Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Endless Student

There are a lot of areas in life, as an adult, that you can not stop learning. Things are just too fluid and ever-changing to learn everything. I think that BDSM is definitely one of those things. And, as Sir and I try to enter the lifestyle more publicly, I am grateful at the number of resources out there. Obviously, FetLife is a great way to meet people, find events, and ask questions to a knowledgable community. But even the number of blogs that are maintained on the topic of power exchange is amazing. And originally I thought that it was just submissives writing, but there are a number of dominants that are out there sharing their experiences and offering advice.

When we started this journey, I was able to find a number of submissives who were out there sharing their struggles and accomplishments. But it was difficult to find resources for Sir. We both felt like it was just expected that Doms knew everything and he was going to snap his fingers and everything would click. Obviously, that didn’t work. But with minimal amounts of searching, there are a lot of Doms out there talking about training. It really helps to remind you that this is a fluid thing that is different for everyone. Most of the BDSM community (I certainly won’t say all), respects that there is no wrong way to do this. These blogs and websites are about sharing ideas and finding those that get turned on by the same things.

So… these are some blogs that I have found really useful for myself and understanding what Sir is dealing with. FetLife has a useful search for good resources as well, these are just what is interesting for me.

Under His Hand
This is a submissive blog written by Kaya. Sir has actually been reading this for several years, I picked up on it and went through the backlog about a year and a half ago. She is an amazing writer. A very well-written and humorous journal.
Topics include: Masochism, Family, 24/7 Slavery

A Dauntless Journey
This is a dominant blog. It’s not updated very often, but his insights are always unique and thought provoking.
He also has a really hot (in my opinion) blog for photos:
Topics include: Domination, Submissive Mindset, Training

My Tiny Secrets
This isn’t actually a BDSM focused site. This is a website that is focused on women and their sexuality. There are a number of writers who update daily. It’s a very positive place to learn and engage with other women who are open about their desires and needs, whatever they may be.
Topics include: Improvement of Orgasm, Body Image, Health

Taming of L
This is a dominant blog about a couples journey. There is a lot about their communication and several great posts about their contract.
Topics include: Monogamous BDSM, Flogging/Canning, Training

Hope you find these useful and feel free to share those blogs that you have found as well.


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