Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Make-Up Sex

Make-Up Sex is a process. I think that is what makes it so hot and enjoyable. Your emotions get so strained during an argument/fight that the orgasm relaxes. And after the roller coaster of talking and crying, the release is just that much sweeter.

I don’t remember ever feeling so awkward as when Sir came home. We were both so tense. Trying to talk about some things but keep everything bottled up while the kids were still awake was excruciating. When we came back downstairs after putting them to sleep, it was like the damn finally broke. We could yell (with emotion, not anger) and talk about everything that needed said. And after a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunication I was exhausted. But that’s the thing about a fight, especially a big one. After it’s over, and you realize how wrong you both were, connecting on a physical level is almost required. We made coffee after dinner (something we never do), because we knew we would need that physical intimacy after we worked everything out.

This was the first fight that Sir and I have had where I was wasn’t certain that we would get it sorted out. One time, before we got married, we fell asleep with things unresolved. But ever since, we have always been able to get back to us, even if it means a late night. Yesterday I wasn’t so sure, I was ready for him to come home and tell me he needed space. I had an escape plan ready. Every fear that had been bottling up in my head for the last few weeks just ate at me all afternoon. My post a week or so ago about trust was never more poignant.

This journey is all about trust. Adding another layer to our relationship has been more stressful than we anticipated. But this ‘fight’ was exactly what we needed to sort through all the crap that we were unsure about. And now I really think that the Dom/sub side of us has a more realistic foundation. And that breath of fresh air was really hot.

So after all the fore-play of talking and sorting the skeleton of our contract (a future post), we were so ready to sink into one another. And we did. He even spoiled me this morning by letting me go shopping without the kids. My mocha never tasted so sweet. My theory is that semen is so salty that everything you eat for the next twelve hours or so tastes sweet. I have a feeling that I won’t need creamer in my coffee ever again.


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