Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The Priority Game

My husband makes fun of me, because I wasn’t allowed to play video games. He thinks that this has ruined my chances for good dexterity and hand/eye coordination. Well, joke’s on him, because I’m a mom.

My day consists of the balance of priorities game. I’ve become a pro at going back and forth to each thing that requires my attention.


Wake-Up – Get Baby 2.0 up and calm. Get Boy in clean clothes.

Shower – 7.5 minutes of me time

Breakfast – Get Boy breakfast and start cartoons. Start coffee for Husband. Let Dog out. Get morning bottle for Baby 2.0. Curl up with Boy for cartoon cuddles. Get laundry from upstairs. Bring Baby 2.0 downstairs so Husband can get a shower. Pour coffee for myself and Husband. Get clean diaper for Baby 2.0 and start feeding him breakfast. Remind Husband to pack lunch and ask what he wants for dinner. Finish feeding Baby 2.0 after Husband leaves. Start Laundry. Get snack for Boy. Rock Baby 2.0 when he wakes up. Try to get Dishes done until Baby 2.0 wakes up or Boy needs a drink. Let Dog out. Attempt to eat breakfast. Sneak to bathroom when possible for 30-45 seconds of alone time.

Lunch – Repeat breakfast

Dinner – Repeat lunch. Do dishes until bedtime routine.

Bedtime – Get Boy in pajamas, get him water. Get nighttime bottle sorted for Baby 2.0. Remind Husband to fill his water glass. Read Boy book(s) or feed Baby 2.0 (whichever Husband isn’t doing). Beg Baby 2.0 to fall asleep to white noise machine while gently rubbing his head. Crawl into bed until nighttime feeding.

This is my day. I would be impressed with my own skill at balancing two children, a dog, and this house, but I feel so inadequate. I don’t have any time to work on me, much less get a job, be a good submissive, or any kind of growth.

Ok, I need to start dinner and the late afternoon routine. Baby 2.0 needs a clean diaper and Boy will want his afternoon snack soon. I will give myself double points if I can survive this another few months of this.


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