I have to wonder why the term always has a negative connotation. But it does.

Last night Sir was good to me. Not that he isn’t always good to me, but yesterday was rough in many ways. Just my overactive anxiety about the house inspection report and the build up of housework. By the time he got home from work I was stressed and worked my way up to tired crazy. So after the kids went to bed (they actually both passed out by 8:30) he had me get into my new present position. Back straight, forehead on the floor, palms up. After a few minutes the doxy was making my legs shake so bad I had to ask to move. Sir let me lay on my back on the edge of the bed. Between the doxy and him playing with my nipples and rubbing my body, it was honestly one of the strongest orgasms I can remember. And I squirted. A lot. I’m sure part of it was urine too (sorry if that was TMI).

As I lay there in my glow of orgasmic bliss I will admit it was dampened by the movement of Sir to pile towels under me and clean up ‘my mess’. I mean, we lay in a gooey pile of his cum all the time, so why the rush to clear away my goo? Maybe he was just encouraging me to not get too comfortable. I mean, he’s nice, but not all about the nonreciprocal charity. After a good beating and some rough fucking, I would like to think he had a nice orgasm as well.

So anyway, back to my fluids. I guess I just don’t know why generally a male fluid is seen as ok, while female fluids are not. I know that a lot of people (kinky people, mostly) think that squirting is a great achievement, but they never show the clean up. Eating cum is always shown in porn as amazing (I certainly don’t mind it). But I’ve never heard of anyone drinking squirt fluid (if it has a special name, I don’t know it). I think people just have too many connections with fluids coming out of vaginas and none of them good. I mean, Sir watched me give birth to both of our children, I’m surprised he wants to spend time down there at all. And then, of course, there is the monthly visitor that makes me feel gross. Women are, at least in my family/area/culture, made to look at period blood and other vaginal secretions as dirty. I get the yeast infection side of it, but normally isn’t wet and gooey a good thing?

Either way, I’m not going to feel bad about my messy but amazing orgasms. Sir allows me (orders me sometimes) to have some wonderful orgasms and the resulting goo is just my body saying thank you for them. And I will continue to happily show my gratitude.

*Just for clarification, Sir doesn’t shame me for squirting or making any messes during sex. His actions were reactionary and not a form of judgement. They just got me thinking.