Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Friendly Visit

He arrived in the middle of a snow storm. Driving back to the house I was doing 40 mph on the highway. Luckily, he was willing to talk so I could concentrate on the road. We grabbed some dinner and I dropped him at the B&B to try and get some sleep. My husband wasn’t comfortable with him staying at the house, which I respected. It was easier with the kids at home anyway. So it was a compromise I was happy to give to make him feel more secure.

Thursday was our ‘day to live life to the fullest’. After running some errands and grabbing breakfast we hit the road for Amish country. It was a long day in the car, but I wanted to show him something he really couldn’t experience on the rest of his travels. Honestly, we could have the spent the entire 36 hours in a coffee shop just talking. We spent a long time in the car talking about everything from Australian politics to childhood antics. Getting to hear his voice, rather than endless written conversations was such a relaxing feeling.

It was a productive day. We bought a lot of ingredients and cooked dinner at the house for us and my husband. It wasn’t near as awkward as it could have been. We laughed and cooked together. So many of our conversations are focused around enjoying moments. Cooking dinner and eating together were two amazing moments that I will never forget.

My friend left on Friday. It was sad to see him go. I feel like just having him here was a huge confidence boost. I don’t want him to go back to being just my twitter boyfriend. If anything, this trip has proved how much more we are to each other.

He and I have a relationship of similar paths. Even though twenty years in age separates us, we have a lot in common. And not just in our experiences. We think the same way. It is rare that we need to explain feelings to each other. As soon as he tells me about an event or interaction I know he felt about it. Our brains process the same way. I didn’t realize it completely until we met in person and I found myself nodding along to his stories.

Kink didn’t come up too much. It was how we first started talking, but I’m not sure it’s what really connects us anymore. We have much more that we relate to. BDSM will always be a part of us, but it’s taken on this unspoken role. Honestly, because I think it would create a sexual tension that we are trying to get away from. He and I have played with that tension often in the last several years. One or other of us asks the question or changes our needs to include various things. There was a period where we considered a form of D/s dynamic. And there were even moments of weakness, on both our parts, where we would plan our lives together on some island somewhere; far away from our current troubles and responsibilities. While these grand plans sound good at the time, they always end up being selfish fantasies.

Even though I think we both are comfortable with our non-physical relationship, there were a few tense moments. Not in any negative way. There were just a few times where I really wanted to give him a kiss, even just on the cheek. And, I’ll admit, the idea of giving him a blow job as a Christmas gift did cross my mind. But I was good. I didn’t go into the Bed and Breakfast with him and I kept my dirty comments to a minimum.

We said goodbye already talking about another trip. I’m not sure my finances will allow me to travel to Australia anytime soon, but I am more than willing to try. To find someone that you connect with on such a deep level is pretty amazing, and I know both of us recognize how lucky we are.

I miss him already.

Poly Problem #76: Pass Priority

Rye's slave braclet

I miss people. As comfortable as I am with my family life right now I am struggling with how far away everyone is. My twitter boyfriend jokes that I couldn’t have found relationships further away if I had planned it. With him being on the opposite side of the world I can hardly argue his point. A lover in California and a Dom (you didn’t miss anything, he’s new) in Florida. I do manage to make things extra difficult for myself.

So my new Dom thing is very new. The idea of having a secondary that is a Dominant is still messing with my head. How to balance my husband and my Dominant. I don’t really believe that he would ask me to do anything that would jeopardize my marriage (he’s wonderfully understanding). And he would not give me an order that would have me ignoring my family responsibilities. Honestly, it would be me. Wanting to please him and show him that I’m serious about our relationship. However, I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure what our relationship is.

Everyone has priorities. Each of the men that I care about outside my own marriage have families and careers to worry about. It’s hard to connect through a computer screen with differences in time zones and schedules. And even when we can each sit down and really talk, there are usually kids and bills and a handful of other things distracting us. And that’s difficult for me. When I am with someone I want to be their focus, as I’m sure they expect from me. But when we are thousands of miles away, focus is a relative term. This is what has me concerned about what I can really offer my Dominant.

He has been lovely to start things slowly. As an impatient person, I have had to put trust in him that he knows what he is doing and what he wants. It’s been a very freeing experience. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not craving more. It’s a balance that I want to reach going forward. Each of the men in my life are special to me for varying reasons. And how I am able to reach a balance, while still respecting and obeying my Dominant will be a challenge. I trust that he will help me though; and lead me in a positive direction.

Spanking Bliss

I find kneeling to be such a centering activity within my submission to Sir. It was the first submissive act he introduced me to all those years ago, and one that has been a constant over our time together. My approach and understanding as to why he wants me to kneel has developed and I now appreciate the opportunity any time he gives it to me.

There is such an intensity in kneeling that underpins my mental well being, a kind of meditation where I can observe my thoughts and examine them without being caught up in them. It gives me time to process the varied feelings that my submission brings forward in me. That wasn’t always the case. In the early days I would be a sea of jumbled thoughts, drowning in the constant negative voices trying to find meaning and purpose  in all of the experiences he was taking me through. Something I didn’t know I was missing until he showed it to me.

Tonight is no different although I have an unusual number of new feelings to process and observe as a result of the weekend’s activities. As I kneel here waiting for him I am drawn to the collective experiences of the weekend.  I came here to experience what it would be like to go to Tryst, or at least to get a taste of what it could be like. I didn’t really know what to expect and as I have found out many times before to my detriment that having expectations is a dangerous mindset to be in. So I approached the weekend with an openness to the experiences and let them unfold as they did. Sir at least let me know the broad outline of the weekend’s activities so I was at least somewhat prepared.

Reflecting back I think the hunt for me was the most exhilarating and novel experience I encountered over the weekend. The consensual non-consent aspect, the limited negotiation around the scenes, the thrill of the chase, the intensity of the two encounters and the feeling of relief when the horn went off signalling the end of the hunt.

Also, finally making my peace with Stephen during the orgasm challenge was another tick for the weekend. I had really felt bad about how we had left things and giving him the time to dominate me and in such a public way was cathartic for me and I’d like to think for him as well.

The subsequent meeting with the bullwhip was made so much easier as a result. Don’t get me wrong it was an intense mental and physical ordeal. One I don’t think I’d like to experience too often, if at all, but with all new experiences it helps build my sense of self, and how important my submission is to me, and also to Sir.

Playing with Josh and Bianca throughout the weekend was really nice as well. We’ve connected before but we have never been together for as long. Relaxing and enjoying each other’s company both in and out of scenes was wonderful. Maybe we can host them back east sometime in the future.

Okay, reflection time is over as I here Sir’s footsteps approaching. That’s it, focus in on your breathing, clear your mind.

The door swings open and I hear him enter the room. He walks past me and I briefly glimpse his shoes as they come into my vision. I hear him move around the bedroom. It sounds like he is getting undressed and ready for bed. I’d really hoped there would be some more play. Then I sense his presence behind me. “A shiver runs through my body in anticipation.

“Your so delectable and vulnerable  when you are in this position. Good girl”, he says to me. He walks around me and I hear him sit on the bed. His feet just in front of me. He reaches forward and tilts my head up and turns it to face him. He smiles, bends down and plants a chaste kiss on my lips. Before I can engage further he sits back but indicates that I need to keep focused on him.

“So Rye, tell me about how you are feeling thinking back over the weekend?” He asks me. I slowly recount my thoughts around the events of the weekend. The good and the bad bits. Areas where I don’t think I performed as well. As I spoke he interjected with a few comments and observations. As I finished my review, he asked me whether I felt ready to attend Tryst. I didn’t verbalize an answer, I just nodded my head vigorously. I think he got the message.

“Well I think that I might need to book the two of us in then. Now I haven’t had my fill of you just yet. Crawl over to the toy bag and select two implements that I can smack you with and a pair of clamps and bring them back to me. I set off crawling as quickly as I can, but work to maintain a seductive sway of my hips and ass. I selected my favorite crop, the tawse which I have a love/hate relationship with and the least bitey clamps I could see. My nipples were still a bit sore and engorged from my session with Bianca.

Returning quickly to my position I offered the items up to him. He took the crop and the tawse and placed them on the bed. Next he took the clamps from me. Pinching first one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, then the other one he applied the clamps. He pulled on the chain to makes sure they were firmly attached.

“Ok Rye, I want you over my knee”. Moving from my position I leaned over his lap and started to lay down. Obviously I was too slow. He pushed me down forceably onto his lap, holding my legs in place with his, he slapped my ass. He repeated the process for several minutes, the intensity increasing as he warmed me up.

I  was glad for a warm up as I really didn’t have too much left in me to give. He next instructed me to lie face down on the bed with my hands extended above my head. He told me to hold this position and that I would be punished if I moved from it.

Swish. Thwack.

Alternating strokes between the crop and the tawse. Starting on my butt, then cascading down my thighs. Ohh, mmmm. I can feel that sense of slipping into nothingness but the sensation of pain and pleasure. The core becoming alive, my pussy moistening.. Focusing on each stroke. Absorbing the pain and dissipating each blow. Ever more slowly drifting to my happy place.

Sometime later, I really don’t know how long after the first blow I feel his weight shift onto the bed. My legs are forced apart and I feel him lifting my hips from the bed. His rock hard cock searching out my core. Finding it, he thrusts forward in one movement, forcing the air from my lungs. Pausing to savior the depth of his penetration, he begins to fuck me. Slowly and deliberately at first. Increasing in his urgency and speed he urges me on to a climax. He can feel me pushing back to receive more of him. This only spurs him on to pound into me. I’m so close.

“Please Sir, may I come”, I scream out. For a moment I don’t think he’s heard me as he continues to build to his climax, but then I hear a simple “Yes slut, come for me”. That’s all I need and my orgasm claims me just as he does in one final thrust burying himself balls deep emptying his balls into me as my climax seeks to pull all of his cum out of him.

Slowly our breathing returns to normal. He places an arm around my waist and pulls me closer in a classic spoon position. His cock still buried inside me as it slowly deflates. He whispers a sweet “good girl”, before telling me to get some sleep.

In a wonderful state of owned bliss I drift off to my land of dreams.


This is the final section in Rye’s weekend away. If you want to check out the other parts in the series that the Twitter Boyfriend and I put together click below. And don’t worry, our wheels are already churning on a new adventure. 🙂

Prey on Me, Cum-uppanceThe Whipping Post, & Two Can Play at This Game.

Finding Eve

This is the longest time between visits since we finally found a way to be together. It’s been a tough six months for both of us, despite the daily messaging  and regular Skype calls. Our conversations have subtly shifted. I’m not quite sure what to expect when I see Adam in a few short minutes. His manner has become more forceful and dominant. Being naturally submissive this change has only served to remind me of what I once had with my husband. That aspect of my relationship died years ago. We still find time to play a couple of times a year when the mood takes us, but the 24/7 just didn’t work.

During those early few months after the 24/7 ended I had sought to try and replace that aspect of my marriage but it never felt right and Peter became increasingly uncomfortable with my attempt to find an alternate Dom. In time I let those feelings go. In there place we have found a new path for us. I still consider myself submissive and poly, but rather than seeking out a Dom or  multiple play partners, I’ve settled on just two other life partners.

Each of my three men meets a different need of mine, and I meet a need of theirs. Peter is my husband and soul mate. We have survived buying a house, changing jobs and raising kids and all of the stresses that brings. I know we will be together for ever. Jason is my lover and fuck buddy. Whilst he wasn’t my first poly partner, he’s been my rock for many years. We just hit it off, enjoy each other’s company and just enjoy fucking.

Adam has always been my twin. We share a lot of things in common including our love of kink. Be it in writing, through messaging or when we are together. We are very similar and when we met he was in service to his wife. That didn’t last too long for him either, but he still has submissive tendencies. At times he has talked about being more dominant and recently I’m getting this as a much stronger vibe. He really likes the idea of owning a human pet. Secretly, I’d love to be his pet.

Passengers start streaming off the plane and casually walk past me. Peering into the stream of people I catch sight of Adam. Trying to contain my excitement I wait until he’s nearly reached me before I launch myself at him. As I release him from my big welcome hug I feel his hand in my hair. Next I feel him grip my hair and pull back on it tilting my head towards him. ‘Ouch’ I say to myself. Before I can process further he kisses me forcefully taking my breath away. His hand in my hair is holding me steady whilst he claims me. Releasing me I steady myself, trying to recover my balance. Before I can do so, he is pulling me to follow him to get his luggage from the carousel.

Whilst we are waiting with everyone else he leans down and whispers in my ear to go to the bathroom and remove my panties. He instructs me to make sure I play with myself a bit before I take them off and to make sure he has something of me to remember me by. He adds that he wants me to carry them in his hand so I am to give them to him when I get back.

Hmm, he’s certainly taking a different approach already. I think I like it and so does my pussy. As I get back from the bathroom, I pass him my black lace panties that I have scrunched tightly in my hand so people hopefully don’t notice what they are. Turns out I really shouldn’t have bothered. He takes my panties and unfurls them, hanging them off his fingers for everyone to see. I start to blush in embarrassment. Next he scrunches them back up, but before he puts them away he brings them up to his face and takes a good inhale. I hear him comment how sweet I smell. He then places them in his trouser pocket. I feel the heat in my ears and my face must be a bright crimson color as his embarrassment of me is complete. Grabbing his bag, we head out of the terminal to find my car.

I press the buttoning my key ring  and the car opens and the lights flash. Before I can open the door he takes the keys from me. “I’ll drive”, he says. I have an astonished look on my face as I’ve always driven him when he visits. After loading the car I settle into the passenger seat and fit my seatbelt. He climbs in the driver’s seat and adjusts the controls. Before buckling in he leans across and tells me to hike my dress up to expose my pussy. He next tells me to put my heels on the edge of the seat to further expose my quickly moistening cunt. He finally tells me that he wants to see me play with myself as we drive to our hotel. I’m instructed that I’m not to cover myself at all unless directed to by him.

He sits back and buckles up. Starting the car he reverses out of the parking spot and drives off. Looking over to make sure I’m following instructions. I’ve tentatively placed my hand covering my pussy and I’m making little strokes with my fingers hoping not to draw any attention from the cars around us. He lets me continue like this for a few blocks until he can see the sweat on my brow and my body begin to flush with excitement.

“Both hands please”, I hear him say. Emboldened, I bring my other hand into action. One I use to hold myself open, the other I use to slide up and down in my wetness. Ahh, that got to him. I like this game. I continue to stroke and play as we drive. I’ve now got a finger pushing inside of me. As I let my head roll back as a wave of pleasure go through me I catch the truck driver in the lane beside me getting a really good look at my wanton display. He winks and I instinctively close my legs onto my hands. Sensing this, He reaches across and pulls on my knee. Obeying I spread my legs once more.

Thankfully the light goes green and we turn left and away from the truck. The humiliation and my playing with my pussy is raising the heat in the car. We drive on for a few more miles. The place we are staying at is a bit out of town. We are traveling through a less populated area now. I see ahead a small lay by besides the road as I sense him slowing down. He indicates and pulls over into the lay by beside the roadway.

The area is obscured a little bit from the road but an observant person would see the car. Without missing a beat he has unbuckled both of us. “Out of the car, hands on the hood, arse out” is all I hear him say has he opens his door. Not wanting to disappoint I quickly climb out and do as he says. Once in position I feel his hands on my calves. Moving up my legs the continues up under my skirt to my now dripping pussy. First one finger, then two are inserted. As he continues to finger fuck me I feel him fumbling to release his belt and unzip his pants.

As he is pushing his trousers down to free his cock, he is simultaneously hiking my skirt up over my waist. Pushing me further forward flat onto the hood he enters me in a single thrust. He doesn’t pause and he pounds into me, quickly and urgently. I’m loving his forcefulness. After a few more violent thrusts he comes deep inside me just as I climax as well. He quickly withdraws and wipes his cock on my skirt. “I needed that”, I hear him say to himself.

“Back into the car, you can clean yourself up later”, is his next instruction. As we pull out back into traffic I can only wonder where this is heading. So far I like what I’m feeling through his dominant behavior. He may have just  re-woken  my inner slut.

Two Can Play At This Game

I’ll have to remember the next time I see Stephen to say thank you, I think to myself as I feel the bite of the single tail whip on my ass, adding to my ripening bruises from last night’s demonstration. It turns out that he had two ‘old’ single tail whips he didn’t want anymore. So as a thank you to Josh for hosting the weekend and providing the venue for the whipping demonstration, and to Sir for loaning me to be the subject of the demonstration, he gave them each a whip. 

This morning started off slowly with a long sleep in. Sir even let me just sleep. I was grateful for it as I was completely drained by yesterday’s activities. A late lunch followed where we said our goodbyes to everyone who had been at the lodge for the weekend. This just left Sir and me, plus Josh and Bianca. I could tell when Stephen gave them the whips that they intended to try them out as soon as possible. The old line about ‘boys and their toys’ often rings true when it comes to impact toys.

After a couple of cocktails in the early afternoon Josh and Sir got talking about the events of the weekend and ended up pulling out the whips Stephen had given them. Of course admiring them would never do, they had to come up with a game for them to practice their technique and to make sure they “worked”. Bianca and I sat at their feet, occasionally exchanging everything from giggles to looks of horror as our masters spoke. After a particularly bad pun I may have rolled my eyes. I quickly looked around to see if Sir had noticed, but all I saw was Bianca’s knowing smile. She wouldn’t tell on me.

As they talked back and forth Sir recalled reading about a scene on one of the blogs he frequents. It was scene where four or five subs were tied together in a group and the various Doms sat around whipping the sub-ball. The aim for each sub was to maneuver out of the firing line, so to speak. So, finding myself facing Bianca, our arms secured by our sides and tied together at the wrists twenty minutes later wasn’t that surprising.

We could move around by shuffling and that proved useful to avoid the bite of the whip, although it did place the other person in the line of fire. There was soon a happy medium found where we seem to share the painful blows. We were both gagged as they didn’t want us colluding too much and they didn’t want to be distracted by our continual chatting. The men were sitting in lounge chairs side by side creating a ‘good side’ and a ‘not so good side’ for us to be in.

Muffled ‘ouches’ escaped through the gags as their proficiency improved. Bianca and jostled to shuffle around, out of the line of fire. Trying to get them to focus on the other for a bit and get some respite. I was impressed, though they were both new to single-tails, that they avoided our faces. With both of us moving around it couldn’t have been easy. The game continued for a while, each of us took a reasonable number of good hits. Whip marks that were faded from the night before re-emerged along with new ones. And just as I was about to enter my happy place I felt the men pause.

Both Doms stood as they fell deep in conversation.  Josh told Sir that as much as he was enjoying the game he had some work he needed to finalize before he went back to the office tomorrow. He also requested that Sir send Bianca up to his room once he’s finished playing. Josh walked over, gave Bianca a deep kiss, told her to be good, and left. The whip swung behind him as closed the door.

“Well sluts, I’m sick of doing all the work around here”. Our attentions were immediately brought back to Sir as I felt the rope tying us together being released. “So let’s see how you two go at some cock worship. There might be a reward for the one that pleases me the most. But I also expect that you will work together. My pleasure is a team sport”.

Sir retreated back to the leather lounge chair and reclined it back as far as it would go. Without prompting I got to my knees and seductively crawled over to where Sir is sitting. Not to be outdone, Bianca quickly follows suit. Damn I’ve got my work cutout, Bianca had some natural advantages that I’d kill for. But I did have the advantage of hours of previous experience.


We each took turns focusing on this cock and balls. We tried to emulate the traditional porn scene where both women are licking up and down his cock, but it was completely unsustainable. I’m not sure if it felt good for Sir or not, but Bianca and I quickly decided through eye contact to stop the charade. Instead I kissed my around his hips. Then, while Bianca took him deep I sucked on his testicles and massaged his legs. His moans drove us both to try harder as his muscles clenched. It wasn’t too long before his legs were twitching. He pulled my hair, his universal for me to stop what I am doing. Bianca saw me withdraw and followed suit.

“Very nice sluts, now lets step this competition up a notch. Entertain me.”

We both looked up and looked at Sir at the same time. Our heads then turned towards each other. Leaning forward in tandem our lips locked. Gentle probing kisses first gave way to more passionate ones. Mouths open, tongues out. Oh my, it was so hot. We matched movements and were soon grabbing each others’ breasts.

We were obviously causing Sir some discomfort in our desire for each other. With a gentle push from Sir we took our embrace to the rug on the floor. With Sir in the ring side seat Bianca and I got to know each other much better. I leaned in and took her nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around I elicited a small moan from her. Driven on it kept at her breasts. Feeling our passion rising I pushed her back onto the rug and continued my journey down her body, kissing her as I went.

Something I’d always wanted to do was try a sixty nine with another woman, well there was no time like the present. I swung my knee over her head and lowered my pussy to her waiting mouth. I felt her breath on my open pussy. Her tongue soon followed. I couldn’t help myself and let out a guttural moan. Leaning forward I buried my head in her pussy drinking in her arousal.

The two of us were soon moaning and writhing together. As we continued I could feel my orgasm approaching and from Bianca’s urging I think she was getting close too. Pushing my tongue deeper into her pussy I redoubled my efforts to bring her off. We were so engrossed in each other I think we forgot that Sir was even there after awhile. When he had been entertained enough he stood, reached down and pulled my hair and I quickly climbed off Bianca and retreated to his side. Bianca sat up and quickly assumed a kneeling position on the rug. We were both panting as we came down from the edge of release.

“Good sluts. You were both very sexy and quite tempting. I think you both deserve a reward”. We both got an eager grin and gave each other a look of a commiserated job well done.

“I am going to take Bianca back to her master with my good report. I’m sure he will find a way to thank her for me. Rye, straighten up the room, freshen yourself up and I expect you to be in position in our room when I get back”. Reaching down he took a handful of Bianca’s long blonde hair, wrapping it around his hand he pulled her forward onto her hands and knees. Using her hair as a lead he led a crawling Bianca off to find her master.

I quickly busied myself in straightening out the room before heading upstairs for a quick shower so that I would be in position by the time Sir returns.


This is a continuation of the Twitter Boyfriend’s and my collaboration story. Check out the first three parts below.

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Remembering the Good Times

Wow, another great video memory that I can add to my growing collection of personal porn movies. The movies help me remember and feed my hunger during the long absences that, for better worse, define our relationship. We’ve always shared our deepest fantasies and desires. I recall the earliest video moment he shared with me. A very simple solo wanking session in the shower. Simple, but for me that movie always held a special place in the development of our relationship. Its lucky that I live in the digital age otherwise I’d have worn the tape out by now given how many times I’ve revisited that scene.

It was wonderful to see each other again after such a long wait. I love  that we were able to give the gift of ourselves to each other again. There are so many things left on both our lists, but we celebrate and cherish each one as we achieve it as if its the most important thing in the world to us at that point in time. The celebration serves to ensure a re-commitment to our friendship that was forged all those years ago when this type of connection wasn’t possible and keeps it fresh when we are apart. 

Our play that morning started out fairly tame. I was still recovering from the spanking session the night before and we were both a bit worn down. Only seeing each other a few times a year leaves us pouncing on each other from the time we get off the plane until we have a tearful goodbye. After the intensity of the night before, I wasn’t expecting more than a cuddle and maybe some gentle fucking. And that’s how we started off, but as it is often the case we just can’t accept vanilla. We always need to be doing something new, exploring our sexuality and trying things we haven’t been able to with other partners.

I’d taken top position this morning, gently rocking backwards and forwards. Slowly impaling myself deliciously onto his cock with repeated moans. All he had to do was lie there and enjoy it. Well, he did do a bit more and my nipples were thankful for the tongue and teeth action. After a few minutes he whispered in my ear to turn around and ride him reverse cowgirl. He’d always wanted to watch his cock enter my pussy from that angle. He had also mentioned that it provided the perfect platform for some anal fun.

As always, I was happy to oblige. Spinning around quickly I resumed my back and forth rocking action. I heard appreciative sighs and comments from him as I went about my business. I was soon moaning myself as the angle hit my g-spot with precision. Then I felt his hands on my butt cheeks. He started a slow circular motion with his hands, opening my cunt and ass to his gaze.

By this time I was getting aroused and my wetness was dripping down my thighs. He next reached out and scoped up some of the wetness on to his fingers which he then applied to my anus. He went back a few more times and when he felt my ass was lubed enough he slowly inserted a finger into my ass. His pace was maddening slow but I could sense his awe and fascination in what he was doing. After a while he added a finger from his opposite hand. In tandem he used them to pry me open. From his breathing he was clearly enjoying what he was doing. And so was I. My wetness grew as did the urgency of my rocking. A minute later we were slamming into each other, the noise of slapping flesh reverberating around the room.

As our excitement grew, our motions increased in urgency. With a guttural cry he released my ass and grabbed my hips. He pulled me down hard and held me there as he pumped his load of cum into my quivering vagina. I collapsed forward, keeping him inside me. I could feel him slowly softening.

Just before I was going to hop off and swing around for a cuddle I felt him pulling me backwards, wanting me to back up his body. It took me a second to realize what he wanted and when I did I was eager to take this opportunity. I had often spoken about having someone lick their cum from me after they fucked me. As most of my other partners were either dominant or vanilla no one has been inclined to do so. I tried to hold his cum inside of me as I positioned myself with my knees either side of his head. Leaning forward and supporting myself on my arms I positioned my open pussy just above his mouth.

He reached up with both hands and gentle pulled my labia apart. Lifting his head he gave me a quick lick before lying back. Encouraging me to push his cum out of my pussy I strained and pushed as hard as I could. Initially I couldn’t feel anything but after a short while I could feel his cum slowly sliding down my inner labia. His obvious excitement at this was evidenced in his heavy breathing and occasional gasps. The first drip was quite small, but the second one was much larger. He managed to get both drops straight into his mouth. Swallowing deeply I could sense his savoring of the mix of juices and tastes of both of us.

He then set upon my open pussy devouring it like a starving man. He couldn’t get enough of me. Licking and sucking. The occasional finger seeking out any remaining cum. He kept at this for a long while and my excitement grew once more. Sensing this he went at my clit with his tongue. Bring me to a second  and third shuddering orgasm.

After coming down from the climax I  spun around and gave him the biggest, sloppiest kiss I could give. We hugged and cuddled for awhile, but eventually needed some food. Begrudgingly, we rose from the bed and had a soapy handsy shower together.

As I hit the stop button I mused that it would have been good to have captured the shower scene as well. Instead I roll the video back to the beginning and hit play again. Oh well, there is always next time.

The Whipping Post

I just love the smell and the sounds of a good fire. I’m far enough away that I don’t have to shield my naked body, but close enough to feel the warmth radiating from it. The low flickering flames throw a cascade of shadows across the grass and mix in with the muted lighting set up to highlight the whipping frame.

Whilst I was passed out from my orgasm ordeal, Josh, Stephen, and Sir had assembled the frame that Stephen had bought with him. It resembled an old style jail ‘A’ shaped whipping frame. The wood was solid, smooth and polished. The frame had various locations for the attachment of ropes and chains. My legs were already tied to the frame and Sir was busy with securing my arms to the top. I couldn’t see what Stephen was doing but I suspect he was readying the whip, whatever that entails.

I was feeling a lot more relaxed since waking from my nap. Bianca was kind enough to give me an all over massage to work the stiffness from my body. She may have also strayed a bit, but who am I to complain. I’m actually hopeful that Josh will allow Sir  to play with Bianca and me tomorrow after everyone else has left. We are staying on another night as our flight couldn’t be arranged until Monday morning. It’s been a while since Sir and I have gotten to play with someone else together, and Bianca seems like a sub we could both enjoy.

After dinner all of the men organized their seating where they could get a good view of the whipping frame and a ringside view of the show I was about to be part of. Stephen, being the ultimate showman, decided he would conduct a small pre-show demonstration using an assortment of whips and floggers. With all of us subs sitting at the feet of our respective Doms, Stephen demonstrated various techniques using an assortment of whips, floggers and few canes. You could see why he had brought Jessica along. She took everything Stephen gave her. Only on two occasions did you hear any sound. I’d heard that she was an extreme masochist, something that I had no trouble believing after witnessing the display.

I hope Stephen was not expecting me to be silent. I don’t think I have any chance of not crying out.

The rope around my wrist was pulled tight, bringing me back to the present. Preparations were nearly complete for the demonstration with the bullwhip. I am surprised as a hood is pulled down over my head. I had hoped to be more present to experience the ordeal. Oh well, I assume that they are expecting my cries to be quite loud and they want to mute them. Just as the hood covers my face I hear Stephen say to Sir that the hood was a safety provision. Whilst he is confident he won’t miss he said that he would hate to pull out some of my gorgeous hair, let alone any consideration as to how much that would hurt.

The hood is them rotated on my head with the opening zipper in front of my face, leaving me free to express myself in full voice. Stephen leaves my field of view, I assume getting into position. Sir leans in and reminds me that this was a punishment and that he expects me to try and take what Stephen throws at me. He also reminds me that I can use my safe word with him and he will stop the demonstration. I am grateful that he alone would hear me say it if I couldn’t endure any more, so that  I don’t feel like a failure and try and  push myself too far.

It was like I was super charged. I felt even the  slightest sensations as I waited for the first blow. My nerves were just hanging on. Whilst I’ve had some wonderfully challenging beatings in the past, I’ve never experienced a bullwhip, and never been whipped by an expert. Oh dear, what have I gotten my self into.

“Shit”, I hear coming from my lips, followed by laughter from the assembled crowd. The crack of the whip was so loud it startled me. My body struggled against the frame with futility. The whip wasn’t even being aimed at me, but merely Stephen getting in a warm up swing. Okay, so this is happening.


A soft one to start me off. At least, I hope it’s a soft one. Snap. And another. Hmmm, I think, this isn’t so bad. It’s almost a caress. I could get to like this. Like an static shock across my back.


The sound is out of my mouth before I register the crack of the whip or the burning sensation across my right ass cheek. The next stroke leaves a corresponding stinging to my left ass cheek. The next four strokes alternate between my ass cheeks. It feels like a deliberate placement in the shape of a cross. I hope they stay around for a bit, they will look really good.

Right, I better start focusing on what’s going on. I don’t for a minute believe that this is the level of intensity Stephen is going to be happy with. In my floaty space I can hear him talking to everyone but I can’t make out what he is saying.

Fuck”, escapes my lips before I can help myself. That hurt. From my right shoulder blade across my back in a diagonal line of pain. Before I can recover if feel the next blow, in a crossing pattern once more but this time lower on my back. My breathing has become a bit labored and I’m have a little difficulty balancing my weight. I hear Sir check in with me and I just give him a small nod of the head. He retreats a short distance so that he doesn’t inadvertently become part of the demonstration.

The next four strokes are even more intense and I can fell my resolve slipping away. This is as hard as I thought it would be. I can’t tell where the whip is falling now as my whole back is alive with pain. I hear the next crack of the whip, followed by a small gasp from the crowd. I soon realize why, as I feel a wetness on my shoulder blade. He’s drawn blood. Sir leans in again and I again try and reassure him that I’m okay and want to continue. He looks a little worried but steps back.

Another blow lands on my back and I can feel another small trickle of blood. I think I’m done, but before I can safeword to Sir I see him step around the frame and announce to everyone that the demonstration is over and that they should show some appreciation to Stephen and to me. As the applause dies down, Sir unties me, wraps me in my blanket and picks me up. Just before he carries me away Stephen comes over to check how I am. I manage half a smile and reassure him I enjoyed the experience.

Sir had anticipated how I would be feeling after the whipping and had brought a soft pillow down from the house. He sat me down in front of his chair. The bleeding marks on my back weren’t too deep, as he cleaned and bandaged them quickly. Then he lay me down on the pillow. He gave me a KitKat (my favorite candy bar) and with a “Good girl” covered me with my blanket. As I came back from subspace I stared at the fire and he rubbed my back. The chocolate tasted almost as good as knowing that I had pleased him.

**This is another installment in the Twitter Boyfriend’s and my Tale of Rye. Check out the previous chapters, Prey on Me and Cum-uppance. This is also my contribution to the Kink of the Week topic of ‘Safewords’. I believe they are important, but as they story illustrates, a Dominant can sometimes know your limits too.

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The timber slats of the sun lounge were pushing into me, not uncomfortably, but enough to provide me with some distraction. Which for this challenge is welcome. I’m not sure I’m going to last fifteen minutes without coming. Stephen seems very intent on winning this challenge, set by Sir as a punishment for being caught during the hunt and to provide Stephen with his shot at redemption for our scene several months ago…

When we returned from the hunt Sir motioned me over to him. Giving Michael a quick peck on the cheek, I let go of his arm and approached Sir. As I approached he bade me to kneel at his feet. Once in position he proceeded to talk to me about my experience of the hunt. It was also when he told me about my punishment for being found twice. Nothing is ever simple when Sir is in this frame of mind. One that I love seeing, my uber Dom, even if he’s a little scary.

He tends to get like this when we are around other Doms. Especially if he has allowed them to play with me. I know he would have been happier if I had come back from the hunt without being found. Then no other Dom would have been able to touch me without his direct control.

But it wouldn’t be a challenge would it, without some consequence for failing? And Sir didn’t disappoint. It turns out that Josh had met Stephen a few months ago and they’d got to talking about the plans for this weekend. Stephen is a well known exponent of the whip and it turns out he has agreed to a demonstration tonight ahead of the planned bonfire.

Obviously to put on a demonstration he needs a subject.

When Sir mentioned it, initially I thought that this could be a win-win. A hard drawn out orgasm, followed by a whipping. Mmmm, I might have got a little moist at the thought. But then reality was re-established. As the orgasm challenge was being set up by Sir, Stephen went and retrieved his instrument of choice that he was going to demonstrate tonight.

Fuck me if he didn’t pull out of his bag of tricks a full on bullwhip. Something I’d only seen previously in a video from My initial enthusiasm disappeared very quickly. So, I’m thinking that the next fifteen minutes are going to be less than satisfying. No orgasm saves me from the whipping. Sometimes it sucks being a slave.

I’m bought back to the present as I feel the rope on my wrists being tightened securing my arms behind me and underneath the sun lounge. The position I’m in isn’t all that uncomfortable but I am feeling very exposed. Who else would have thought of using the lounge like this but a pair of sadistic doms?

So here I am lying on the lounge, the back rest in an elevated position putting me into a half reclining position. Each leg is bent with my feet secured at the side of the lounge. Another rope is looped around each thigh and has been pulled back taught and secured against the arm rest splaying my hips and fully exposing my now moistening pussy. I can even smell my burgeoning arousal and I’m sure that the gathering of men can too. Seems everyone has found a reason to be present in the shaded yard to watch my next ordeal.

I’ve also got a rope around my chest, just under my boobs securing me firmly to the lounge. And of course my arms are tied behind my back which pushes my boobs out invitingly. The only concession to any comfort is my head is resting on the padded rest. I’m a bit surprised that Stephen hasn’t added a blind fold to heighten the sensations but I suppose an audience of virile and appreciative spectators serves the same purpose.

It looks like Stephen is about to start the timer and try and extract an orgasm from me sometime in the next fifteen minutes. Thankfully Sir didn’t want this to be too easy and he has banned the use of any electrical or vibrating devices. I may have let out an audible ‘whew’ when he put that restriction in place. Stephen was going to have to work for it and damn if I wasn’t going to fight to avoid that bullwhip.

Hmmm, that’s a bit odd. Stephan has started to bring me to orgasm by a very slow and deliberate stroking of my inner thighs and across my vulva. I was anticipating an all out assault on my clit. If he keeps this up he might just get me to orgasm. It’s been such a long time since someone has been this gentle. It might just be enough to get inside my head. It’s like he’s making slow sweet love to me. I can feel myself getting wetter and a small moan escapes my lips, giving him some encouragement.

Just as I’m relaxing into the wonderful sensations building throughout my body, I remember to keep my focus from getting too excited. Next I feel Stephen leaning into me. I then hear him whispering that I needn’t worry about getting too settled. He lets out a bit of a sinister laugh and mentions that he just taking his time. He intends to use all of his fifteen minutes to tease me before he confidently predicts that he will force me to orgasm. I don’t say anything, but I do think ‘give it your best shot’ and ‘bring it on’. I look over at Sir so he can see the steel determination on my face. Our eyes connect and his lip curls into an inaudible, ‘good girl’.

Next I feel Stephen’s fingers starting to rub between my labia, gently opening me up to his gaze. Then he slowly inserts first one finger, and then a second into my vagina. I’m so turned on I’m leaking quite heavily. My breathing is becoming labored and I can feel my whole body begin to flush. A little layer of sweat is forming on my brow. He continues using his fingers to open me up further. He maintains his maddeningly slow pace. I’m starting to get frustrated at this very slow and methodical pace. Bastard! I say to myself.

Stephen’s slow fingering continues, my arousal builds and I’m so wet now I suspect that he has three or more fingers working up inside of me but I can’t be sure. Even closing my eyes and focusing on my breathing doesn’t bring me back down.

I catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head and see both Julie and Bianca coming down to join the men watching the challenge. I’m glad I’m putting on such a good show for the assembled masses.

Oh silly me, of course they’re not here to observe as I watch them kneel in front of their respective masters and promptly open their trousers and fish out their hardening cocks. I now feel like I’m the porno playing in the background as they set about worshiping some cock. My momentary embarrassment turns to interest as I watch the women at their task.

My attention is quickly bought back to Stephen as he starts to move his hand a bit more urgently and forcefully. Very soon it feels as if he’s trying to fist me. So far I’ve been able to keep my focus. Sure I’m aroused as hell, but I’m a long way from an explosive orgasm. I do feel that this is going to take all of my concentration not to cum. As he continues to try and fit his whole hand inside of me, his other hand comes into action as he rubs his thumb slowly on my erect clit. Next he squeezes it between his thumb and forefinger. The extra sensation causes a deep moan to escape my lips.

‘Enjoying yourself”, he quips. This new approach continues for a short while. I hear Sir’s voice next announcing the ten minute mark. As if this was some prearranged signal I feel a decided change in Stephen’s approach. He starts being more urgent, thrusting his hand ever deeper into my moist core. I feel his other hand leave my now sensitive and abused clit and movie up my stomach.

I next experience a sharp pain in my left nipple as he squeezes and twists it. Oh my, that’s so hot. It almost brings me undone but I steady my thoughts once again. Next I feel him attacking my right nipple. As much as his attempts feel amazing, I know he’s now racing the clock. And the brat in me really wants him to lose. To earn Sir’s approval again.

Stephen continues to alternate between my nipples. Increasing the pressure each time he changes. Audible gasps are now occurring regularly and I can feel my orgasm building, how long to go. I might still make it to the fifteen minute mark. As if Sir could read my thoughts I hear him say that there’s two minutes left.

Deciding that he hasn’t tortured my nipples enough he moves up the lounge and latches onto my right nipple with his teeth. His hand has now resumed the focus on my clit, rubbing it incessantly. Oh god, I don’t think I’m going to last. I call on all my mental strength, trying to do as much arithmetic as I can think of. Focusing on scone recipes and quotes from my favorite movie take all my strength.

Realizing that time is running out, I sense that Stephen has one more trick up his sleeve. Looking directly into my eyes I feel his hand slowly move from my tits up towards my throat. God no, I won’t be able to resist this. As expected I feel his hand slowly tighten around my throat. Looking directly into my eyes with an intensity that would be scary in another setting. He then says out loud so everyone can hear, ‘well Rye, it’s time you gave up that orgasm. I’m now going to pull it out of you, one breath at a time.

His hand grips a little tighter, my breathing becoming even more labored, my clit is on fire as he continues to rub it between his thumb and forefinger. Pinching my clit, looking intensely into my eyes with a burning desire, and slowly choking me.

My body separates from my mind and I no longer have control of it. Stephen has literally taken over my entire being. Starting in my toes I can feel my impending orgasm, it builds as it moves up my legs, and down from my throat. My nipples sting from the earlier attention and my cunt just flushes with wetness. Stephen can see that he has won. To make a point of it he starts a slow count down from ten. As each number is said out aloud I can feel my resolve slip away and my impending explosion get one step closer. I don’t want him to win, but he’s taken that last bit of control from me; and that’s exactly what I needed.

As he gets to one he closes his hand further around my throat temporarily cutting off my air supply. My body convulses, well as much as it’s able to in its restrained state. The last thing I hear is ‘cum for me Rye’. And I do. A huge gushing squirting orgasm soaking myself and the lounge in my cum. I also try and scream my lungs out but with no air nothing comes out. Removing his hand from my throat I take big gulping breathes that serve to prolong the orgasm. Draining the last of my energy from me.

I then collapse, fully spent. Just before I drift off I feel my bonds being removed, my aftercare blanket being tucked in around me, and the faint but welcome sound of Sir’s voice ‘good girl, you did well. Rest up, you are going to need your strength later tonight.’


This is a follow-up to the collaborative post from last week called Prey On Me. The twitter boyfriend and I have already started on part three 🙂

Different Strokes for Different Folks

I think as a young girl I always imagined there was one perfect guy out there for me. That my knight in shining armor would come to sweep me off my feet and meet all of my needs, whatever they might be. And, as I self-aware teen, I, of course, knew exactly what those needs would be (at this point sarcasm should be dripping from your screen). The pressure on that poor man would have been horrific. I shudder to think what I have been putting my husband through for the last ten years. No wonder his back is so bad.

But there is something interesting that I am slowly realizing as I delve into poly: It’s okay to have relationships with different people in order to meet different needs/wants. I know, I know. It’s crazy! My small mind is still struggling to wrap around this idea, as obvious as it is for some. I can allow people to show me parts of themselves without pressuring them to be something they are not. And I can be me with each of them, but they don’t have to worry about meeting all of my needs all the time. I know that this may not work for everyone, nor should it. I guess I have just always felt bad when my husband hasn’t really been into something that I am, and vice versa. So realizing that I we don’t have to everything to one another all the time was quite a shock.
Over the last few months I have been looking into different aspects of this idea. Not being a different person with different people, but letting different aspects of myself out. And that, interestingly, has led to me being called several names. I don’t think I did it on purpose, it just sort of happened. But I think it helps to foster the connection, and makes me feel quite special to that person.
Friend with Benefits – “Eve”
We have been friends for nearly three years now. We share everything and talk a lot through. When we are angry with our spouses we talk it out with the other person before picking a fight. It has saved us both from a lot of needless arguments. There is always support for our dieting and various personal improvement pursuits. Our age difference is irrelevant and our feelings continue to grow. There may even have been some exchanged photos and videos, all in a manner of research, of course. 🙂
This has caused a bit of emotional strife. He means a great deal to me, and I know I am special to him. But as we are both trying to explore our sexuality in a safe space, we often share desires and fantasies that include the other person. This doesn’t bother me too much, but I think it highlights the distance for him. He started calling me ‘Eve’, his temptress, earlier this fall. I think as I have opened up my marriage, his seems to be closing ranks (at least in his opinion). But we don’t judge each other, we support one another through all of our struggles. That constant support has been vital to my growth and blogging. I cannot imagine my life without him in some sort of capacity, even though he lives half way around the world.
Dominant – “Little One”
I’m not sure what this is, to be honest. He’s a friend and fellow blogger than I flirt with on Twitter. It’s nice to talk about my submission and things I want to try without putting pressure to preform. I do get a certain giddiness when he calls me ‘little one’ though. Mostly because I haven’t been little in a long time. I do find myself falling into the category of ‘little’ quite easily though. A stuffed animal and some cartoons and I am a happy camper.
We chat about our various hobbies and our kids. He and his sub are getting married next year, so I’ve been enjoying talking to him about wedding plans. But discussing his local D/s scene is nice. I am jealous on many levels as he talks about clubs and his community. No one else that I chat with on twitter regularly is into BDSM. Each of the other men listed here either aren’t into D/s or don’t define themselves as dominant. My husband is working on himself right now, and I know that BDSM is a future goal for us. But talking to this gentleman (and he is) is good perspective.
Husband – “Rye”
He is my rock. We have been through so much together and I’m sure will be through much more. We have two adorable, if infuriating, children together and I can’t imagine being a parent with anyone else. Our mutual mental illnesses included, we love and support each other through everything. The last year has been difficult. The move and starting our businesses (yes, plural) has been stressful. We are supporting one another through our struggle and he never ceases to amaze me.
He understands me more than any other person could. We never go to bed angry, unless it’s at the children. And I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be understanding and supportive about being open and poly. I just hope that he finds what he is looking for out of it as well. He knows exactly when I’m having a terrible day and knows which junk food I want to feel better. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
Lover – “Baby”
Generally he does call me by my real name, but when he calls me baby I go all puddily. Our mutual love of sarcasm and wit make for hilarious conversations. We enjoy eating and watching cartoons almost as much as we enjoy fucking. He is endlessly positive and supportive of everything I do. I know that our relationship is still very young, but we feel old together.  He is a bit older than me, but, aside from calling me ‘baby’, he doesn’t treat me like a child.
I know that he has other partners. I’ll admit that that fact isn’t always easy to stomach. But considering the number of states between us, it’s hardly like I can complain. The time we have together, however, fleeting, is wonderful. Knowing him has certainly helped me to work on being in the present. The future will happen whether I want it to or not, no point worrying about now. And we both seem to want each other in it.
Many different names, but I’m still me.

A New Day

Feeling so rejuvenated today. Multiple orgasms last night certainly helped. There is something about rubbing my clit while Sir watches that is just so gratifying. Porn on in the background helps too. I’ve been craving it lately, so Sir indulged me as the kids were at grandma’s. Choking on cock while listening to another sub choke on cock made for an erotic time.

This is just the way of my depression. I have dips. Every time I think I’ve got a handle on things I hit a dip. And no matter how prepared I think I am the low never ceases to surprise me. So this week really hit me over the head. The kids, work, and Sir’s mood tripped me up and I couldn’t dig myself out. Then Sir hurt his back and really needed me to step up. I almost resented him for that (though I know he didn’t do it on purpose). And then, in his usual way, my twitter boyfriend called me out on my bullshit. I had to drop my martyr attitude and deal with things.

So today is a new day. Sir is coming with me for my final tattoo appointment to finish my sleeve. This piece was near two years in the making, so I am over the moon to have it finished. I’m sure I will get pictures posted once it’s done. This also completes one of my 101 Things as well. Considering the expense, this will probably be my last tattoo for awhile. Once we get a bit more in savings I will start designing the next one. Think my thighs need some decoration next 🙂