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Removing Wisdom?

**This blog was originally created in 2010 to document my husband and my life as we tried to get pregnant with our first child. After finding BDSM I repurposed the blog in 2014 to look at our kink and balancing it with the two children we now have. Please feel free to read the below posts and any from my 2010 and 2011 archive, but please be aware that they are not representative of our life now. Also, certain edits have been made to these posts. To start from the beginning of our kinky life, start here. **

I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. Am I losing some wisdom by this process? It’s my first surgery and I’m a little freaked out about it. But everything I keep reading says take care of our dental care before getting pregnant. Not sure how I feel about that. But I’m getting them taken out anyway. A weekend of ice packs and soft food. D is making me pizza tonight as kind of a ‘last meal’. He spoils me.

But I’m sure I will be writing over the next few days to whine about my pain. Hopefully I will at least get some good pain meds out of it. Mostly, it’s just been all the horror stories people have been telling me. Though several people have been telling me how easy it was. In any case I’ll will be lounging on the couch with the puppies for the next several days. Should be interesting.

One Response to “Removing Wisdom?”

  • jfrost

    Hope the surgery went well 🙂


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