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Who the Hell is Krisofer? or Why does Everyone Think I’m a Dude?

I used to work at a call center than processed background checks. I took an average of 40 calls an hour, checking a different person each time.  I always found it interesting the names that people call in with. There are rhyming names, people with the same first and last names, people with initials as their first name. It was always interesting to see that. I always thought my mother had a crazy german last name, I was wrong. Her name is at least somewhat normal in that it was spelled exactly as it sounded. Some names I just listen and wonder.
But last names are nothing. My real issue is what is up with these first names. As a person with a unique first name, I haven’t always been appreciative of what my parents gave me. As a teen, I hated having a weird first name. But now, I enjoy not being the same as everyone else. People remember you and you always have a conversation starter. And it seems that other parents want that same uniqueness for their kids, but they don’t want to sacrifice their traditional names. Their solution . . . to change the name slightly, so it just looks misspelled. Christopher with a k, Todd with an e on the end, Jennifer with two f’s or one n; where do people get this stuff. Some cultural names have different spellings (Rachel vs. Rachael), and that is not what I am talking about. Either put forth the effort to create a unique name or find something that means something to you, or just give them the normal name and suck it up. I’m not suggesting that people name their kids after plastic, or food, but their are interesting names out there if you look.  Read a romance novel, those have a million unique names.  I guess cities and states are passable (Georgia, Houston, Paris), but watch the food and color names if you want your kids to become more than a therapy case (Cookie, Magenta, Apple).
I guess I just feel that unique names are important. Both my boys have ‘unique’ names. They are from literature and history, but someone else had the name before them. Sir and I did not sit down, shove some letters together and call it a name. Unique and changing the spelling of a traditional name aren’t the same thing. So, all the people named Sorha (Sarah), Cile (Kyle), Rebica (Rebecca), and Andreu (Andrew) thank or smack your parents and consider what kind of life you’re going to create for your own kids.
Which leads me to my rather ironic follow-up….
Why does everyone think I’m a dude?
I have a unique name, as previously stated. My parents blessed me with old german last name. Sadly, they made it my first name, so people have no idea what gender I am when they look at my name written out. But I guess that everyone just assumes that I am male based on how my name looks. It’s mostly via email, and everyone always responds with Mr. When people meet me in person, they are always taken aback when I introduce myself. When they call they are always asking to speak to my husband. It just drives me a tad crazy.
One hundred years ago there were men named Ashley (if you haven’t read/seen Gone with the Wind, you have homework). I’m not sure when we decided to pin names to gender. Especially when you have people with names spelled like Cile. How can you possibly assume what gender that person is?
Ok, rant over. I will just accept that I will be a Mr. whenever I meet someone knew. Maybe this new found penis will help me get a job. It’s all about the positive.


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