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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Elust #91

Elust 91

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she’s picture perfect


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Morning Stretch

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Elust #90

Elust 90

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Please You to Please Me

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Visions of Sugarplums

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Elust 88

Elust #86

Elust 86

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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

On Self-Objectification

Female Orgasms – Addressing Women’s Sexuality

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~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Can You Train a Sub to Orgasm on Command?

Rupert Campbell-Black and me…


~Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

Yes I’m a Sexblogger and No I don’t care about your dick

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Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

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Body Talk and Sexual Health

Against All Odds


Where I’m From



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Lick Me Suck Me Fuck Me

Lick me suck me fuck me

As I walk in through the door,

Lick me suck me fuck me

Until I beg and plead for more.

Lick me suck me fuck me

As I kneel down at your feet,

Lick me suck me fuck me

Make me feel cherished and complete.


Kiss me beat me eat me

Watch me squirm against the rope,

Kiss me beat me eat me

Your grin smothers all my hope.

Kiss me beat me eat me

Say I’ve earned my pleasure,

Kiss me beat me eat me

Your smile is something I treasure.


Whip me loan me own me

As I scream out for your touch,

Whip me loan me own me

You can never ask too much.

Whip me loan me own me

I am a slut at your command,

Whip me loan me own me

I am a groupie to your band.


Love me squeeze me please me

We are a perfect match,

Love me squeeze me please me

We love to have others watch.

Love me squeeze me please me

I love you more than I can say,

Love me squeeze me please me

I am heading up to play.

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A Long Time Cumming, Part II

The lovely conclusion to yesterday’s post. A birthday gift that is both personal and special. Thank you Twitter Boyfriend. Happy Birthday to Me!


On Sunday morning we were awoken by a knock at the door of the suite. As my Pet slowly stirred from her slumber, I got up and let room service in to deliver the breakfast I’d ordered for us both. During breakfast I discussed my plans for the day. Knowing how much my Pet values having an orgasm, I informed her that the day was to be all about her and how many orgasms I could give her before I had to leave. The only stipulation I made was that no two orgasms could be achieved in the same way unless they were multiple orgasms as part of the same activity.

I didn’t plan on making this too easy for my Pet though. Each orgasm was going to be just that little more challenging to achieve than the previous one. I started with her favorite way to orgasm using her Doxy. Lying back, legs spread, she started slowly alternating between stimulating her labia and applying direct stimulation to her clit. It wasn’t too long before her arousal began to build towards her first climax of the day. There was little point in delaying it and I encouraged her to come as soon as she wanted to. And come she did. Her whole body shaking as she let out stifled moans, unsure as to how soundproof the suite was.

After this first orgasm, we spent some time laying back in bed, my Pet nestled into me, talking about anything and everything. About 20 minutes later I suggested that it was time for orgasm number two. For this orgasm I played voyeur. Hoping off the bed I sat in the arm chair which I had positioned near the end of the bed. I motioned my Pet up onto all fours, leaning forward with her head on the bed, she started playing with her pussy, reaching back between her legs. Using just her fingers she played with her cunt, gradually opening up her labia and inserting a finger or two into her moist slit.

I could see more and more of her excitement building until she was dripping onto the duvet. As she neared her orgasm, her fingers started moved in circles around her clitoris. Finally focusing almost exclusively on her clit. As her orgasm built her breathing increased and she clenched and relaxed her thighs. As she came she shoved her hand deep into her crotch and ground herself against the bed to prolong it for as long as possible.

Coming down from the second orgasm I suggested that a shower might help freshen us up so that we could continue this celebration of sexual release. As we began taking turns soaping each other our hands continued to roam over each others’ bodies. Embracing my Pet and allowing the water to cascade over us we kissed passionately.

Carefully lifting her leg up on to the edge of the bath, I knelt down and began a determined assault on her pussy. I was determined to devour her completely and without mercy. The water continued to fall on us as I lapped and nibbled on her smooth cunt. With her pleasure increasing, her hands went to the back of my head and she slowly ground herself against my mouth. As she approached her next orgasm I shifted my focus to her slit. Taking quick little licks at first. When I sensed she was close I focused exclusively on her clit, sucking on it for all I was worth. She rewarded me with a wonderful shuddering come.

Not satisfied, I continued my assault on her pussy. Her arousal increased again with an impending second orgasm, her hands gripping my hair tightly as she ground out a second and then a third orgasm in quick succession. We both collapsed into the bath, breathing heavily and slowly recovering from the oral assault.

As I stood up, my Pet rose to her knees and indicated she wanted to taste my cock some more. Who was I to deny her? After a few minutes of oral delight, what she did next I would never have dreamed of happening. Motioning for me to turn around she got me to bend forward. Once I was exposed she began to rim my ass. The feeling was out of this world and something that I will remember for a long time. Not wanting to come just yet, I turned and pulled her up into a warm embrace. Turning off the water we left the shower and dried each other off.

Following the shower session we were in need of sustenance . We called down for room service. Having finished our lunch we realized that our time together was quickly coming to an end. I wasn’t ready just yet to end our weekend. I was sure she had an orgasm or two left to give me.

The next orgasm was going to be extracted from her. I grabbed the sashes from the bath robes and tied her spread eagle to the bed. I then produced a pair of clover clamps and a leather crop. Both items I had arranged to borrow from Sir just in case the opportunity to play presented itself. With my Pet restrained on top of the bed, I reached over first to one nipple and tweaked it between my thumb and forefinger. As it hardened under my ministrations I applied the first clamp. Repeating the process for the second nipple I gently pulled on the attached chain to make sure I had applied them with sufficient grip. I placed the chain in my Pet’s mouth and instructed her to not let it go under any circumstance.

I then took the crop, and starting off gently, I worked the crop up and down her inner thighs and along her calves. Upping the intensity a notch, I played with the crop across her abdomen and around her breasts, careful not to hit or dislodge the clover clamps. As her breath hitched I knew it was time to take her on the journey to orgasm through the application of the crop alone.

Returning to her inner thigh I struck her with more force eliciting a release of breath and a jerking of her head, which in turn caused my Pet to pull on the nipple clamps which fed a surge of pain through her body directly to her clit. I followed with another blow, then another and another. Each one causing just a bit more pain and discomfort causing he head to jerk around pulling on her nipples which heightened her arousal.

As the finale for this orgasm I started striking her clitoris directly with the crop. Between the pain of the strike and the sensation through her nipples as she writhed about, she was close to orgasm. A few more blows and I could tell she was right on the edge of orgasm. Pausing for short period, her eyes opened, pleading with me to take her over the top. Not being one to deny a gorgeous woman I rained down one blow after another directly on her clit. Counting down from 10 through to 1 brought her to a rewarding and intense climax. I gently removed the clamps causing another mini orgasm as the blood returned to her nipples.

After untying her, I took her into my arms and soothed her shaking body. As her breathing returned to normal we began kissing. The sense of longing returned as we were both aware our time together was nearly over. The kissing became more passionate and urgent. My cock had stirred once again and I was desperate to end the weekend on a high. Our hands roamed all over our bodies and our desire was increasing. It was clear to me my Pet desired me to make passionate love to her, nothing kinky, just pure vanilla missionary sex, but so filled with meaning and desire that in the moment it just consumed us.

As we approached our mutual climax we poured everything into this final fuck. Leaving absolutely nothing in reserve, we reached the point of no return and as I exploded inside her, she came for the last time. Coming down from our joint climax we embraced for one last time before we got up to shower again and to get ready to leave the suite that had been our sanctuary for the weekend.

Before we left, however, I had one more duty I had to perform. Repeating the ritual from early on Saturday, but this time in reverse, I removed my collar and replaced it with Sir’s collar. This signified the end of our weekend together. We were both quiet for the remainder of the time we were in the suite. Both of us reflecting on our time together.

As we drove to her place we talked a little bit, but mostly we stayed with our own thoughts. I didn’t want to hang around for too long after we got back. I spent a short time with Sir talking about a few things from the weekend, but I felt like I was now intruding into their relationship so I made my farewells and left for the airport. Just before I left, I managed a final hug. With a heavy heart and some sadness we said our goodbyes.

As the plane accelerated down the runway, my final thought was this cannot be the end. I then settled back, closed my eyes and focused on rejoining my other life. Till next time my Pet.

A perfect evening

Some people love to get dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant or a club until the whee hours of the morning. Wearing a tight sexy dress and matching eye shadow, dancing with friends while perfectly balancing a martini in one hand and a phone taking pictures in the other. Hardly noticing the four-inch heels amid the thumping music and fruity cocktails. Crashing into bed around 3am, possibly with someone they met that evening to enjoy a good fuck before passing out.

This, in case it wasn’t painfully obvious, is not my idea of a perfect evening. Not judging if it’s yours, go you for having stamina that I will never have. I like to go to a club and dance (or at least I did ten years ago), but now I just feel old and out of place. That and the small scraps of handkerchief that girls can wear in most clubs wouldn’t cover my stretchmarks very well.

No, my night idea of a perfect evening (date-wise) was last night. The boys went to grandma’s for the weekend, she came to pick them up after daycare. After they left Sir decided we would have a night in. We ordered some wings from a local place we wanted to try (it was amazing, by the way) and curled up with a few beers in front a backlog of TV. It was great. Just sitting on our comfy couch in comfy clothes with a cold drink and something to dip in blue cheese dressing. When we were slightly buzzed we went upstairs. He got to chill out in front of a video game where he could kill lots of random baddies and I got to write smut. It was so relaxing just to be in the same room with him while enjoying our relaxing past-times without kids or other responsibilities. Just me cuddling with the dog and working on several erotica story lines while Sir saved some land from some bad guy with a string of amazing weapons and combo moves (ok, I may pick on him a tad for some of the gaming).

Not to be out done with the ‘things we never get to do when the kids are home’ part of the evening, we had ice cream. Mine was coffee chocolate chunk, or just orgasm flavored.

There was kinky fuckery as well, but honestly, that wasn’t what made the evening amazing. Just having the time together made it special. However, since this is my pitiful attempt at a sex blog there was some fun oral before we crashed into bed and had a blissful, full night of sleep. Then I was awoke this morning to a cock pressing into my back. Some more oral and fucking til it hurt (the best part, obviously) and now Sir is in the shower. We are heading to the new house today to do some more painting and prep work. Hoping to start moving stuff in next week. I’m sure I’ll make you guys suffer through a new reno update as the new cabinets are in and the counter-top was supposed to arrive yesterday.

Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday. And feel free to let me know what your perfect evening is. I’ll just be here in my sweat pants with my beer again tonight and would love to read about them.

Mental Reboot

Lake Chautauqua
Where I wish I could go today.

Yesterday was bad. I haven’t had a depressive slump like that in several months. I didn’t want to get up. I didn’t want to do anything. Sir forced me to eat breakfast so I could take my meds. They didn’t help. It was a long day.

I hate these days for so many reasons. The obvious is that I get nothing done. I don’t want to leave my sweatpants and my couch corner, much less clean or engage with the outside world. But, almost worse is what I do to Sir. He’s a fixer. He wants to make things better. And I know it kills him that he can’t just order me out of it. And then he starts to feel inadequate. That hurts the most. He’s everything and I hate to bring him down.

I thought that I was doing better. But starting the business and the work on the house just overwhelmed everything. I’m scared of failing. Scared that I’m being selfish and I’m ruining the family finances because I want to play at something that I don’t know will work. I hate the house we live in more every day because I just want to move into our new home. It makes me tired to look at the mess and packing that needs done here. I’ve become quite impatient; not good considering I have small children.

A good night’s sleep helped a bit. I’m more motivated this morning. Coffee is a good balm. And a friend sent me an outline for a fantasy of his that he wants me to write. It was very inspirational. So now I’m trying to get work done so I can take my time writing out his darkest secrets. And since they involve me having a lot of yummy orgasms I am quite motivated. Ghostwriting other people’s fantasies sounds like a job I could handle.

New Command Center

So the husband has been encouraging me to get a laptop for a few months now. With working from home it has been difficult to work on the family computer in the middle of the dining room. I get easily distracted with other tasks. And, since starting the blog, I have stored all my photos on the hard drive. So as you scan through our photos there are random pictures of my tits and bondage scattered in-between the baby pictures. Not so great when showing pics to the family. There are not slide shows in our house.

So we have been talking for awhile about me getting a computer for me to do my at-home work and to maintain the blog. He started to do research months ago, he’s a good tech guy, so he knew what to look for. After a quick explanation of my options I found several in a less-expensive bracket that would meet all my needs. And yesterday, since he had the day off, we went and I picked one out.

It’s not the most beautiful laptop you have ever seen, but it works well. I like the keyboard and it’s big enough that my blind eyes can see the screen well. I was able to get all my photos moved and off the ‘family’ machine. It’s almost a little sad. I was scrolling through after I had deleted everything and it just looks like we have always been vanilla. There is nothing on that computer that implies a D/s or my submissive life at all. At the same time I like having my blog stuff separate. And now that everything is on a laptop I can work on posts outside my dining room. The other laptops in the house are all related to the husband’s business and can’t have anything even marginally questionable on them, so it will be nice to not have to type everything out with my iPad anymore.

This purchase was also aptly timed as I am headed to my corporate office today. I can have all the dirty pictures I want on my computer that is connected with my job. This just helps me be a little more mobile with work as we get deeper into our house renovation. Being able to work on the move will help a lot. One more reason why working from home has been such a helpful experience over the last year.

So I am sure you can’t tell the difference between my desktop and laptop entries, but hopefully this will help me to write more as I won’t have to wait until I get to the dining room. All those sexy ideas that come to me as I lay in bed at night can now be yours.

Maybe I should apologize in advance.

Small Accomplishments

IMG_0613When I was eight months pregnant and so ready to have this endlessly dancing child out of me, Sir bought be a present. It was a five year ‘one line a day’ journal. I really try to write every day and this was a big help. I still have a larger journal and this blog to let me write more than a few lines, but it’s good to review the day each night.

And tonight will be my last night writing in this book. When I started it in 2011 it seemed so far away to 2015. But rereading the last few years as I filled in the final slots felt like a huge accomplishment. Boiling down a long day or a stressful event to just a few lines makes things seem small. And saying goodbye to this book will difficult. Both my children were born in this journal. I lost a co-worker, our first dog, and my grandfather in these years. I’m not going to burn the journal (obviously), but it will be hard to put it down and start something new.

IMG_0611Sir bought me a new book earlier this year. So I would be ready to go when this one finished. We found one that didn’t quite have so much of a fifties look to it. But the set up is pretty much the same.

This new book will have several new pieces of our lives. We will move into our family home next year. Hopefully our BDSM will continue to grow as we find the best way to make D/s fit. I’m sure there will be more loss (hopefully not too much) as that is just part of life. But I’ll be focusing on the positive as much as possible. And hopefully a lot of lines will be filled with sex and service.

We don’t have much planned for tonight. I’m sure we will find something to fill my last lines with though. Hope you all have a lovely New Years’ Eve and a wonderful 2016.

Best wishes for your health and your kinky lives.


Cookie time is Near

I don’t normally advertise on here, but this is a lot of fun. Consider taking part if you have blog, and even if you don’t, get ready for some great recipes on the 9th.


Dust off your baking pans, because on Wednesday, December 9th 2015

The Great Online Cookie Exchange Extravaganza returns!

Won’t YOU please join us?

It’s easy to play along. 

Just post a recipe that day for a holiday goodie — any goodie. 

It doesn’t have to be for cookies… or even be sweet.

We do not discriminate against any goodie.

(We are equal opportunity consumers around here.)

That’s pretty much all there is to it.

The single catch is that there’s only one way to get your name in the official list of participants: You have to contact Jz by Monday, Dec. 7th with both your name and the address of your blog.  snow