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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


I remember reading all sorts of BDSM novels and short stories when I first found kink. They, or a great number of them, all had scenes where a sub would have to remove their underwear in some public place. Or possibly go commando with ben-wa balls or some other insert-able toy. It was either a struggle as the sub felt embarrassed or was immediately wet; sometimes both. I’ll admit, I was a little incredulous.

Maybe it’s my stage in life, or the fact that I’ve had two kids, but my self body image doesn’t allow for too much commando possibility. I don’t blame my kids entirely, my self-esteem was not super high before I became a mom. However, since then, the idea of not having underwear seems more a safety hazard than a sexy time. Which, if you were going for the embarrassment factor could work. I guess I feel like I would just feel uncomfortable and miserable too. Though I guess that could change with the rest of the outfit too. If I was in a billowy skirt or something that could be a different story. However, for me personally, I would need to lose quite a bit of weight to really feel as sexy as I would want to.

Don’t get me wrong, I think going commando can be really sexy. I think it’s underrated on men as well.  And it often feels like going commando is a common D/s theme. With the right person, I can see how it could very goo inducing. I think it’s a perfect date night or dinner party activity.

I think I just spend all my time either at work or with my kids. Neither of these activities would be made better by not having my underwear. And, unless I’m sleeping, don’t even get me started on not wearing a bra. I haven’t been able to go without support in public since I was ten.

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Instant Sexy

Woman's back with maroon corset being laced up.
We know about those underwear that magically hold everything in place. You may not want to admit that you know about them, but you do. You may even own a pair or two. There is security in everything being exactly where it should be, especially if it looks smaller there too. But you always put on a dress or something over them. The underwear on their own aren’t terribly sexy. You are not surprising your lover in a body suit of lycra and elastic, much less if they see you trying to climb into one of those things. Look, I’ve had two kids, I have no shame, but I still ask Sir to leave the room when I have to put one of those things on. There are some things even he shouldn’t see.
So what do you wear when you want to look and feel good without the outerwear? Your answer, my friend, is the corset. I have never owned anything else to make me feel sexier. I bought my first corset at a renaissance fair when I was in high school. I had worn them as part of ballet costumes, but never owned one or wore one off the stage. It was black and velvet and it made my boobs look great. I’m not sure I wore it out of my house. I think I put it on for my boyfriend once. But I would wear it around my room, using it to create self-confidence where there was none in my gangly high school frame.
Sir actually bought me my second corset. It was from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I actually still have it, though I’m not sure it fits. Again, it made me feel thin and sexy, my tits looked amazing. I’ve never owned an under-bust corset, I may have to try that sometime. Though, I have learned that as much as Sir appreciates the look of me in a corset, he is not as patient with the removal of it. So I haven’t pushed too hard for a new one. If I could find one that I could get into without his help I could actually surprise him.
But, even if it takes some work to get it tightened until I can hardly breathe, I have never felt sexier than I do in a corset and high heels.

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