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I love when they call it a follow-up; it should be called, ‘when something else goes wrong’. But the first doctor appointment came and went without too much fuss. I have a cyst on my wrist that is causing me pain, but surgery isn’t an option right now. The doc prescribed some meds and we will see what happens. Someday when I don’t have to carry the baby around alone at home all day we can look at having it removed.

Now on to doc number two. This is my, ‘you will feel a slight pressure’ and ‘this will be cold’ doctor. Fingers crossed for a quick visit. This is a follow-up from having my birth control implant put in, so hopefully no surprises.
Still looking forward to my date night in with Sir. We will still have the baby, but any break from both kids counts. And the Boy needed some grandma time without Baby 2.0 taking all the attention. He hasn’t had a good spoil since I was in the hospital. This starts the big spoil as we head downhill toward Christmas, so he is chomping at the bit.
Hoping for a good time tonight. I have been excited to try out my new shoes. And bonus, KY was on sale when I went to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy. Because you can never have enough…

3 Responses to “Follow-Up”

  • mostly mouse

    Enjoy the date night. 🙂

  • Jon MontanaVega

    I’ve had some – we’ll call them “clients” — with cysts in the hand / wrist area who found that the cysts returned with time after the surgery. (No, I’m not in the medical business.) Make sure that you have a good discussion about the expected outcome(s) of the surgery if you have it.

    As the Dad of a 21 and 22 year old, all I can say is I’m envious of anyone have young children. You may think they are a lot of work but … they are usually very easy at that age compared to, say, teenagers.

    Finally, a tip for travelling with children: pipe cleaners. Kids can make a million imaginary things out of them and if they fall or get thrown at strangers, no harm done.

  • CollaredMom

    Thanks for the tip Jon. I am always looking for creative car/travel entertainment that won’t cause destruction.


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